The Truth About Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter, Lyssa Chapman

Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of Dog's Most Wanted, has a blended family comprised of adopted and biological children, ex-partners, and a gaggle of grandkids. One of the members of Dog's large pack is Lyssa Chapman, a daughter he welcomed with his ex-wife, Lyssa Rae Brittainin 1987, per Access Online. Lyssa is also known as "Baby Lyssa," a nickname she was given to distinguish herself from her mom. 

Out of all Dog's kids, Lyssa is arguably the most outspoken on social media, and she isn't afraid to share her opinion. This sentiment has proved especially true concerning family matters, as she once feuded with the bounty hunter's late wife, Beth Chapman, who died in June 2019 after a battle with lung cancer. Although the two later reconciled, some fans haven't let the spat go.

Following the death beloved of her beloved stepmom, Lyssa has seemingly struggled to find solid ground despite some wins along the way, like the launch of her clothing line. We reveal the truth about these ups and downs after the jump.

Lyssa Chapman has faced trouble with the law

Lyssa Chapman ran into legal trouble when in January 2020, she was arrested in Hawaii and booked for alleged harassment and resisting arrest, TMZ reported. It all started after Lyssa got into "an argument with her girlfriend" at home, as she told The Sun. The former reality star admitted they both had "been drinking" and fought, but maintained the spat didn't get physical. 

When police officers arrived on the scene, Lyssa claimed "the situation was definitely escalated," accusing law enforcement of being "very rough" with her. The businesswoman alleged she was arrested after she "put her arm up to the police officer to stop them coming in." 

However, legal documents obtained by In Touch Weekly contradict her account. The docs allege Lyssa "did strike, shove, or otherwise touch" a police officer "in an offensive manner" and/or put him through "offensive physical contact." She was accused of doing the same to another officer on the scene, supposedly "with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm" them.

In February 2020, Lyssa was charged with two counts of harassment. The mom-of-two plans to fight the charges, telling The Sun, "I will be filing a complaint against the cops. The whole thing has been really upsetting. I'm sorry and embarrassed, it's just been a stressful time for me and my family."

Lyssa Chapman didn't approve of her dad's new girlfriend

In a dramatic twist, Lyssa Chapman spoke out against Duane Chapman's new girlfriend, Moon Angell, in January 2020 after it was revealed her dad was dating again six months after Beth Chapman's death. Angell, who was reportedly Beth's "administrative assistant for over 20 years," was accused by Lyssa of getting romantic with another family member before pursuing Dog. "Any person who moves in on a man weeks after losing his wife, who you were supposed to be a 'friend' to, Is the lowest scum on the planet," she ranted, before adding in another tweet, "Let's not forget how you came to know my family because you were with my BROTHER. NOW TRYING TO FET WITH MY DAD. BARFFFFFFF." Yikes.

Dog ended up proposing to Angell in January 2020 during an episode of The Dr. Oz Show, although sources claimed to TMZ that the reality star was "overly emotional" at the time of the proposal and "got caught up in the moment."

The two have since split, and in May 2020, the bounty hunter got engaged to a new woman named Francie Frane. The good news? Lyssa appears to like her dad's paramour, captioning a shot of the lovebirds, "How cute are these two?!" And as of June 2020, she appears to be spending more time with her dad.

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