Whatever Happened To Snowbird From Alaskan Bush People?

Out of all the Alaskan Bush People siblings (Solomon Isiah "Bear" Freedom Brown, Matt Brown, Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown, Gabriel "Gabe" Brown, Noah Brown, Amora "Snowbird" Brown, and Merry Christmas "Rainy" Brown), Snowbird — aka "Birdy" or "Bird" — is arguably the most reserved. Coming in a close second is Gabe, who prefers to keep his marriage and baby out of the spotlight.

But just because Birdy is shyer than her spunky and outgoing little sis, Rainy, it doesn't mean she's weak. "All of her brothers talked about having a sister to watch over and take care of, but as she grew, even at a young age, it became more and more obvious this wasn't going to be the case," Birdy's dad, Billy Brown, said about her fierce nature, per Discovery's website. "When she isn't hunting or fishing, she climbs to any high mountain meadow just to watch the deer," the network added of Bird, who was born in 1994.

As of this writing, it doesn't appear Birdy has an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. The reality star's absence on social media has left fans wanting to know more about her life and why she doesn't have a stronger public presence. So, what has Snowbird been up to? Let's take a quick peek into her life.

Snowbird Brown isn't afraid to speak her mind

Although Snowbird Brown might not be on social media (at least publicly), she continues to star on Discovery's Alaskan Bush People. Birdy has appeared on all 12 seasons, and it doesn't look like she intends on leaving anytime soon. 

As the show progressed, Bird became known for speaking her mind and holding her ground on important topics. Case in point: In Season 11, the Washington resident confronted her brother, Gabe Brown, about killing their farm animals for food. "I really don't think we need to," Snowbird said during a 2019 episode about protecting the family's roosters. "I raised them, you know? They come to me for food. And I can't kill something that I raised and that loves me." When Gabe defended slaughtering the roosters, Birdy instructed her brother to "look at all the faces you want to kill."

Bird has also been vocal where it concerns Noah Brown's wife, Rhain Alicia Brown, as Radar reported in March 2019. "Rhain got into a huge fight with Snowbird," a source alleged, although it's not clear what the supposed tiff was about.

When she's not butting heads with her brothers, Snowbird is busy raising her gaggle of beloved cats. And as Soap Dirt noted in December 2019, the reality star had amassed "about 20 cats" since the family's move to Washington. Meow! 

This Alaskan Bush People star is a source of strength for the Brown family

Fans might remember when in April 2017, matriarch Ami Brown was diagnosed with Stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer. The diagnosis was devastating for the Brown family, and each sibling coped with the bad news in their own way. As for Snowbird, she took on a supportive role for the clan, as Matt Brown praised her for during a heartfelt discussion featured on Alaskan Bush People. When Matt noted to Bird how her siblings look up to her because she's the oldest girl in the family, she replied, "It puts a lot of stress on me to always try and be the confident one, the 'it will be OK.'" She added, "Because it's like, I have emotions too. I just try and hide them."

In awe of her sister's strength, Matt said in a talking head, "My sister is tough. She's tougher than any of us of brothers. She's always the one who looks at me and, she's like, 'No, Matt we'll make this work. Matt, we'll do this.' Bird inspires." He continued, "Especially in this time with mom, we're all going to kind of rely on Birdy to do what she does. You know, she's mini-mom. And she takes care of everybody."

Although Birdy is private when it comes to her personal life, we think it's safe to assume she's still supporting her loved ones through thick and thin. As for Ami's cancer, she's been in remission, as of March 2019.

She's a doting aunt

Not only is Snowbird Brown busy supporting her large fam, but she's also preoccupied with being a godmother to Noah Brown's son, Elijah, who was born in February 2019. As Birdy described in an episode of Alaskan Bush People, she was made godmother amid a "rough patch" with Noah and his wife, Rhain Alicia. "I think Noah, you know, naming me Eli's godmother was kind of his way of wanting to fix things," she said about her responsibility toward Eli. "And I want Noah and Alicia to know that I'm taking it serious."

