Fans Were 'Very Disturbed' By How Kylie Jenner Cut Her Cake

The lifestyles of the rich and famous Kardashian-Jenner clan are endlessly fascinating, mostly because they just don't live like the rest of us. And it's not only because they wear designer clothes or have separate closets just for their handbags — they also don't really know how to perform menial household tasks, as a video Kylie Jenner posted in May 2020 shows. Warning: Watching Kylie cut a piece of cake is not for everyone. Some people may even find this whole thing a little triggering. 

OK, it's actually not that bad, but if you like things done just right you will not be pleased to see what Kylie did to a gorgeous olive oil cake that she received for Mother's Day. She had a little tiny piece on a plate, but some people were not having it. One Twitter user actually wrote, "WHY DID KYLIE JENNER CUT HER CAKE LIKE THIS??? SHES A LITERAL PSYCHOPATH," in all caps, echoing most people's feelings about the crooked piece of cake she was about to eat. Others said it gave them anxiety or just generally disgusted them, per BuzzFeed News.

To be clear, there is no proven correlation between cake-cutting skills and being a sociopath, but it definitely proves that Kylie has no respect for clean lines and angles. 

Kylie Jenner really doesn't know how to cut cake

Look at it! Kylie Jenner cut the tiniest, most crooked cake slice you've probably ever seen. And if that wasn't enough, she saw the comments people were making and took it a step further. In her next Instagram Story, she cut a circular piece of cake right out of the middle of the Mother's Day cake, which just destroyed the chance of getting any other, straight, perfect slices out of the cake later on — likely further triggering people who care about these kinds of things.

"People were very disturbed I cut my cake how I did so this is for those people," Kylie wrote on the slide. She can be seen taking the circle piece of cake away to eat and says, "This cake you guys, it's unreal. It's unreal." 

To be fair, her cake cutting was a little sloppy. But people really lost their minds watching the videos over and over again. One person wrote on Twitter, "The way @KylieJenner cut that olive oil cake on her Instagram story is making my skin crawlll." Another took it a step further and tweeted, "Ok now I don't care for Kardashian/Jenner drama normally but this is how Kylie Jenner cuts cake?????? I am outraged."

People on social media really don't have enough to do if this whole cake cutting scandal is that serious or actually triggering their anxiety, as another person lamented on social media. 

People pick on Kylie Jenner for almost anything

It's pretty amusing that people were so upset about how Kylie Jenner cut her cake, but then again, people will give the Kardashian-Jenner family a hard time for basically anything they do, whether it's actually despicable or not.

Kylie wasn't the only member of her family getting called on Mother's Day 2020 either — people also called out Kim Kardashian for her tribute to her mother on the holiday. She complimented her mom's body in a throwback pic, saying that she looked great in a bikini, which set people off. Some people believed that it was shallow (which is not a crime), but also that Kim was promoting unhealthy body image "goals," which she has been accused of before, per InStyle

Of course, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters often have their share of problematic moments— by selling diet teas that are known to be harmful, or continuing to appropriate other cultures with their hair and clothes, for example — but this cake-cutting scandal is not that serious (although it's rather amusing). 

Not all of Kylie Jenner's videos are that disturbing

But if the video of Kylie Jenner cutting her cake crooked and then into a circle slice really does irk you, she luckily has less stress-inducing content to share these days. Kylie has been posting a ton of pics and videos from her gorgeous new home and it seems like she and Stormi are really settling in. These girls do know how to eat, too.

In addition to the cake video, Kylie posted the most adorable video of baby Stormi trying to not eat a bowl of chocolates on her grid. She tells Stormi to wait until she gets back from the bathroom before she can reach into the bowl for some candy, and lo and behold, the little tot waits, though it's clear from her body language that she's seriously tempted to sneak a little bit before her mom comes back into the living room. 

Watching Stormi sing "patience, patience" in front of a bowl of chocolate is quite possibly the most adorable thing on the internet lately, whether you love, hate, or are generally outraged by the KarJenner crew. It's a true palate cleanser for anyone upset by that janky cake slice Kylie cut for herself.