Celebrities Who Treat Waiters Like Trash

One of the surefire ways to sniff out celebrities' true nature is to observe their interactions with service professionals, and we're not just talking about leaving a big tip. Sure, there is an expectation that since stars are rich, they should be making it rain at restaurants, but any server will tell you that getting a big tip isn't worth being treated like dirt. Here's a list of celebrities who've been accused of being nightmarish customers and stingy with cash.

Jeremy Piven

Sometimes actors' personalities get conflated with their most famous roles. In the case of Jeremy Piven, it seems he's become entangled with his arrogant Hollywood agent character, Ari Gold, from Entourage. According to the New York Daily News, Piven was in in Aspen, Colo. for a comedy festival and allegedly behaved so boorishly at the famous sushi restaurant Nobu that management asked him never to return. In lieu of a tip, an insider said, "He left a DVD of the first year of Entourage to one of the waiters. [An employee] ran up the stairs and hurled it at him as he was leaving." What happened to hugging it out, bro?


According to Stained Apron, a website where servers sound off about their famous clientele, Usher ranks as one of the worst celebrities to have seated in your section. In his younger days, the former Voice judge allegedly tried to use his celebrity status to coerce a restaurant owner into serving him alcohol without an I.D. and supposedly left an autograph in lieu of a tip. Between that and introducing Justin Bieber to the world, Usher's working on our last nerve.

Kendall Jenner

It seems Kendall Jenner couldn't conceive why a restaurateur wouldn't put their liquor license on the line to appease her. According to a 2014 report in Page Six, a disgruntled Jenner left the Mercer Kitchen, a trendy SoHo spot, without paying her tab, requiring the server to chase her out into the street. You can probably guess what happened next: the model profusely apologized and generously tipped the server...just kidding! She reportedly threw a couple twenties in the server's face and walked away giggling with a girlfriend. What a swell lady.

Days later, Jenner apparently attempted to rebuild her reputation. According to TMZ, she left a $160 tip on a $554 tab at Pearl's liquor bar in West Hollywood, not that it did the scorned server in New York much good.

James 'Buster' Douglas

In another alleged firsthand report from Stained Apron, a Columbus steakhouse server claims boxer James "Buster" Douglas routinely acted more like a chump than a champ. Reportedly tipping around $10 on a $200 check, he and his entourage took up multiple tables in the server's section, leaving them little chance to make up for his frugality with more generous customers. We're not saying we'd rather serve his famous rival, Mike Tyson—at least not to his face—but as of this writing, Douglas had an estimated net worth of around $15 million, so more than five percent gratuity doesn't seem like too much to ask.

LeSean McCoy

When LeSean McCoy played for the Eagles, he found himself at the center of one of the biggest receipt shaming posts in internet revenge history. According to Philly.com, after dining at Philadelphia burger joint PYT, the running back reportedly left 20 cents for his server on a $61.56 check. The restaurant took a picture of the receipt and posted it to social media. McCoy's teammates claimed he got terrible service, but even if that were the case, 20 cents?

The restaurant actually suffered severe backlash from die-hard Eagle fans, prompting PYT's owner to pen an open letter on his Facebook page in an attempt to set the record straight. McCoy and his friends were "verbally abusive to our staff in the most insulting ways" the restaurateur said (via Philly.com), yet that explanation barely put a chink in McCoy's armor.

Warren Sapp

Apparently receipt-shaming NFL players is kind of a thing, because Warren Sapp found himself on the wrong end of a viral tweet that showed he'd written, "Boys don't tip!" on his check at a sports bar in Florida. Claiming he got terrible service and was offended when his waitress referred to the crew at his table as "boys," Sapp confirmed to TMZ that he put a big fat zero on the tip line. According to TMZ, restaurant management reviewed security footage and found that Sapp's server had returned to his table 22 times in two hours. Sorry, Sapp, but it looks like Big Brother nailed you on this one.

Kathleen Battle

Famous for being fired from the Metropolitan Opera, singer Kathleen Battle had a well-known reputation for diva behavior, alienating cast and crew to the point where they reportedly had t-shirts made that read "I Survived the Battle." That said, it's no surprise she also made the Stained Apron naughty list of jerk customers. Apparently there's a limit to how many peas Battle will tolerate in her soup, which is the only specific example listed on the site outside of her "many and various demands," but that certainly sounds like a server's fragmented recollection of a terrible experience. The server's therapy session that week probably went something like this: "There was yelling and swearing and something about too many peas. I..I..just remember waking up and there was blood everywhere."


Ludacris' restaurant behavior is, well, ludicrous for someone with his bank account. "I was early to my shift when Ludacris and friends showed up to the restaurant," a disgruntled waiter told Stained Apron. "A big oaf from his 'posse' sat himself at a table in my closed station. I politely informed him the station was not yet open and he rudely commented that 'the manager said we could sit here.' Dreading the possibility of serving this group of six, I left the restaurant to return later for my shift. Ludacris left a 10 percent tip on over $100 to one of my unfortunate colleagues." The waiter added, "Months later, I found out that the pint sized, pseudo-thespian brought a party of over forty to another of our locations. The customary 18 percent included gratuity for parties of seven or more was waived by the little prince in exchange for a generous 10 percent tip."

