Alaskan Bush People: The Truth About Gabe And Raquell's Marriage

The Alaskan Bush People siblings — Solomon Isiah "Bear" Freedom Brown, Matt Brown, Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown, Gabriel "Gabe" Brown, Noah Brown, Amora "Birdy" Brown, and Merry Christmas "Rainy" Brown —  have dabbled in their fair share of romance since the show's premiere on Discovery in 2014. Noah married Rhain Alicia in August 2018, welcoming a son in February 2019, while Bear had a baby boy in March 2020 with his on-again, off-again fiancée, Raiven Adams. And Gabe tied the knot with Raquell Rose Pantilla in January 2019, followed by another ceremony with their family and friends in June 2019, as Discovery noted. "Raquell is my one true love and we're really grateful to have met each other," Gabe gushed to People at the time. "God is good."

One month later, in July 2019, Raquell announced her pregnancy, but the couple never formally announced the arrival of their little one. However, they did confirm their child would arrive in November 2019.

Raquell and Gabe's apparent secrecy around the birth of their child has led some fans to wonder about the state of their marriage in general. With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about the parents' relationship.

Gabe Brown and Raquell Rose Pantilla value their privacy

As we mentioned earlier, Raquell Rose Pantilla and Gabe Brown were set to welcome a child in November 2019. Although they didn't announce the baby's birth, their little one did arrive at some point in 2019. "The baby is healthy and fine," the couple's rep exclusively told The Sun in June 2020. "They just want privacy at this time."

It's safe to say the pair won't share any photos of the baby (it's unclear whether the newborn is a girl or boy) anytime soon, which might be disappointing their loyal fans. The upside? Gabe regularly shares updates about his life with Raquell, as well as his romantic musings. "Love is the most precious thing that's completely free to give, and receive," he captioned a sun-drenched selfie with Raquell from April 2020. "Remember love, always." And in May 2020, Gabe mused alongside a picture of fire, "Hold onto her like the dancing embers of the fire in you [sic] heart, when the days were young, and the nights were dark, feel the warmth from it's [sic] radiant glow as it shines on your face like she shines in your soul." Alrighty, Shakespeare! 

Raquell is as equally as smitten with Gabe, telling People in June 2019, "Gabe is the most loving, kind and funny guy I know – he makes me laugh every day."

It's nice to hear this private couple is doing so well!