Bachelor Contestants That Lost It On Live TV

The Bachelor franchise has seen more than one contestant lose their cool on live TV. Reunion specials, in particular, have contained all sorts of dramatic live moments — be it a pair hashing out their feud once and for all, a couple pulling the plug on their relationship, someone spilling a secret, or a mother rooting against her son's relationship from afar. Considering the internet is forever, many of these moments can be relived time and time again.

Here's a look at some of the craziest Bachelor moments in which contestants absolutely lost it on live TV. Some of the following moments were aired as they were being filmed, such as the After the Final Rose special of Peter Weber's The Bachelor, while other times they were filmed in front of a live studio audience and aired later, like the Women Tell All episode of Weber's season. Like a shaken bottle of champagne, these moments sure do pop. 

This Bachelor contestant wielded a pacifier

The Bachelor Season 23 rivals Demi Burnett and Courtney Curtis could have spent The Bachelor: Women Tell All apologizing for the things they said and did to each other over the season, but uh, they took a bit of a different route. Just when it seemed like Demi felt bad for calling Courtney "the cancer of the house," she dubbed Courtney "more like bedbugs." Then, Courtney walked across the stage and shoved a pacifier in Demi's mouth. Of course, that didn't go over well and resulted in Demi throwing the pacifier at Courtney's face. The whole thing was a lot.

The day after the Women Tell All episode aired, Courtney told Extra, "When I was doing that action, I wasn't acting as Courtney. I was acting as Demi, because everything else I've done in the past, she was not responsive to, because my conflict resolution tactics are different than hers and she didn't respond. So I was like, 'If I want to figure this out, I need to act as if I'm Demi.'"

In an April 2019 interview with Vulture, Demi said Courtney apologized for the pacifier incident, and while they will never be friends, they "agreed to be civil with each other going forward." Demi added, "From the Women Tell All, she got a lot of hate online. I don't like that; I do feel bad in that sense."

The Bachelorette's Jordan Kimball went off on his costars

As the villain we loved to hate (or, perhaps, hated to love), The Bachelorette Season 14's Jordan Kimball sure knew how to get under the skin of his fellow contestants. The other guys in the house grew weary of his antics, which included wearing a pair of gold lamé shorts during a cocktail hour, constantly referencing his modeling career, and talking about the 4,000 Tinder matches he got in one year. Perhaps the most annoyed by Jordan was David Ravitz, who spent a good chunk of his time on the show questioning Jordan's intentions. For better or for worse, though, Jordan sure knew how to mix it up.

The Men Tell All was no different; Jordan made digs at his costars' "shiny black suits," called one cast member "a hologram of a man" and another "a skeleton of a man," and said, "I'm unapologetically me, and I'm always going to be me." After David and Jordan traded some verbal jabs, Christian Estrada jumped into the fray. Someone on the stage joked it was a "model off," and Jordan remarked on Christian's "highwaters."

Jordan went on to point at a few of the guys on the stage and divulged how he felt about them, while assuring Nick Spetsas, Connor Obrochta, and Joe Amabile they were good in his book. And that was that.

This Bachelor winner apologized to her costars

The Bachelor finalists are not typically part of the Women Tell All, so it was a big surprise when Season 16 finalist (and eventual winner) Courtney Robertson showed up to the post-season special. It was an even bigger surprise when the "villain" of the season cried and apologized to the other contestants, many of whom openly disliked her, for her behavior. 

Before Courtney dropped by the Women Tell All, the other contestants made their feelings about her crystal clear. As The Hollywood Reporter noted, Monica Spannbauer called her "a liar, vapid, manipulative, not nice and hurtful" and Emily O'Brien wondered if she had a heart. Suffice to say, when Courtney waltzed onto the stage just after the eliminated contestants vented about her to Chris Harrison, it was a tense moment. However, Courtney was not looking for a fight in that moment. Instead, she hoped to make amends. She broke down in tears as she told the women she was sorry and that she wished she could take her actions back.

Following the WTA special, a few members of the Season 16 roster shared their thoughts on Courtney's apology with People. And there was no shortage of skepticism. As Blakeley Jones put it, "She said sorry. Whether she meant it or not is the question. I want to believe her. However, it is really hard to backtrack when you've gone so far and dug a hole so deep."

A showmance imploded after The Bachelor Winter Games

The Bachelorette Season 12 alum Luke Pell and The Bachelor Sweden contestant Stassi Yaramchuk connected on The Bachelor Winter Games, but after the season wrapped, their relationship evaporated. Stassi revealed at the World Tells All after-show that Luke had not spoken to her since they left the Winter Games house, and she was not happy with this development.

