Stars Who Revealed The Rudest Celebs They Ever Met

Not every celebrity can say they hold the heartwarming title of "Hollywood's Nice Guy," like industry vet Tom Hanks and so-called "internet boyfriend" Keanu Reeves. On one side are the stars everyone loves working with, while the other boasts some of the most arrogant and shady of A-listers that popular peers simply can't stand. Somewhere in the middle are those famous faces who might hide behind the guise of their public persona, shaking hands, posing with fans, and never once taking off the PR mask they so cleverly wear. 

That being said, nobody's perfect and celebrities aren't machines. We all have bad days, slip-ups, and moments where we just don't want to be bothered. But if a celeb shares a rude encounter with another star, you best believe it'll be the talk of Tinseltown. While not everyone is petty enough to put all the people that have wronged them on full blast (yes, we mean Kim Kardashian's epic "burn book"), others have publicly let slip a few awkward run-ins they've had. Although our title shouldn't be taken literally in all cases, let's all gasp in wonder at some remarkably rude celebrity interactions — as dished by a handful of Hollywood's own elite.

James Corden was left 'shaken, not stirred' by this rude encounter

At first glance, you'd probably never think Pierce Brosnan could be a rude man. Between his sultry voice and dashing looks, the Irish actor won our hearts as James Bond in the late '90s. In more recent years, he's kept up the appearance of being a true gentleman. However, funnyman James Corden might beg to differ with this glowing reputation. 

In a headline-making segment of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" on The Late Late Show in 2017, guest Khloé Kardashian asked the British host about the rudest celeb he's ever met. "Pierce Brosnan," Corden revealed, but added, "I don't think he's a rude man, he just happened to be [to me]." The late-night star went on to claim, "I went to see U2 ... and Pierce Brosnan was with some friends here, and they left halfway through the gig to go off ... So me and my wife moved into this area. And literally ... this arm went on here and just pushed me out the way. And I looked at him like that, and he didn't even glance at me."

We never thought the actor best known as Agent 007 could allegedly be this harsh in real life, but as Corden put it, "Maybe he's just a bit f**king rude." Yikes.

Did Gene Simmons bully this TV star's mom?

Gene Simmons may look scary with all the makeup he wears as the bassist in KISS, but nobody would have thought he'd be ... rude to the elderly. Wait, what? 

It all started when Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet shared a series of texts from his mom, Jamey, on Instagram in 2014. "I think [Gene] Simmons is on my flight. Do you think I should go give him a kiss," she jokingly texted (via the Daily Mail), to which her famous son quipped, "Yes. With tongue." However, it wasn't long until Stonesteet publicly put Simmons and bandmate Paul Stanley on blast. "Gene tried to bully my mom out of her seat and when she said no, he said, 'it's ok, I just bought the plane' and then asked her for HER autograph," the actor claimed in a text-post on Twitter. Calling it a "d**k move," Stonestreet added, "I can't wait to run into you two old a** makeup wearing f**ks and tell you in person; you should have been nicer to my mom." Uh-oh.

Simmons denied the entire situation in a series of since-deleted tweets, which included the message: "LOOK, I HAVE A MOTHER, TOO." Meanwhile, Stanley squashed the beef by apologizing to the mother-son duo. As for Stonestreet? He thanked Stanley, adding, "I will tape my glow in the dark KISS posters back together."

These two celebs fought for their 'good' sides

Rumors surrounding Ariana Grande's alleged diva behavior have been swirling for years now. The pint-sized crooner even combated the claims in a 2014 appearance on the Australian radio show, Mike E & Emma. "That's not real, that's nonsense," Grande said (via the Toronto Sun). "My fans know who I am, my family knows who I am, my friends know who I am, and that's all that matters."

Someone who disagreed with Grande's claim? E! News correspondent Giuliana Rancic. "I think she does have a little bit of a diva thing going on," the TV host revealed around that time (via the Daily Mail). "I remember, I think it was at the AMAs, she came up on the platform, and normally I stand on this side [her left side] to the camera. I had to fight 13 years to get this side to the camera, it's my good side, but I fought 13 years for this, OK? Little Ariana comes over, I feel like 'bing,' elbow in my side, I'm like, 'What's going on?' And they push me to the other side."

While the thought of the two stars fighting for their good side may sound hilarious, we aren't surprised Grande won this round. After all, she has notoriously crooned, "I want it, I got it."

