The Untold Truth Of Dianna Agron

Who can forget the mega-hit show Glee and the new generation of stars it introduced to the world? From powerhouse vocalist Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) to sensitive jock Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) to sassy and spunky Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), the talent on Ryan Murphy's musical series all but demanded an audience, gaining fanatic fans who came to adore the show.

One character quickly became a fan favorite: head cheerleader Quinn Fabray. Dianna Agron, a relatively unknown actress when she was cast in the career-defining role, brought the character to life. An interesting (and little known) fact is that Agron was the last key character cast! According to E! News, she landed the role the day before they started filming the pilot.

Murphy revealed that after Agron was cast, the character's trajectory changed a bit based on her softer nature. "When we cast Dianna as Quinn, she ruined the part for me," Murphy told Rolling Stone. "She was supposed to be the Cybill Shepherd, Last Picture Show c**t, so to speak, but she humanized it. She can cry at the drop of a hat. So now her character has a conscience, a soul and great vulnerability."

During the Rolling Stone interview, Murphy described Agron as "a breezy free spirit." However, she portrayed herself as very prim and proper. "I don't swear," she told the outlet. "I don't party a lot. I've smoked cigarettes, but I'm not a smoker. I don't go running around being brash and brazen."

Dianna Agron skipped school and married a rockstar

Dianna Agron became a household name thanks to her turn as Quinn Fabray on the hit TV musical show, Glee. After three seasons on the show, she quietly left only to return for the 100th episode, per E! NewsWhile on Glee, Agron also starred in several movies. She appeared in 2011's I Am Number Four opposite Alex Pettyfer, whom she dated. The couple had an ugly breakup and according to the Daily Mail, Agron went into "hiding" after they broke up because she was so scared of Pettyfer.

In 2015, Agron started dating Mumford and Sons banjo player Winston Marshall, per Vogueand the two tied the knot a year later in Morocco. The wedding — an extravagant three-day affair — included lots of outfits changes, celebrating, and a handful of celebrity guests, including Marshall's bandmates and actress Carey Mulligan, who is married to Mumford and Sons lead singer, Marcus Mumford.

Agron wore a $20,000 Valentino gown, according to Vogue. The "nude-hued bejeweled chiffon frock" was stunning and untraditional, though she did change into a white, embroidered dress later in the evening.

Since her days on Glee, Agron has continued acting and has also ventured into directing. In 2019, she starred in and directed one of the segments in the anthology film Berlin, I Love You

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