Celebs Who Can't Stand The Cast Of Jersey Shore

We all remember how much Jersey Shore blew up back when we were in our young teen and tween years of the aughts. The fist-pumping, night-clubbing, drama-creating cast quickly became MTV's most talked-about reality TV crew after it's 2009 debut. You probably either loved them or loved to hate them. The boys with unnaturally large muscles and even bigger egos paired with their "GTL," pickle-loving counterparts spawned quite the dynamic for endless "trash TV" entertainment. 

Over time, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, and the rest of the crew accumulated as many haters as they did fans. Whether it was their fake tans, cocky attitudes, or just the unnecessary fabrication of drama and over-the-top reckless behavior, they've got a group of not-so-biggest fans — and those include celebrities. Things escalated so heavily that even Andre DiMino, UNICO National President and notorious leader in the Italian-American community, called for an end to the show. "It's really a buffoon-type person who acts crass and vulgar," scoffed DiMino in a Fox News interview. "When we saw those promos, it confirmed our fears. Those promotions are a disgrace."

 He's not alone. Here are the stars who also aren't afraid to voice their controversial opinions about the infamous Jersey Shore cast. 

Jon Bon Jovi thinks his hometown is misrepresented

Jon Bongiovi, best known as Jon Bon Jovi, boasts Perth Amboy, New Jersey, as his hometown. The '80s "Livin' On A Prayer" rockstar had quite the mouthful to express upon being exposed to the messy 2009 MTV reality show, Jersey Shore

According to Britain's OK! Magazine, Bongiovi is offended, to say the least. The since-deleted archived interview reported by Daily Mirror claims that Bongiovi was appalled at the misrepresentation of the area. He took it upon himself to defend the Northern beach town, stating, "It's not my Jersey shore. I was there way before they were. We used to go down to the boardwalk all the time when we were kids, that was a cool place to go," claimed Bongiovi. "People from New Jersey know that's not what it's like." 

Ultimately, the rocker placed the blame on the creators of the show for fabricating a false reality. "I more resent that those shows create 'celebrities,'" he jeered. "Some kid is struggling to write a song, or to be an actor or write a book, and kids want to get famous to be famous. I don't like that. It's really sad." Looks like Bongiovi is all about raw talent and nothing less.

Frankie Delgado gave Mike Sorrentino 'a situation'

The battle of the outdated reality stars was on (quite literally) during a 2020 episode of Celebrity Family Feud. The cast of The Hills went face-to-face with the cast of Jersey Shore – and the competition was fierce. The tensions rose quickly, and the sure-fire signs were anything but subtle, especially between Mike Sorrentino, a.k.a. "The Situation," and Frankie Delgado from The Hills. It became apparent that the game show was an excuse to throw major shade when Sorrentino extended his hand to greet Delgado, who swiped his hand away using the classic "gotcha" trick to slick back his hair. Sorrentino clapped back with, "Now we got a situation," to which Delgado replied, "Michael, yes we do." 

The fury-filled exchanges were a delight to fans of both The Hills and Jersey Shore. Some viewers even took to social media to offer comments on the snarky attitudes portrayed by The Hills cast. There may have been a deep-seated hatred for the Jersey Shore crew that finally came to a head, notably because Delgado wasn't the only one throwing shade.

Is Spencer Pratt 'bitter' about the Jersey Shore cast?

Spencer Pratt joined Frankie Delgado in dragging the reputably self-absorbed Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino on Celebrity Family Feud in 2020. The blonde pretty boy from The Hills made fun of Sorrentino's answer to the question, "Name a musical instrument a man should master if he wants to master the art of romance," to which Sorrentino answered, "Violin." Even though the answer made it to the board, Pratt, following Delgado's footsteps, spitefully commented through laughter, "I guess he can go play his little violin over there." 

We're just grateful it didn't escalate any further because Pratt isn't exactly known for his compassionate nature and mild manners. He's much more ill-famed for meltdowns and bouts of chaos. Immediately after the jab, Delgado and Sorrentino exchanged some snide looks indicating that this wasn't over, possibly even after the show. Sorrentino even tweeted prior to the air date, "Become better not bitter." Could this be a subtweet aimed at Delgado and Pratt? Were these petty exchanges all in good fun? Maybe not so much. 

Jersey Shore 'upset' Alyssa Milano

Charmed actress, Alyssa Milano, harbored hatred for Jersey Shore before she even watched a full episode (which we can probably assume never actually happened). She was totally turned off to the show's message after viewing the preview. "My husband actually showed me the trailer on YouTube last night, and I got upset," she told Us Weekly. "It upset me. I was like, 'Turn that off!' So no, I don't think I'll be watching that!'" 

It looks like the show bothered her to the highest degree because she did more than just turn the other cheek. Milano, who comes from an Italian-American background, was featured in a Funny or Die parody in 2009 that completely bashed Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. We're talking fake tan, excessive make-up, and even the legendary teased poof that represents the icing on the cake for Snooki's distinct style. The satirical site also went so far as to photoshop Milano's body to incorporate a short stature and an ample bosom and buttocks. The photoshopped image was then converted to a poster and placed above a men's urinal. Ouch. The video closes with a quote that reads, "No wonder our perception of Jersey is distorted." 

