The Worst Thing 90 Day Fiance's Big Ed Did To Rose

Aside from Ellen DeGeneres, few people are having as controversial a year as 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Day's Big Ed. Real name Ed Brown, he became a hot topic for TLC viewers, YouTubers, and essentially the entire internet as he blundered through his quest to find love with Rosemarie Vega (aka Rose), his Philippines girlfriend 31 years his junior.

On the fourth season of the hit reality spinoff show — in which Americans travel overseas to meet, potentially propose to, and seek a K1 visa with someone they've been dating online — Ed made almost every mistake in the book. The California native failed to impress Rose or her family, instead offending them by criticizing their humble rural lifestyle. He brought up Rose's supposed bad breath, critiqued her unshaved legs, and asked her to get an STD test though he would not. Yikes! And the cherry on top? Ed eventually confessed he doesn't want more kids, though Rose openly expressed her desire to have more children throughout the season. Though Ed often said in testimonials that his heart was in the right place, his cringe-worthy actions seemingly said otherwise.

Rose broke things off with Ed soon after, giving the relationship one last "halik" goodbye after that revelation and gaining sympathy from many viewers. But now, Ed is facing new controversy. It turns out the most deceitful thing he may have done to Rose involved his impressive salary from the show, which he supposedly didn't share. Let's take a closer look at the information about Ed Brown coming to light.

Ed didn't give Rose 'a penny' of his 90 Day salary

Was Big Ed paid for 90 Day Fiancé while leaving Rose in the dust? On June 4, 2020, one Twitter user wrote: "Another reason to not watch 90 day fiance is Big Ed got paid but Rose didnt."

This may be the case. "The couples on 90 Day Fiancé do get paid, but it's not much," reported Men's Health on May 4, 2020. "A source told Radar Online that cast members on the show get paid about $1,000 to $1,500 per episode, and $2,500 to appear on the tell-all special." That's more than $14k for 12 episodes. Meanwhile, non-American partners likely don't get paid at all due to "work visa concerns," per the magazine. And if Ed did get paid, he didn't share it. In a recent Instagram story, Rose alleged Ed did not give her "a penny."

During the Before The 90 Days: Tell All, part one of which aired on June 7, 2020, per Vulture, Rose made another upsetting accusation, claiming that at one point when they were video chatting, he told her to get naked on camera for cash. "'Open your video, get naked. Get naked now. I'll video you, pay you money," Rose said during the special, per inTouch. Ed immediately denied the claim. Since then, more has come out against Big Ed, including a TikToker who alleged, per CinemaBlend, he harassed her at work. If this is all true, we're glad Rose has moved on.

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