Valerie Bertinelli rubbed this rude 'genie in a bottle' the wrong way

Christina Aguilera has built quite the reputation for not being the friendliest person among Hollywood's elite. One celeb this pop star apparently rubbed the wrong way? One Day at a Time's own Valerie Bertinelli. 

TV host Andy Cohen asked Bertinelli to dish the dirt on what went on between the two starlets during a 2014 episode of Watch What Happens Live. While the actress clarified that she and Aguilera didn't have an all-out feud, the "Dirrty" singer did apparently snub her at one of ex-husband Eddie Van Halen's concerts. "I was a fan at that time," Bertinelli began, before alleging, "And I went up to her because she was at a Van Halen concert, and I said, 'Oh my God, I think you're a beautiful singer' ... And she just went like, 'Yeah, whatever.' She gave me the cold shoulder, and I thought, 'B**ch, I'm a fan. You can't be nice to me?"

After Cohen asked Bertinelli if she'd seen Aguilera since, the Hot in Cleveland star replied, "I have not, no. But you know what? She might have gotten better, but I heard she hasn't." Zing. 

Maybe don't bother Charlize Theron while she's working out

You probably shouldn't bother someone while they're in the middle of an intense workout sesh, but that's exactly what Sister, Sister alum Tia Mowry decided to do during one particular SoulCycle class. In 2014, the former child star recounted the time she was allegedly — and awkwardly — snubbed by one of her fave actresses, Charlize Theron. "She wasn't very nice to me," Mowry told In Touch. "I said, 'Hi,' and she actually rolled her eyes and said, 'Oh my God.' I wasn't over-the-top. I know how to approach another celebrity." 

Andy Cohen later decided to rehash the goss with Theron herself on an episode of Watch What Happens Live. "What a b**ch," the starlet joked when asked about the sitch. "No, I heard this story — did she really say it? Was it just written?" Once Cohen explained that the tale originated in a tabloid, Theron replied, "Oh, well, you can't go by that, right? I'm really nice at SoulCycle, actually, because once my endorphins kick in ... I'm actually almost too friendly." Ready to get to the bottom of this rumored feud, E! News caught up with Mowry, who finally cleared the air in 2017: "It was all blown out of proportion. I respect her. I think she's amazing." 

Discussing this song with Snow Patrol may lead to a rude hand gesture

Aussie radio host Em Rusciano has probably had her fair share of run-ins with rude celebrities. Considering it's part of her job to speak to A-listers, she surprisingly had no trouble narrowing down the rudest star she'd ever met.

"Easy, lead singer of Snow Patrol," she replied to a fan who'd asked on Instagram in 2018 (via Her story about an interview she and co-host Michael "Wippa" Wipfli conducted with Gary Lightbody made this piece of celeb gossip that much more amusing. "Wippa and I went to interview [the band] ... and they had that one big song on Grey's Anatomy ("Chasing Cars")," Rusciano explained. "We got told, 'Don't ask him about it because he gets angry' but we did because that's all anyone cared about," she continued, before holding up her middle finger and adding, "And he sat for the rest of the interview like this."

Perhaps we can chalk up the entire sitch to Lightbody having an off day, considering he gushed about the iconic track to BBC News years after this interview. "I still have a really deep relationship to that song," he said, adding, "It's a beautiful moment every time you play it." We're sure some Grey's Anatomy fans would agree with him there.

Jon Hamm may hold a grudge against a certain comedian

Kathy Griffin is no stranger to speaking her mind. The comedy veteran has often been called out and faced repercussions over her sometimes blunt portrayal of fellow celebs. "I tell the real stuff," she told Salon in 2018. "And there's some serious parts, like the death threats." Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped Griffin from telling it like it is, such as dishing all her hot celeb secrets in her book, Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins. One star she couldn't say anything positive about? Actor Jon Hamm

"You'll never convince me to like Jon Hamm," Griffin wrote in 2016, before recounting an alleged tale of an ill-fated dinner party (via Us Weekly). "Hammy showed up ... He even said to me, 'What are you doing here?' I said ... 'What are you doing here?'" If you're not cringing yet, she explained that while talking to Jack Nicholson later on, an intoxicated Hamm reportedly started whispering in her ear: "First it was, 'You know your Emmy isn't a real Emmy' ... then he whispered, 'You're so o-o-o-old.'" 