Marybeth Hicks thinks of the Jersey Shore cast as 'cartoons'

Famous author and journalist, Marybeth Hicks, criticized Jersey Shore on her appearance on The Jay Leno Show in 2010. She lashed out on the cast, knocking them for praising tanning beds, hook-up culture, and the amount of alcohol consumed — among many other aspects of the show. 

Given that Hicks is a member of the Parents Television Council, it may not come as a shock that she carries a lot of angst toward the program. Targeting Snooki specifically, Hicks ranted, "It's disconcerting that [she] could have any sort of influence or be a role model ... or advocate something like tanning beds that could cause cancer" (via Us Weekly). "The show is glorifying behaviors and the cultural position that is silly and sometimes dangerous ... in the same way that a lot of MTV's programming glorifies the hookup culture, the drinking — the general ignorance that they think is fun and glamorous that people watch like a train wreck," she continued. "The notion that these people are celebrities at all give them credibility they should not have," dished Hicks. The insults get progressively worse, as the author even referred to the cast as "cartoons." Yikes!

Chris Christie coined the 'Snooki subsidy'

It may not surprise you that the former governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, had something to say about Snooki and her castmates of Jersey Shore. The outspoken politician threw his home state's neighbor under the bus by stating that the cast isn't actually from New Jersey. "Here's the deal, let's remember something for the people who are listening in your audience, these Jersey Shore folks, they're from New York," griped Christie on a segment of The Joe Crummey Show (via Politifact) in 2011. "They parachute these New Yorkers into Seaside Heights, New Jersey, and they try to make the whole country think this is New Jersey. It's not. It's bad for New Jersey. It's bad," he continued. 

His claims are partially valid, as Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Vinny Guadagnino, and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro are, in fact, from The Empire State. However, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Deena Cortese are from Jersey. According to Politifact, Christie even vetoed a $420,000 tax credit for the reality show, which he coined the "Snooki subsidy." It looks like Christie truly meant business.

Jay Leno challenged the Jersey Shore cast to a game of wits

It seems that talk show host, Jay Leno, might harbor some low-key resentment toward the cast of Jersey Shore, considering it appears that his motive on Battle of the Celebrity All-Stars was to utterly humiliate the stars by pitching them questions that make them look less-than-smart. 

His condescending attitude is apparent at the very start of the 2010 segment when he belittles Jenni "JWoww" Farley by asking her why there are two "W's" in her nickname. What may seem like an innocent and straightforward round of trivia may have had an ulterior witticism, since Leno probably assumed the cast wouldn't know the answers to most of the history and literature-based questions. 

In his defense, he was right. Unshockingly, the cast's comebacks are full of comic relief, which is helpful for saving face. This isn't Leno's first rodeo when it comes to eliciting patronizing behaviors toward others, however. He has been called out on several occasions for possessing a superior attitude and a demoralizing aura throughout his talk show career.

Mike Jeffries was dealing with a legal 'Fitchuation'

Mike Jeffries, the former CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, clearly has some beef against Jersey Shore. In 2011, the company released a statement (via The Hollywood Reporter) claiming they would pay the cast not to wear the brand's clothes on air. "We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans," states the company in a press release that has been removed from their website – likely because of the controversy it stirred in regard to the whole statement being a publicity stunt, discussed in an article by The New York Times

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino took legal action against the SoCal-style clothing brand for manufacturing t-shirts with the term "Fitchuation" embroidered on them, but he ended up losing the case, according to ABC. As Sorrentino told New York Magazine, "I mean, where did they get that from? Obviously from myself."

It's not news that Jeffries is a stickler about keeping a stingy brand image. Business Insider reported in 2013 that Jeffries only wanted "thin and beautiful people" wearing A&F clothing, which was also proven in their previously scanty sizing charts (that have since improved, thanks to the backlash).

The cast of Jersey Shore have drama with each other

Yup, you read that right. Jersey Shore is infamous for the cast itself hating each other's guts. There has been drama every which way you can muster between nearly all the cast members, but most notable is the unanimous altercation with Angelina Pivarnick. The heavily-circulated drama surrounding the knock-down-drag-out wedding toast was just the cherry on top after Pivarnick's on-again-off-again appearance on the show. If you recall, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Deena Cortese, and Jenni "JWoww" Farley gave a calamitous speech at Pivarnick's wedding on Jersey Shore: Family Vacationand it sparked a downward spiral straight into drama land. 

Although at the time of this writing, this marks the most-recent pivotal point regarding reasons for resentment within the reality TV cast, there are plenty that we shan't forget. From fistfights at the bar to vein-popping cursing sessions in the house, one can confidently say that the hot tempers shared by the crew can be credited for much of the show's popularity (or train wreck we simply can't look away from).