The Item You Won't Find In Joy Duggar And Austin Forsyth's Home

The Duggar clan became famous for their TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, which eventually got dropped after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced about Josh, one of the Duggar children.

While the original show is no longer on-air, a new spin-off called Counting On has continued to track the lives of some Duggars or what TLC calls "the next generation of Duggars," as the kids grow up and have families of their own. The show has been especially attentive to Joy Duggar as she began her courtship with a long-term childhood friend, Austin Forsyth.

The couple got married on May 26, 2017, according to TLC, in a "rustic chic" wedding, reflecting the couple's enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Since then, they've started a family and got a house of their own re-done just how they like it. In fact, they gave fans a home tour on YouTube to show all the work they've put into their new place. While the house is absolutely adorable, Joy and Austin don't have a certain specific item and it might surprise you.

Their parents didn't own one either

Joy (née Duggar) and Austin Forsyth gave a tour of their home on YouTube and fans quickly picked up on the fact that there was no TV in sight (slightly ironic for a family who happens to be on TV). One fan asked: "Such a cute little house. I didn't see any TVs. Do you have any or do you watch TV??"

Another fan actually replied to the question and said: "In their original series '19 kids and counting' they talk about how they didn't allow the kids to watch tv. I don't think any of the kids who are married and moved out have tv's in their houses."

While Joy didn't answer in the comment section, the Duggar father, Jim Bob, actually told HuffPost in 2011 that he and his wife, Michelle, started out their marriage without any distractions: "I grew up watching TV, but when we got married a doctor friend of ours encouraged us not to have a pet or a TV the first year of marriage. So we did that. For the first year we lived on love." Jim Bob later said they so enjoyed it that they chose not to have a TV in their home at all.

It's clear that Joy and Austin have followed in their parents' footsteps and opted for less technology.