How RHOBH's Adrienne Maloof Responded To Ex Paul Nassif's Baby News

Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif are one of the most legendary couples from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Their relationship has been one of tough love and bickering, but you can tell that deep down they will always be family. How did Maloof respond to the news that Nassif is expecting a baby with his new wife, Brittany Patakos, whom he married in October 2019? 

The Botched plastic surgeon revealed that he's not sure how his ex feels about it. "I kind of haven't really discussed that with her," Paul said, per Bravo. "I mean she knows, obviously. She said 'congratulations' to both of us. So, I think a 'congratulations' is probably a good thing to say. But I haven't really discussed." 

Of course, it's not entirely Maloof's business, considering she and Nassif split in 2012, but given that they already have three kids — Gavin, and twins Christian and Collin — together, it might be worth having a quick convo about how they'll divide their time. Let's dig a little deeper into this dynamic, shall we? 

Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif have a long history

Adrienne Maloof's response to Paul Nassif's new baby seems civil, at least. If you'll recall, the couple divorced in 2012, and it was kind of messy. Both sides accused each other of verbal and physical abuse, per People. Nassif alleged that Maloof was "unpredictable," "physically violent," and "toxic." He added that she "abused him in front of the children, undermining his authority by calling him a 'moron,' 'idiot,' 'dumb' and 'stupid.'" 

Maloof countered that anything physical was in self-defense. She alleged that Nassif had a violent temper and had shoved her to the ground and pulled her hair. She also claimed that his boys were scared of him and that he carries a gun in his briefcase that he leaves unlocked. She filed for primary custody, and he filed for joint custody. They eventually settled, determining that Nassif would have the boys every other weekend and Maloof would have them on weekdays and any weekend they aren't with their dad, per Us Weekly

"I'm hoping for the best. Our children come first and we'll see," Maloof said at the time. "...My personality has always been really balanced, and I remember where my priorities lie which is with my children. So when you have that in mind I think everything else kind of falls into place.

Paul Nassif is ready to grow his family tree

Although Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif had a high-profile divorce, it seems like time has healed some of the old wounds. In fact, although Nassif and new wife, Brittany Patakos, met at a medical convention, per Bravo, their first date was actually at Maloof's mom's wedding. That's right, Patakos got to meet the whole fam right off the bat. The couple has reportedly gone out and about with Maloof and her boyfriend, Jacob Busch, so perhaps they'll be one big happy family. 

Nassif and Patakos announced their pregnancy in April 2020 on Instagram. He posted a picture of an ultrasound with the caption: "I'm so excited & blessed to announce that my wife @brittanypattakos and I are bringing a new life into this world... October can't come soon enough to meet my first baby girl or my fourth baby boy (yes, it's going to be a surprise for me)! All I know is I better get my diaper changing skills polished up. There is nothing like the feeling of holding a newborn, especially when it's my baby."

Paul and Brittany are having a baby girl

Paul Nassif has a close relationship with his and Adrienne Maloof's three sons, so it seems like the new baby will be a great addition. In late April 2020, Nassif told E! News that he and his new wife, Brittany Patakos, were welcoming a baby girl in October 2020 — his first daughter. "In my heart I knew it was a girl," he said. "We have three boys and a boy was finally time to have a little girl. I'm so excited. My heart is racing right now and this is one of the best days."

The Botched star added that he thinks raising a baby will be easier this time around — for him, at least. "It's like riding a bike. I still remember most of it, all of it. Obviously it will be scarier for Brittany because it's her first time doing this," Paul said.

Given the rollercoaster of his marriage to the former RHOBH star, his contentious divorce, and this exciting new chapter with Patakos, it seems this proud papa is ready for anything.