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones' beauty is only skin-deep, at least if you're waiting on her at a restaurant. A waitress who regularly served the Chicago stunner told Crushable, "She's very scowly and cold, won't smile or make eye contact, and gets short with you if you ask questions to clarify the special requests she makes with her order, like a salad that we'd taken off the menu that she insisted we find the ingredients for. Even when you wait on her hand-and-foot, she tips about 10 percent, sometimes as low as 8 percent."

Sean Penn

A source told the Bitter Waitress that actor Sean Penn, in addition to being a sketchy fellow, is also a miser when he dines out. "Sean Penn is in New Orleans filming and came into my restaurant with three other people," the insider wrote. "Waited on them hand and foot. The bill: $450.00. The tip: None. Cheapskate."

Kirsten Dunst

Fox News reports that Kirsten Dunst doesn't tip at all, with one restaurant manager noting, "Kirsten Dunst came through and ran up a $233 bill and left without even the smallest gratuity." Another Dunst server told Bitter Waitress, "She smelled badly. She wasn't even coherent. The guy she was with had to order for her."

Rachael Ray

A Redditor who dined next to TV cook and hostess Rachael Ray said her behavior wasn't exactly delicious. "She was really snippy with the bartender/waitress," the bystander said. "She took forever to tell the waitress what she wanted. When she finally got her food and they asked how it was, she just kind of motioned as if to say 'whatever.' I didn't see how much she tipped, but on her way out, someone asked for an autograph and she replied, 'Don't talk to me.'"

Another individual in a separate Reddit thread shared yet another horror story about the quick-cooking mogul. "I work in a 'hip' burger restaurant on a very popular street in Austin. Many celebrities have come in and most of them have been extremely warm and considerate. Rachael Ray, however, came in and acted [rude]," the commenter wrote. "A customer that was dining at the time wanted to buy her a drink so my coworker put in the drink order and brought it over to her. Rachael Ray gets all crazy celeb on her and goes, 'Does it look like I need a new drink right now?' Then, later, she shakes her freshly empty glass at my coworker and says, 'See how you can see the ice in my glass? Now I'm ready for a new drink.'"

Bobby Brown

A source told Bitter Waitress (via List of the Day) that Bobby Brown's prerogative is to not tip much, supposedly leaving only a $10 gratuity on a $250 bill. "He was rude and wanted special items that weren't on the menu," the server alleged. "His kids were so badly behaved, they dumped the sugar out of the package on the table while none of the adults paid any attention."

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone's basic instinct at restaurants is to be demanding and cheap, or so the story goes: "A friend of mine was working at the Jefferson Hotel in the restaurant in the Hotel when Sharon Stone came in. Of course everyone made a huge deal out of her and wanted to get her everything that she wanted," the insider told the Stained Apron. "She asked the waitress for Evian water. The waitress informed her that they didn't have that, but she would get her some water. Sharon Stone [threw] a fit [and] insisted. The manager made her run out and get the water for Ms. Stone. Then she left a terrible tip."

Gene Simmons

One server would rather not rock and roll all night with Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. "I worked [as] a server at a restaurant that he owns," a waitress told Reddit. "He was there for the grand opening...He selected me to be his 'VIP' server, meaning I had to over serve him and his friends a bunch of drinks and cheap food. The whole time he whistled at me to come over to take his order, didn't bother to learn my name, called me 'sugar boobs' twice, and ran me ragged...[and he] didn't tip me. Their comped bill was over $800."

Julia Roberts

Before she was famous herself, actress Julianna Margulies waited on Julia Roberts in New York City. She told David Letterman in 2010 that it wasn't a pleasant experience, but that Margulies later met Roberts at a Hollywood event and Roberts apologized profusely for her previous behavior.

Ron White

Comedian Ron White's tipping habits are no laughing matter. One source told Reddit, "Ron White had a show across the street from the bar I worked at in downtown Denver. He came in with his posse and some girls and asked if he could sit on the patio. I said yes and we proceeded to serve him for the next hour and a half...until last call. They were the only ones there and they racked up a hefty bill..I brought them the bill which was around $1,200, and they paid and left. When I picked it he had written '0' in the tip line...He didn't forget or mess it up, he WROTE zero."

Michael Strahan

Sounds like Kelly Ripa isn't the only person who has beef with Michael Strahan, one of the many celebrities who's served as her co-host on Live! One Reddit user explained, "I once waited on Michael Strahan working at California Pizza Kitchen...Gave the guy prompt, courteous service, never got intrusive, treated him as a regular person, checked on him once to make sure everything was cool, pretty much everything you need to do to make sure the customer has a nice dining experience while barely being there yourself. Gave stiff, one-word dullard responses the entire time and then left me about 5 percent tip as his thanks."