As she told People ahead of the reunion episode, "I don't even have his number. Recently, I heard that he actually broke up with me, but I didn't even know. I'm shocked." In a separate interview with People, Luke responded to this comment, stating, "I actually do have her phone number. I don't want to get into a conflict or anything about that."

Stassi confronted Luke about his behavior at the reunion, as Yahoo's Last Night Now recappedand he said that relationships are not easy once they are no longer in the environment created by the show. She countered, "You didn't even try to see that. So after the camera was shut, you realized it doesn't work." Stassi began to cry and Luke responded to her tears with some icy head nods. When the episode took a break, the cameras continued to roll and caught Luke confirming to Stassi he had no interest in trying to make their relationship work once the show was over. She got up and walked away. Their interaction was chillier than the air at the Vermont resort where Winter Games was filmed. 

The Bachelor Season 24's ChampagneGate turned into ForTheCamerasGate

What should have been a fun segment about Kelsey Weir getting blasted in the face by a geyser of champagne actually ended up being one of the most chaotic moments of The Bachelor Season 24's Women Tell All special. After Chris Harrison asked about ChampagneGate, the conversation veered over to Kelsey and Tammy Ly's mutual contempt for each other. They argued about Kelsey's behavior on the show, the way Tammy reacted to Kelsey's behavior, and whether or not Tammy called Kelly an alcoholic and a pill popper.

This segued into Tammy and Mykenna Dorn having it out about their own show drama. Tammy accused Mykenna of playing things up for the camera and was only there to be on the show; Mykenna countered that Tammy was the one with "the one-liners." Mykenna started to tear up as she said Tammy made her feel bad about herself, adding, "I did not feel worthy of being there." Tammy rolled her eyes and asked, "How long did you rehearse this?"

Tammy and Mykenna's back-and-forth culminated with Tammy sitting back in her chair, lifting her legs up in a V formation, and saying, "Every time a camera was around, you'd always spread your legs." After some more yelling, Chris Harrison accepted that a resolution was not on the horizon and moved on to the next segment.

A long feud bubbled over after The Bachelor Season 21

Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan butted heads throughout The Bachelor Season 21, and the Women Tell All reunion episode was more of the same. How did they get to this point? Well, there was the drama surrounding Corinne choosing to take a nap during a rose ceremony. There were Taylor's comments about Olympios's emotional intelligence. There was the time Corinne doubted Taylor's abilities as a mental health counselor. The list goes on. 

Per Bachelor Nation tradition, the pair of enemies were selected to go on the two-on-one date with the season's Bachelor, Nick Viall. This may come as a shock, but pitting them against each other in this style of date only added swamp boat feul to the fire in the Louisiana bayou. This also may come as a shock, but when the reunion rolled around, the two were anything but stoked to see one another.

The women took turns in the hot seat across from Chris Harrison, which meant a good chunk of the episode was dedicated to their feud. After some intense back-and-forth conversation, Corinne refused to apologize for what she said to Nolan throughout the show whereas Taylor apologized for saying she did not think she would not be friends with someone like Corinne outside of the show. Oh, and before the quasi-truce happened, Corinne got up in the middle of Taylor's segment to get a glass of bubbly. 

This Bachelorette contestant fired back at Chris Harrison

When it was Luke Parker's turn to sit down with Chris Harrison at The Bachelorette Season 15's Men Tell All, the contestant attempted to come for the franchise's host. When he was not taking painfully awkward long pauses, Luke's replies to Chris Harrison's questions occasionally came off as prickly. Consider the moment when the host asked him about his stance on premarital sex — a subject that played a key part in his time on the show — and Luke replied, "Think about what you're asking." Neither the contestants sitting on the stage nor the audience sitting in the studio could hold back their reactions.

Our boy Chris would not take the bait. Following the Men Tell All, he told Entertainment Tonight, "It would have been easy to fall for those jabs and to make this contentious and that's probably what he wanted, was there to be a contentious battle between us."

Oh, and about those awkward pauses: It's one thing to take a moment to make sure an answer is worded in a clear and effective way. However, it was an entirely different thing when, as Entertainment Tonight's Roses and Rosé noted, Luke sat in absolute silence for tens of seconds because he could not figure out what he wanted to say when asked if his ideal wife is someone he can store on a shelf in a glass case.

Bachelor in Paradise wasn't so paradisiac for this couple

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 couple Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski brought the relationship drama all the way to the reunion. When Chris Harrison asked Katie about the status of her post-Paradise relationship with Chris, she immediately was overcome with emotion. Though she and Chris were still engaged, her ring was MIA and she did not know where their relationship stood.

