The Untold Truth Of Brad Pitt's Rumored Girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski

As one of Hollywood's perennial heartthrobs, actor Brad Pitt's relationship status continues to occupy the tabloid headlines, drawing fans in with salacious details about the star's latest alleged hookup. But if the rumors are true this time, then Angelina Jolie's former husband is officially off-the-market once again. According to photos and details obtained by Entertainment Tonight, an eyewitness saw Pitt and model Nicole Poturalski arrive at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport separately. From there, they traveled to Paris–Le Bourget Airport where they boarded a private jet headed for the South of France.

"They were very low-key and entered the plane quickly," the eyewitness noted. Yet, while the photos are merely speculative, inside sources claimed to In Touch that the 27-year-old German beauty and the 56-year-old Inglourious Basterds actor are absolutely dating. "Not only has Brad fallen for her beauty; Nicole is young, carefree, fun to be around and intelligent," the source said. "Brad feels Nicole is a breath of fresh air."

While Pitt admitted he doesn't "go out of [his] way to avoid" the stories that circulate about him and his love life, he debunked recent rumors while in conversation with the New York Times magazine. "I don't know how many women they've said I've been dating the last two or three years," Pitt said in December 2019. "And none of it's true." Yet, while neither Pitt nor Poturalski have confirmed their relationship to the media, the model might've been hinting at their love on Instagram for months now.

Did Nicole Poturalski drop hints about dating Brad Pitt on Instagram?

Before the coronavirus pandemic, actor Brad Pitt was linked to Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat. However, the actress quashed dating rumors by telling Vulture she and Pitt are "just friends." Of course, Shawkat's response makes sense when you consider that model Nicole Poturalski has been (maybe) dropping hints about her unnamed "love" on Instagram months prior to her French excursion with Pitt.

"Missing my strolls with my Love," Poturalski captioned a photo of herself on the streets of Los Angeles in February 2020. "Saturdays these days for me is self reflection, reading books spending time with my better half," she wrote in March. Have she and Pitt been secretly dating all throughout quarantine?

Poturalski's Instagram also revealed the German Elle cover model is mother to son Emil, whom she referred to as her "best friend." And as the Daily Mail highlighted, her love for kids extends beyond her own circle, as she shared calls for kindness to all in an Instagram Story in March. "I truly believe we need change. Black Lives Matter. Children's lives matter," Poturalski said. "Abused children can't protest. They can't connect with others. They can't raise their voice cause nobody hears them. It's on US YOUNG PEOPLE. EDUCATE and watch out for your younger fellow humans... Be kind to anyone and your best. I will do the same."

Whether she's involved with Pitt or not, it's clear Poturalski is more than just another pretty face!