Considering the fact that Hamm previously told GQ that he realized his popular Mad Men character, Don Draper, is a bad dude yet he "lives with the guy every day," perhaps he was taking one too many pointers from his on-screen alter ego.

Jon Stewart banned this rude celeb from The Daily Show

Jon Stewart was the legendary host of The Daily Show for 16 years, during which he made audiences laugh, cry, and often got political — all while maintaining the perfect balance needed for every situation. For the most part, he was able to handle everything thrown at him, except for one seemingly unbearable celeb who was banned from the comedian's studio: actor Hugh Grant.

In 2012, Stewart spoke with fellow late-night host and bestie Stephen Colbert at a Q&A in New Jersey, and revealed that while The Daily Show's guests have sometimes included "dictators," it was Grant who was "giving everyone s**t the whole time, and he's a big pain in the a**" (via Third Beat Magazine). While promoting his new film at the time, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, the movie star openly griped about the clip chosen to run on the show. "What is that clip? It's a terrible clip," Grant angrily asked, to which the host shot back, "Well, then make a better f**king movie." Awkward! 

So, what did Grant have to say about this? To his credit, he took to Twitter with some self-deprecating humor: "Turns out my inner crab got the better of me with TV producer in 09. Unforgivable. J Stewart correct to give me kicking."

Chamillionaire had a rude experience with Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is considered the G.O.A.T. in the history of the NBA. Unfortunately, it seems the legendary player's intensity on the court has sometimes translated off of it, as well — which huge fan and rapper Chamillionaire realized following an alleged incident with the basketball giant in 2009. "I had saw Michael Jordan taking pictures with girls ... I was like 'Man, this is just that one moment ... I'm gonna ask Mike for a picture,'" he told fans on Ustream. "I kind of expected him to say no, so I wasn't mad if he said no. But the way he said it? He said, 'Oh hell nah, man! I ain't taking no pictures with no n****s.'" Don't worry, we're completely wide-eyed, too.

The story obviously picked up steam at the time, even among ESPN, which noted, "There's also widespread support for the idea that Jordan is no saint ... [we] can't help but wonder if the public perception of Jordan is shifting." As for No. 23 himself? Jordan seemingly decided to prove Chamillionaire's claims wrong, as years later, he was seen posing with fellow rap artist 2 Chainz in an Instagram snap.

Lea Michele accidentally made a 13-year-old Hailee Steinfeld cry

If you're an A-list celeb, you should probably avoid being rude to an up-and-comer on the rise. Cue 13-year-old Hailee Steinfeld, who was en route home after a successful audition in December 2009. "When I was auditioning for True Grit, I was on the Paramount lot," she later told J-14 (via the Daily Mail). The future Pitch Perfect starlet continued, "Glee also films on the lot and I love that show. I saw Lea Michele just walking to her trailer ... So I walked up to her and asked for her autograph, but she walked by and a guy came and said, 'Sorry, now's not a good time!' I was so sad! I was practically crying on the way home." Aww!

Michele later told Gossip Cop (via Just Jared), "I heard Hailee was upset and feel terrible. The Glee schedule is so jam-packed that the PA probably pulled me so that I wouldn't be late to set. I never meant to hurt her feelings. She's an extraordinary talent and I look forward to meeting her one day." Squash their unsettling first meeting she did, as the two actresses met once again at the 2011 SAG Awards just weeks later — where Michele took the time to pose for a photo with Steinfeld.

Jennifer Lawrence admitted she's one rude celeb

Jennifer Lawrence has been considered by many to be Hollywood's quirky "It Girl" for years. She's the one who always speaks her mind, tends to fall in public, and is just generally viewed as super relatable by her fans. But is this Oscar winner starting to take her fame for granted?

Lawrence sat down with Adam Sandler in 2017 for Variety's Actors on Actors series, where the duo discussed the negative aspects of fans sometimes not respecting their personal space. "Once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude," the actress dished. "I turn into a huge a**hole." Explaining that it's her way of defending herself, she added, "[They say], 'Can I have a selfie?' and I'm like, 'No!'" Yikes!

While Sandler awkwardly laughed at the remark, he then tried offering up his own two cents to the young starlet. "I don't shut 'em down," he said. "My new move has been that works alright when it's an older guy ... I say, 'You don't want that, man.'" Nevertheless, the damage was seemingly done. At the time of this writing in 2019, the YouTube video has 3,600 likes, but also holds a whopping 9,700 dislikes — presumably by some fans who were rubbed the wrong way.