Angela Lansbury's Granddaughter Looks Just Like The Legend

Angela Lansbury may be one of the most recognizable figures in Hollywood thanks to the fact that she's been in the entertainment industry since the '40s. That being said, there are likely a few things about her personal life that you didn't know about the star. For instance, were you aware of the fact that Lansbury comes from a political family and had to flee England during World War II? You also might not know that she's been married twice. Her first marriage ended "within a year," due to the fact that, as the star explained to Radio Times in 2017: "I had no idea that I was marrying a gay man."

Lansbury's second husband was English actor and producer Peter Shaw, who stayed by Lansbury's side until his death in 2003 at the age of 84, per Playbill. During their many years together, Lansbury and Shaw welcomed two children into the world, a daughter, Deidre, and a son, Anthony. While both went through a rough period that involved drugs and even the Manson family, per the Daily Mail, the two managed to get through with the help of their mother.

Nowadays, Anthony is a father himself, making Lansbury the grandmother of a granddaughter who looks just like her famous relative.

Angela Lansbury is a grandmother and a great-grandmother

Angela Lansbury's children are both adults now, and her son, Anthony "is a proud dad of three," according to Fabiosa. Among that trio is his daughter, Katherine Shaw, who is also now an adult herself and has apparently "become the toast of red carpets." That's because she occasionally shows up with her grandmother to show business events, and when she does, it's impossible not to notice the resemblance between the two.

Lansbury and Shaw share the same hair color (well, they did before the elder lady's hair turned white), as well as the same nose, chin, smile... we could go on. Honestly, when they pose side-by-side, the similarities are simply striking, which likely pleases the younger family member since her grandmother was gorgeous when she was younger.

If the photo of Lansbury and Shaw together makes it seem like the star is happy to be around her grandchildren, that's because she is. "One of the biggest joys for me right now is my family. I've just become a great-grandma for the first time (it's my grandson Peter's first child) — now that feels pretty wonderful," Lansbury told Woman & Home in 2017. 

She added that "of course [she's] doing all the spoiling." What are great-grandmothers for if not to shower their loved ones with an adorable amount of affection?! That's why it's understandable (and so sweet) that the star also admitted: "If there's one thing I want more time for at this stage of my life, it's them."

Angela Lansbury always put family first

Angela Lansbury has made it clear that she wants to be around her family at this point in her life, and she certainly backs that up by spending time at industry events with her granddaughter, Katherine Shaw. However, Lansbury has always made her family a priority. She explained to the Daily Mail in 2014 that although her "career was important" to her, it was her children — and now surely her grandchildren and great-grandchildren — who "always came first."

Someone else in Lansbury's life can confirm that: her stepson David, who was the son of her husband, Peter, from an earlier relationship. While talking to Closer Weekly about his step-mother in July 2019, he noted, "She's a great lady. I came in and she didn't have to have me. It was an incredible thing to do. She always put family first."

David also addressed Lansbury's life now, saying, "As she's getting older, she wants to be with her kids and grandkids." At the same time, she's embracing her age and what that means for her looks.

Angela Lansbury has opened up about her looks as she gets older

Angela Lansbury likely thinks her lookalike granddaughter, Katherine Shaw, is lovely. However, when it comes to her own appearance, it turns out that she doesn't think she was beautiful when she was younger. And she thinks that made her life easier, in a way. "It must be very hard to be born a beauty because it's almost as if you have to live that down and let the real person emerge," she told the Daily Mail in 2014. "I was all talent and no looks."

Despite the Hollywood pressure to stay youthful, Lansbury also explained that she isn't interested in plastic surgery. "If you've made your name as a character actress, you don't need to. You've only got to look at Judi (Dench) or Maggie (Smith)," she said. Adding that they've "all maintained the way [they] look," meaning they "haven't re-positioned [their] faces" and "still look like who [they] were," she continued, "But if you're just a beauty, you have to try to sustain your looks and some women have been unable to settle to the fact that they were losing their greatest asset. That can be tough."

Instead, Lansbury noted that "the trick is to decide what you're going to lean on as you grow older — is it the need to maintain your beauty or is it the need to adapt and play older parts?" In our opinion, Lansbury has stayed as beautiful as she is skilled.