The host invited Chris out to the stage so he and Katie could talk about their relationship problems. Katie cried as she told Chris that watching their season of the show was difficult for her because it made her feel insecure in their relationship and he apologized, saying he did not want her to feel that way. They talked some more and eventually decided they were not ready to give up on things — and the engagement ring was ushered out to the stage.

Then, things took a turn. After their segment, Chris and Katie went outside for a discussion and the cameras caught their tense exchange. Chris told Katie he felt "blindsided" by the segment and Katie replied that he should not have been surprised because they have talked about this before. Chris eventually walked away. After the reunion aired, Katie told Extra that they as a couple had "grown so much" since the taping and that she was "so proud to wear this ring." A few months later, though, they announced their split on Instagram.

The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick admitted feelings for his runner-up

The Bachelor Season 13's After the Final Rose special set the bar for unbelievable Bachelor Nation reunion moments. Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft's love story came to a screeching halt right before Chris Harrison's eyes — plus the studio audience's eyes and the eyes of the folks watching at home — when Jason told the winner of the season at the reunion that he still had feelings for runner-up Molly Malaney.

All things considered, Melissa handled finding out her soon-to-be-ex-fiancé was into someone else on national television pretty well, but that is not to say she did not show emotion. Who could blame her? Whew. Melissa told Jason he was "such a b******" before breaking down and instructing him not to reach out to her anymore. "Leave me alone, please," she said.

During a followup interview on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Melissa said she was totally caught off guard by Jason's revelation about Molly. She explained, "That was where my feelings of betrayal came in. On that After the Final Rose, I wasn't getting dumped. We had already ended the relationship and that was mutual." Melissa went on to say that ahead of the special, Jason insisted Molly was not in the picture. So, when he revealed that Molly was in the picture after all, Melissa was quite rightfully angry.

The Bachelorette's Nick Viall made private information public

During The Bachelorette Season 10's After the Final Rose special, runner-up Nick Viall pulled quite a stunt when he put his and Andi Dorfman's personal stuff out on front street. During their segment together, Nick asked Andi why she "made love" with him the night of their Fantasy Suite episode if she was not in love with him. She did not appreciate this question, naturally. Andi calmly told him the question was "below the belt" and believed that information should be "kept private." She added, "The things I said to you, the way I kissed you, the way I looked at you, those things were real."

When Andi appeared on Nick's season of The Bachelor, she asked him about his infamous question, to which he replied, "I do want you to know that my single biggest regret when it comes to you and I, when I said what I said, that it brought you a lot of heartache and a lot of pain. Something you had to deal with for a long time, and I've always felt bad about that. And I've always cared about you, and I still want you to be happy, and for that I've always been sorry."

An apology crashed and burned on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All stage

When The Bachelorette Season 8's Kalon McMahon offered up a mea culpa for calling Emily Maynard's daughter "baggage" in an earlier episode, it did not go well. He apologized at the Men Tell All, to which Maynard gave a big smile and replied, "And you, my dear, should be a politician because that is the biggest load of s*** I've ever heard." As far as Emily was concerned, Kalon — and his tepid apology attempt — could take a hike.

Emily then brought up Kalon's tweet in which he posted a photo of a baggage claim and wrote that he expected to run into her there. She said, "You've made it very clear how you feel about me and that you don't regret the things that you said."

Kalon tried to climb out of the hole he dug for himself, but it was no use; Emily was not about to show this guy forgiveness and she definitely was not about to stop telling him how she really felt. Hey, why bother taking the high road when you could say something like "I just hope that you find faith in something bigger than your Prada shoes and your rented helicopter" on national television?

This Bachelor's mom did not approve

Barb Weber did not need to come down to the After the Final Rose stage to steal the spotlight during The Bachelor Season 24 reunion. She was the star of her son's show all the way from her seat in the studio audience. She was not happy Peter Weber chose to break things off with Hannah Ann Sluss to explore his lingering feelings for Madison Prewett, the runner-up of the season, and wow, did she make that clear. Barb rolled her eyes, shook her head, and applauded when Hannah Ann gave back the ring. When Madison took the stage, Peter Weber Sr. and Barb expressed their concerns and Peter told them he loved her and "that should be enough."

Barb's disappointment did not come out of left field, though. Before Peter popped the question, his family said they adored Hannah Ann and were not fans of Madison. Barb sobbed as she begged her son to choose the former over the latter. Peter listened to his family and proposed to Hannah Ann, but their engagement did not make it to the After the Final Rose taping

During the After the Final Rose special, Peter's mom said some not-so-positive things about Madison, but the runner-up tried to stay respectful. Peter never got his parents' blessing and the whole thing was uncomfortable, albeit compelling. Just days later, Madison and Peter announced on Instagram that they were no longer pursuing a relationship.