Body Language Expert Makes A Bold Claim About Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Marriage

Speculation surrounding the status of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship started even before the two went public back in 2016. That certainly hasn't stopped now that they're married, have a child together, have left their roles as senior royals behind, and moved to Los Angeles. Perhaps part of the reason people are so invested is that there are a few sad aspects of the couple's marriage that are cause for concern. On top of that, a July 2020 video call from the pair had some people wondering if their behavior was an indication of what the two are going through.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry "made ... divisive comments during a virtual meeting with Meghan Markle ... and global young leaders from the Queen's Commonwealth Trust." During the meeting, Harry said: "there is no way that we can move forward unless we acknowledge the past." He added that while others have "done such an amazing, incredible job of ... trying to right" the "wrongs" that have been done, "there is still so much more still to do."

While both Harry and Meghan delivered their message together, the way they conveyed what they were saying was very different, according to one body language expert expert who feels that alone says a lot.

Prince Harry looked 'awkward' and 'trapped' during the (telling?) video call

Prince Harry has been in the spotlight since he was born and spent years speaking to the public on various important issues. However, the Duke of Sussex isn't exactly someone who uses a poker face in front of the cameras (that we know of) and it often seems as if you can get a true sense of how he feels about something simply by the way he acts at any given time. Body language expert Judi James surely thinks that's true, which is why she opened up to the Daily Mail's FEMAIL about the way Harry presented himself during the July 2020 video call.

While the prince can certainly handle himself in intense situations, James noted that he looked "awkward" and "trapped" while the camera was on. What makes James think that? Well, there's the fact that Harry "spoke down to the floor." Additionally, he was sitting on the edge of the frame instead of more towards the center.

According to the Daily Mail, James also discussed the fact that Harry "[fell] short when it [came] to trying to express himself, relying on a 'lecturing' tone that fail[ed] to connect." She explained that when Harry did "speak, his tone [was] more critical ... He perform[ed] micro-shrugs and head tilts and his part seem[ed] to start and end with a camera jerk."

On the other hand, Meghan Markle's behavior was very different, although it may have been just as telling.

Meghan Markle was 'mesmerizing' during the call

Prince Harry may have been less than impressive during the July 2020 virtual meeting, according to Judi James, however, while speaking to the Daily Mail's FEMAIL, the body language expert noted that Meghan Markle was the one to watch if you were looking for a solid, sincere delivery.

"The framing shows Meghan in almost the middle of the shot, able to utilize the space she has to her left to gesticulate and allow her passion to be illustrated as she speaks," James pointed out while referring to the beginning of the call in which the Duchess of Sussex took the lead. "Meghan is mesmerizing, but Harry either repeats her words or adds a 'Yeah' after she makes a point."

James also explained that Meghan's "solid eye-gaze" towards Harry "suggest[ed] active listening and devotion," while, at the same time, her "points [were] made persuasively and her aim seem[ed] to be to inspire in a way that is lasting."

While it's clear that Harry and Meghan came across differently in the video, they also seemingly revealed something about their dynamic.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were 'slightly out of kilter'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have obviously decided how they want to approach their future together — a future that includes their charitable and humanitarian causes. However, despite the fact that body language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail's FEMAIL that the Duchess of Sussex showed signs that hint towards "like-minded thinking and affection" towards her husband, the two were also "slightly out of kilter."

In fact, when Harry "falter[ed] slightly verbally," it was "up to Meghan to wrap his message up into a more powerful phrase." Apparently, "her eloquence [was] at odds with Harry's less structured and flowing style of delivery." Beyond that, when Harry switched to a "humorous, self-effacing approach" during the video, according to James, Meghan "correct[ed] him quickly" due to the fact that his lighter tone was at odds with her "sense of passion and purpose."

Granted, perhaps what we were seeing from Harry was the prince "immediately 'reflect[ing]' on his comments about the Commonwealth within moments of the words leaving his lips, hinting that he immediately understood the impact they would have." Indeed, Harry's words continue to hold sway and he'll surely have to come to terms with where he's come from and where he wants to go if he truly wants to embrace his new life and spark the kind of change that would make his mother proud.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's video has stirred up strong reactions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have been at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their mannerisms during the virtual meeting, however, they shared the same message. It was a message that Tory MP Andrew Rosindell didn't like, telling the Daily Mail that he felt Harry's comments during the meeting were "disappointing" and that, in his opinion, it would not please the Queen.

"I understand that Harry and Meghan have taken a step out from being members of the Royal Family. Therefore I'm surprised that he would be making comments like that," Rosindell said, adding that Harry "should focus on his own life and not get involved in politics."

As for the public, people on Twitter had mixed reactions. "Harry, mate. This is really not a good look. Show you care by DOING, like you did with Invictus, not this woke preachy crap that just gets people's backs up," one social media user tweeted. Others were thrilled, with someone writing, "Well done, I was wondering when they'd get around to this if at all." Another person added: "Love this couple, they're absolutely on point."

Yet another Twitter user claimed that while the Sussexes made a "valid point ... it needs balance to prevent the danger of navel-gazing on the past while present inequities remain unaddressed ... Otherwise, we will just keep getting more of the same, ad infinitum! All talk, no action." Indeed, now that Harry and Meghan have talked the talk, the world will be waiting to see if they walk the walk.