The Truth About The Alaskan Bush People's Accents

The Brown family, documented on the Discovery Channel's series Alaskan Bush People, has delighted and fascinated fans for years, with viewers getting to watch the clan navigate the uncharted territories of Alaska's deep wilderness. Although the family has since relocated to Washington, there are still plenty of run-ins with wildlife and unpredictable storms. And, if we're honest, it's the Browns themselves that are the most exciting part of the show, whether it's relationship drama between Bear Brown and his ex-fiancee, Raiven Adams or matriarch Ami Brown's fight to survive cancer.

These stories have kept many fans glued to the tube, and as interest has grown in the family, one thing has struck viewers as unusual: the Brown's accents. To catch everyone up to speed, In Touch Weekly pointed out that parents Billy and Ami grew up in Texas and so they have a southern accent. However, their brood all speak in a very particular way. Some fans have called the Browns' accent "old-fashioned," as In Touch noted, while others think there's a more serious, medical element to it. 

So what does the Brown clan have to say about the comments? Keep reading to find out all the details.

The Brown family sounds off on the accent speculation

Fans of Alaskan Bush People have noticed the particular accent that the Brown family has, specifically the children. As In Touch Weekly noted, fans have been asking about it online since the show premiered in 2014.

Some have noted that there's an "old-fashioned" quality to the Brown family's accent and wondered if it is because of their remote lifestyle and the fact that the Brown family has chosen to remove itself from civilization. Others have wondered if the accent is a speech impediment "that has been passed down from the oldest child to the youngest and has not been addressed by medical professionals because of the family's way of life," per In Touch Weekly.

On a similar note, some Reddit users wondered if the Brown children's accents come from a supposed "combination of dental problems and a lack of social interaction,"(via Distractify.)

The Brown family addressed the chatter in a Discovery clip available on YouTube. Patriarch Billy Brown said, "We never realized that anybody in the family had an accent... I don't guess we heard it." Bear Brown added, "I don't hear anyone in my family to have an accent."

Brown family daughters Snowbird (AKA: Birdy) and Rainy Brown both acknowledged it too, saying that they listen for it but can't hear it. Talking about the accent, Birdy turned to Rainy and laughed, "I hope it's cool." So at least the Brown kids aren't too worried!