The Real Reason The Alaskan Bush People Left Alaska

Alaskan Bush People, a staple show of the Discovery Channel, is a reality series that captures the life of the Brown family. Complete with parents Billy and Ami Brown and their seven children, cameras follow the clan as they explore the American wilderness and live life off the grid. (Well, as off-the-grid as one can be with cameras and a TV crew following you around!)

With this in mind, some fans speculate that the reality show is almost entirely fake, while others don't believe Billy and Ami are always upfront about things.

In fact, the show seems to raise more questions than it does answers, like how does the Brown family make their money? Or what happened to Snowbird, the most reserved of the Brown kids? And why hasn't Bear Brown met his son, River?

Of course, there's also the issue of where the show gets filmed, which is now Washington. So why did the Brown family leave Alaska considering the show is called Alaskan Bush People? Find out the truth below.

The Brown family is done with Alaska for good

As it turns out, the reason why the Alaskan Bush People fam had to leave Alaska is very legitimate. It all circles back to Ami Brown — mother to Matt Brown, Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown, Solomon "Bear" Brown, Gabriel "Gabe" Brown, Noah Brown, Amora "Birdy" Brown, and Merry Christmas "Rainy" Brown — as she was diagnosed with "Stage III non-small cell lung cancer" in April 2017, according to People.

Since Ami's medical treatments are in Los Angeles, Calif., Alaska is just too far away to make everything work. Thankfully, Ami's cancer is in remission, but she still needs checkups every three months, People noted.

With this in mind, the Brown family purchased a "435-acre property in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State" to make sure the trips weren't so long, according to The Sun

Another reason for the move? Alaska is way too rural, and Ami needs to be closer to hospitals, as Billy explained to Radar Online, "Unfortunately, we can never move back to Alaska. We were told that we must always be near a hospital so that Ami can receive treatment for her cancer." Billy added, "And when we were told that, we made a choice to leave and now we must always live by that choice no matter what." 

So although Washington Bush People might be more accurate, they'll always be the Alaskan Bush People to us!