The Real Meaning Of Pink's Tattoos

Pink is mostly known for her hit singles and stage performances, but fans are also drawn to her style and her confident attitude. Which is also why fans are obsessed with Pink's tattoos — all 17 of them. Yes, you read that right, Pink has exactly 17 tats and she remembers what each and every means and where she got them.

Pink said of her tattoos, "I can explain every single one of 'em and have a good laugh," per The Independent in 2012. She got her first tat at 12 years old and she still stands behind them all, though she told the outlet, "if I could start over, I'd do just one big back piece and have a clean [front]. I'm into balance." 

Pink also noted that she wouldn't be getting daughter Willow's name anytime soon either for that reason — she's really over them. "I don't like tattoos. If I had an eraser, wooch," she said at the time, pretending to wipe all of her tattoos off. Even so, Pink has a lot of really great tattoos and most of them have a very special meaning or she went and got them with friends, making them important memories. 

Pink has tons of tattoos that inspire her

Pink means it, too. She really does have a story behind every single one of her tattoos, as she told The Independent. Her favorite tat is the sentence, "What goes around, comes around," which is on her wrist. According to Body Art Guru, she got it when she was 17 years old and she got it so she could remember that, "If you're really nice to people, they'll be nice to you back. That's the hope, right?" 

But the tattoos don't start there. Also on her wrist is a matching tattoo she got with her husband Carey Hart on their second date that reads, "TRU LUV CAREY" (He obviously has "Pink," instead of "Carey"). She has another wrist tattoo with a razor blade and the word "insecurite," which she reads as meaning that "insecurity will kill you." 

Moving up to her left forearm, she also has a tattoo dedicated to her childhood dog who died when she was 14 years old that reads, "Sir Corky Moore 89-03." And that's just the beginning of them.

Pink has SO many more tattoos

Pink is not afraid to get a tattoo in the name of someone she cares about. For example, she has a half heart that reads "Be Fri," which is half of "best friends" with her friend Laura, according to Body Art Guru. Another friend of hers named Bruce went with her to get matching "HELP" tattoos, too. She told The Independent, "I have a button on my right arm that I got with my friend Butch. We got done early in the studio that night. We had been drinking. Obviously."

Others don't have much of a story, like the other colored heart on her hip bone or the little swirls behind her ear — they just look cool. There's a barcode on the back of her neck, which she says was her "Missundaztood present," referencing her 2001 year album. Another small little tattoo that says, "Mr. Pink," is on her inner thigh. Also on the legs are two big bows on her hamstrings, mainly because she says in her head, she thinks she's a great stripper. 

Pink has other big tats, too, like the dragon on her leg, which took seven hours to do and a guardian angel with a shooting star on her back. But wait — there's more!

Pink's feet are filled with tattoos

A lot of Pink's tattoos are on her feet. On her left foot, according to The Independent, are Japanese kanji that she got when she was just 12 years old. They read, "good luck and happiness," "strength," "the will to live," and "mother." She also has a frog, one of her fave animals, on the same foot. On the other foot, Pink has both her brother and her dad's dog tags on her ankle, which is a meaningful tribute to her family. 

Most all of her tattoos are just in plain black ink, except for the bows on the back of her legs and the little heart on her hip bone, which are both red, a clear sign that Pink likes to keep things simple. 

Although Pink says that she would do it all over again if she could, her collection of tattoos is pretty impressive and varied. Something tells us that she might not be totally done with getting ink just yet.