The Untold Truth Of JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers' Relationship

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers walked off into the sunset — literally — after the former athlete proposed to the real estate developer in Thailand on The Bachelorette finale in 2016. Even though, as of this writing, JoJo and Jordan are still together, things weren't always so rosy for the couple following the show.

Jordan — who is Aaron Rodgers' younger brother — made headlines when he joined the ABC franchise in 2016. Not only was Jordan accused of cheating on his ex-girlfriend and going on the reality show to gain exposure, per Refinery29, but fans questioned if he was on the series for the right reasons. Adding fuel to the fire, JoJo and her mom were worried about Jordan's player reputation. "He always seemed like a guy that could break my heart," JoJo said on the show, per Refinery29

After the proposal, Jordan defended himself in an interview with People. "I definitely wasn't on the show for fame," he told the outlet about the rumors. "My goal every step of the way was to be open and honest with JoJo and let myself fall in love."

Luckily, the sports commentator proved Bachelor Nation fans and skeptics wrong, since he and JoJo got engaged and are set to walk down the aisle in 2021. But, just like in any relationship, JoJo and Jordan revealed there were some bumps in the road. 

Keep reading to find out what the pair went through after the cameras stopped rolling.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers almost split after 'The Bachelorette'

Just because couples fall in love on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette doesn't mean that they always make it once the show wraps. In this case, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers defied the odds and, as of this writing, are still together.

However, the clothing designer recalled she and Jordan almost split up after he proposed in 2016. "Our first year after the show was very difficult," she told Chris Harrison on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! (via E! News), which aired in June 2020. "We went through a lot of different struggles."

"There was a point in that first year where it was like, 'Woah, can we even do this?'" she added. Despite the hard times, the couple ended up working things out. "We sat down together, and we were like, 'We love each other, but is that enough right now?'" Jordan explained. "It was a fork in the road and we chose to stay together and we're better for it, but it was not easy."

Luckily, JoJo and Jordan's relationship seems to be getting better and better with age. "The love I have for you now that we've been through all of that is only going to get more with kids, marriage, and everything that comes with that," Jordan gushed to JoJo. 

JoJo Fletcher says working with Jordan Rodgers 'saved' their relationship

After JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers got engaged on The Bachelorette in 2016, the pair picked up and moved to Dallas — where JoJo is from — to begin their lives together. Gone are the days of flying in helicopters and taking salsa lessons in exotic locations, so the couple turned to flipping houses. "After the show, there was this big buzz about what we were going to do with our lives, but we wanted to stay true to who we were," JoJo told Us Weekly in 2019.

In fact, right after The Bachelorette wrapped, JoJo and Jordan began working on a property "that needed renovating," she told the outlet. "We normalized our life and that saved us," she continued. "Working together has been a blessing." JoJo added, "Going back to work and starting the renovation business together was the best decision."

Three years later, they showed off their talents on their show, Cash Pad — where they remodeled people's homes together — which premiered in 2019 on CNBC.  "A lot of people would say that working together is the worst thing," Jordan told Us Weekly

"That was the advice we got! But it does help because after The Bachelorette, you're under a microscope," Jordan explained. "There were expectations. Renovating houses immediately after getting together was an escape."

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers postponed their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic

Of course, the one question everyone wants to know is: When are JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers getting married? The two set a date for June 2020, but unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they had to reschedule the big event until 2021. "6.13.20 ... Happy 'What would have been Wedding day' to us!" the Texas native wrote on Instagram in June 2020.

"As you guys know, we have spent the last 11 months planning the wedding of our dreams but given the circumstances of 2020, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone our special day," she continued. "Even though I don't get to marry you todayyyyy @jrodgers11, I know it will be all more worth the wait."

Despite the circumstances, the couple is excited to walk down the aisle in 2021. "We want that day to be exactly what we want," she told Entertainment Tonight in June 2020. "We want our guests and our family and our friends to feel safe and comfortable. It just did not feel right whatsoever to roll the dice on that."

At the end of the day, JoJo is grateful for her time on the show. "[It's] really sweet," JoJo told ET in June 2020 about rewatching her romance with Jordan unfold while watching her season on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! . "I got emotional a few times because it's nice to go back and watch us ... it was a really, really special thing to watch back."