Is Maya Hawke In A Relationship? Here's What We Know

Maya Hawke, the breakout star in Season 3 of Stranger Things, has her hands quite full these days. As she debuts her first music album, Blush, we can't help but wonder if there is anyone in particular she had in mind while penning the lyrics to songs with titles such as "Generous Heart," "By Myself," and "River Like You."

In the past, fans of Stranger Things have hastily tried to pair Hawke — who plays ice cream slinger Robin Buckley in the series — with co-star Joe Keery – coiffed coworker Steve Harrington — but not so fast. According to Seventeen, Keery is hot and heavy with fellow actress and long-term girlfriend Maika Monroe

As the daughter of A-listers Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, one may presume that Maya Hawke could snatch a partner off the market faster than a prime piece of Manhattan real estate, but according to a 2017 interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, that's simply not the case. "I had a wonderful, loving relationship that lasted a year. It just ended and I'm single," she said at the time. The actress confessed that she thinks she scares men. "I was given the impression that being 19 and single in the world means you'll be fending off the wolves, but I can't find a wolf to save my life."

Maya Hawke thinks men are afraid of her

One of the reasons for Maya Hawke's potential love drought could be chalked up to her old soul and her disdain for technology. The actress and singer told The Sydney Morning Herald that she prefers to keep her phone out of the equation when it comes to romance. "I'm not particularly interested in my phone. I'm interested in human contact. I think phones have created a certain social incapacity; it's made people socially deficient. And if it's fun to spend time alone, then there's not the incentive to go out and meet people and make yourself vulnerable."

However, don't let all of that technology talk fool you. In February 2019, Hawke was romantically linked to Rolling Stone President and Chief Operating Officer Gus Wenner. In fact, she took to her personal Instagram account to share a racy photo of her planting a smooch on a shirtless Wenner, and he's posed with her on his Insta too. 

Hawke may think men are afraid of her, but it appears that the Stranger Things star has found someone brave enough to face the Demogorgons of dating.

Why it's unclear if Maya Hawke and Gus Wenner are still together

Whatever Maya Hawke's relationship is with Rolling Stone heir Gus Wenner, there haven't been any Instagram posts together from either one since 2019, so it's very unclear whether they are still dating in 2020. Given that she would have been busy filming Stranger Things and working on her album over the past year, it's possible that the two broke up.

There is also a bit of of an age difference between the two, given that Hawke is 21 years old and Wenner is 30. Granted, it's not that much of an age gap, and since they both grew up around A-list celebs and musicians, they likely have a lot in common. While the lack of social media posts together for over a year is curious, it could just as likely be due to Hawke's aforementioned reluctance to stay glued to her phone and Instagram and keep her life private.

Then again, it does sound like Hawke might have gone through a breakup or something in the past year, just by the way she's talking about her new album, out in mid-June 2020. In all of her interviews, she sounds a little melancholy and speaks openly about struggles in relationships.

There might be clues about Maya Hawke's relationships on her new album

In an April 2020 interview with Atwood Magazine, Maya Hawke opened up about the inspiration behind some the songs on Blush and she definitely sounds like she's been through it with some of the men in her life. For example, she says that the single "Coverage" is about lying and deceit, like having to explain to a non-actor boyfriend what it's like to pretend kiss and pretend fall in love on-screen. Given how strong the chemistry was between her and Stranger Things co-star Joe Keery, maybe her reported boyfriend at the time, Gus Wenner, was jealous?

She also told the outlet that the song "Menace" changed meanings for her as she was writing it. "If you take a song like "Menace", that song is about being like, 'Oh, I want to be better for you, like I want to be a better person.'" Hawke added, "By the time I finished the record I was like, 'You know what? No. I don't want to make myself smaller for you. I don't want to make myself less, I want to be a menace. I want to be as big as I can possibly be."

That sentiment could be about anyone, but it could very well be shade to an ex like Wenner. Hawke's dating life really is as mysterious as the actress and musician herself.