The Truth About Seth Rogen's Wife, Lauren Miller

Over the past decade, Seth Rogen has become a household name in the comedy world. Rogen's movies — Superbad, Neighbors, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, to name a few — usually have audiences in stitches, and as a result, people remember specific lines for years to come.

Throughout his lengthy career, the Canada native has added producing, directing, and writing to his already-impressive résumé, and it doesn't seem like he is stopping anytime soon. "The most exciting part of my job is that I get to do new things," Rogen told Thrillist in 2017.

"I'm 35, and I just got a whole new job four years ago. I used to do stand-up comedy. I stopped doing that," he added. "I acted, now I direct. I really appreciate that I get to do things that make me uncomfortable, because it's also very easy to fall into a cycle of just doing the things that make you comfortable."

Clearly, Rogen is talented, but did you know his wife, Lauren Miller, is also successful in her own right? Keep reading to learn more about her.

Lauren Miller is also in the Hollywood scene

Not only is Seth Rogen accomplished, but so is his wife, Lauren Miller. Miller had supporting roles in Rogen's films — Superbad, 50/50, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno — but the actress insisted she didn't get the parts just because she was dating Rogen at the time. "Most people assume that because he was my boyfriend and he was being nice to me, but a lot of it was just luck and coincidence... whoever it was who was supposed to do that scene couldn't do it," she told Vulture in 2012. "I was sitting with one of the producers, Shauna Robertson, and I don't think she even knew I was an actor, but she said, 'Do you want to do it?'"

However, Miller's career didn't quite take off like Rogen's did, so she decided to write her own script about two roommates who are phone-sex operators, based on her college roommate's former job. Luckily, Focus Films later bought the rights to For a Good Time, Call... for over $2 million in 2012, per Deadline. "I just got to a point where I needed to make it happen for myself," Miller told IndieWire in 2012 about her success. "I was lucky enough to have an incredible writing partner. I'm a big believer in making your own destiny, and that's what we did."

Later on, Miller co-wrote The Perfect Fit in 2012 and wrote and directed Like Father in 2018.

Lauren Miller 'had no idea' who Seth Rogen was before they dated

So, how exactly did Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller's love story begin? The two met in May 2004 "at a birthday party at El Cid, a Spanish restaurant in Los Angeles," Rogen told Glamour in 2014. Rogen's friend Will Reiser was dating Miller's friend at the time, so the four of them all hung out that same night. 

However, Miller didn't know Rogen was a rising star in Hollywood. "This was before The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and I had no idea who he was," Miller confessed to Vulture in 2012. "And I was really shy around guys, but he was also awkward and weird around girls."

Miller and Rogen later went on their first official date, where chaos ensued. "We went and played mini-golf and then got in a major car accident on a freeway," Miller said on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018 (via ET Canada). "A 16-year-old had stolen his dad's car and hit us. He drove off, and we spun across three lanes of traffic. He totaled his car, my roommate had to drive him home, and that was our first date." Talk about a memorable experience!

Seth Rogen proposed to Lauren Miller in a strange way

Not only is Seth Rogen funny in real life, but behind the scenes, the Hollywood star can get himself into some interesting situations, including when he proposed to Lauren Miller in 2010. "She was in our closet, changing, and she was literally only in her underpants and [her chest] was out," Rogen told Conan O'Brien during an interview in 2010, per Us Weekly.

"I had already kind of started [to propose], and I was like, 'Oh man, her [chest is] out! That's not part of the plan!'" he continued. "I didn't picture it like this, and I know she didn't picture it like this. No little girl is like, 'It'll happen in a closet with my [chest] out.'"

Despite the awkward situation, the night ended on a high note as the couple "ate buffalo wings and watched Top Chef," Rogen told Glamour in 2014. "It was a great night." The Hollywood stars tied the knot in 2011 in Sonoma, Calif., in front of some of their famous friends — Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill, and Paul Rudd — in addition to their family, People reported at the time.

Why Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller's relationship is stronger than ever

Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen started their non-profit organization, Hilarity for Charity, in 2012 to raise awareness about "Alzheimer's care, research and support," according to the website, after Miller's mom was diagnosed with the disease in 2006. "It brought us closer. Dealing with this intense stuff, just a few months into our relationship, forced us to be more communicative than we would have been," Rogen told Glamour in 2014.

Unfortunately, Miller's mom, Adele Miller, passed away in February 2020. "She taught me to recognize a good man when I met one. She taught me how to be a wife who loves her husband fiercely, but still maintains her own identity," the actress wrote about her late mother via Instagram following her death. "She taught me that I WILL survive losing her."

Luckily, Miller has Rogen by her side through the ups and the downs. "I am going to get gushy, but Seth is just a really wonderful human, and he is very kind and sensitive," Miller told Cosmopolitan in 2016. "He has always been the most incredible [partner] — anything he can do to cheer me up or help, he does. I am just lucky... incredibly, incredibly, lucky."

Move over, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson — it looks like Miller and Rogen are the new definition of #CoupleGoals.