What Wild Reveals About John Legend And Chrissy Teigen's Love, According To A Body Language Expert

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are both famous in their own right, and together they make up one of the most buzz-worthy pairs in Hollywood. They also happen to be "Wild," according to Legend's song, which he released on Aug. 13, 2020 along with a video that certainly seems to show off the couple's captivating dynamic.

Besides featuring the duo in various romantic situations — like driving down a tree-filled lane in a cute convertible, cuddling in the sun, and embracing on a beach — the video also gives glimpses of the two in a moment of tension. However, by the end of the video, they reunite, and there's a big reveal: Teigen holds her belly to announce that she's pregnant with her third child (something she later confirmed).

Some fans were focused on the surprising (and confusing) timing of Teigen's pregnancy, due to the fact that she'd just undergone surgery to have her breast implants removed (something you wouldn't do if you were aware that you were pregnant, which she wasn't at the time). Others were interested in what the video was saying about her relationship with her husband. Thankfully, body language expert Mollie Birney, who is a clinical life coach, was willing to give Nicki Swift some exclusive insight into what "Wild" really says about Teigen and Legend's love, marriage, and so much more.

This aspect of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's relationship is 'hard to fabricate'

John Legend's "Wild" video may be a delight for anyone who appreciates sweet songs, adores a romantic montage, or is a fan of the singer and his wife, Chrissy Teigen. However, it becomes even more significant when you realize how much it actually reveals about their relationship. "Their interactions are gentle and sensual but without the hyper-sexualized eroticism we're often used to from couples making out in music videos. Instead, there's a real playfulness in their sensuality that's actually quite hard to fabricate," body language expert Mollie Birney explained to Nicki Swift. Birney also noted that "this appears to just be an organic element of their relationship that the video happens to capture."

Beyond that, Birney pointed out that, in "Wild," there "are moments where Teigen and Legend are practically childlike, skipping into the ocean, pushing and teasing one another, revealing a lightheartedness that's quite a departure from music videos that typically only capture the gravitas of sexual attraction." While this is certainly sweet to witness, it also "suggests a maturity and strength to their relationship, where both can be relaxed, childlike, and entirely at play."

Relationship goals? Um, yep! And perhaps even more so when you find out what else the video can tell us about this celebrity couple.

Chrissy Teigen 'exposes' herself in a very vulnerable way

A day before "Wild" was released into the, er, wild in August 2020, Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to share a few shots of the video and let her followers in on the fact that it happened to be directed by Nabil Elderkin, a.k.a. "the man who introduced [her to John Legend] 14 years ago!" That's perhaps why the star felt comfortable enough to be completely natural while filming such open and honest scenes with her husband.

According to body language expert Mollie Birney, "There are many moments in the video in which Teigen's back is arched and head is thrown back — a gesture of innate vulnerability, kinesthetically-speaking, as it exposes the tender area of the neck." Psychology Today notes that "vulnerability... may be the key to a successful relationship," because "it implies the courage to be yourself" and "involves uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure." Frankly, a "real connection requires you to be totally open and authentic," which, in turn, requires the kind of vulnerability that Teigen is able to display around Legend.

Obviously, Teigen trusts her husband. And that makes sense, as Birney told Nicki Swift that the "scripted nature of the video aside, it's clear this is a couple with a solid foundation, who have developed an incredibly healthy intimacy over time." Hopefully, that also means that they have what it takes to keep their relationship just as happy and healthy over the years to come.