Bird got a chance to show off her godmother skills when babysitting Eli for the first time, as seen on ABP. "This would be the first time that Rhain and I have just let Birdy take care of Eli by herself," Noah explained in a talking head. "It's kind of a crucial moment. Eli needs to grow up with Birdy being a stable thing in his life. That way if something does happen to Rhain and I, she's right there and can step into the position."

Wow, it sounds like a Snowbird has a lot on her plate. Talk about a busy young lady!

Snowbird Brown made waves with a gross video

In September 2020, the official Facebook page for Alaskan Bush People uploaded a preview of an upcoming episode, and we hope you weren't eating while you watched. In the clip, Snowbird Brown, who is celebrating catching her "first pack rat," decides to make a "fancy dinner" for her cats that includes: "chicken stuffed with some fish and chicken feet" and a "cat food and milk gravy" that would serve as a dipping sauce for the dead rat. Yum. 

"I wanna celebrate with my cats, so I want to do something special with them and for them," she explained, as the meowing cats anxiously awaited their feast. "I decided to just go all out for the kitties," Birdy added. "... Like us, they've gone through so much. They just deserve a really good meal." Gross? Yes. Sweet and thoughtful? Also, yes.

Snowbird's baby sister, Rain Brown, shared her thoughts on the celebratory dinner Snowbird made for her cats. "Bird needs something else to occupy her time," Rain said in the clip. "She is definitely a lonely cat lady, and I think that maybe if she had a boyfriend, it would help." Some people just can't appreciate 5-star cat cuisine.

How Snowbird Brown dealt with quarantine

Like most of us, 2020 was hard on the cast of Alaskan Bush People. Not only were they facing a global pandemic and quarantine, but they also had to evacuate after a raging wildfire destroyed their home. "It's definitely been crazy — a lot has happened. ...We are currently still evacuated," Snowbird Brown told Pop Culture in an October 2020 interview alongside her sister, Rain Brown, adding that it was "pretty much up in the air" if they could ever return home. 

It wasn't all bad, however. Their brothers, Noah and Bear Brown, made the duo aunts in February 2019 and March 2020, respectively with the arrivals of Elijah and River. "Being an aunt is my favorite thing ever," Rain said, with Birdy adding, "You get to have the fun without necessarily the responsibility." Hey, we can't argue that.

Snowbird also credited her parents for keeping the family together during those troubling times. "I feel like they're always the anchors," she said. "They're always assuring us that things are going to be OK, even when we want to assure them things are OK." Although the air quality wasn't the best for her father, her parents were holding up well at this point, and all Snowbird's time spent with her dad consisted of "a lot of love and a lot of oxygen." Unfortunately, the Alaskan Bush People patriarch, Billy Brown, died about five months later following a seizure at the age of 68, according to People.

Snowbird from Alaskan Bush People is dealing with her father's death

The tight-knit Brown family suffered a major loss when Billy Brown unexpectedly died in February 2021. "We are heartbroken to announce that our beloved patriarch Billy Brown passed away last night after suffering from a seizure," Bear Brown wrote on his now-private Instagram account at the time (via People). "He was our best friend — a wonderful and loving dad, granddad and husband and he will be dearly missed."

At the time of this writing, Snowbird Brown has yet to comment publicly about her father's death, but everyone handles grief in their own way, and we hope she has taken some comfort in knowing that her father got to meet his youngest grandchild, River, before he died. "I'm glad my Dad got to meet my son, his grandson," Bear wrote on Instagram (via People). "I will always remember the twinkle in his eyes when he held him! Hold tight to your loved ones! You never know when it's the last moment you'll get with them."

On Feb. 28, 2021, the Discovery Channel aired The Legacy of Billy Brown. "Through never-before seen footage and interviews, Billy speaks to the bush legacy he was driven to establish, fueled by faith and his deep adoration for his family," the network described the special, per Deadline. Snowbird will always have that to look back on.