The Untold Truth Of Black Ink Crew's Liliana Barrios

After the success of VH1's Black Ink Crew in January 2013, it wasn't long after its successor Black Ink Crew: Chicago was right around the corner. In October 2015, the Chicago, Ill.-based sequel followed the talented artists in the tattoo shop 9Mag and all the drama that went down. Though there was plenty of drama going on in the shop, the chaos flowed outside of the shop and followed the tattoo artists into their personal lives. For six seasons, fans got to see their faves navigate personal strife with their families and romantic relationship complications. 

Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Liliana Barrios — who was a recurring cast member between Seasons 2 and 5 — got into a bit of relationship controversy following her run on the popular show, which led to a physical situation with her ex-girlfriend and subsequent arrest. Let's take a look into what really went down off-camera.

Liliana Barrios caught her girlfriend in a sticky situation

In July 2020, TMZ first broke the story that Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Liliana Barrios was arrested for assault and bodily injury on a cohabitant. According to the exclusive, Barrios reportedly caught her girlfriend in bed with another woman in their apartment in San Antonio, Texas on June 3. The San Antonio Police Department officers on the scene alleged that Barrios pushed her girlfriend, which led to a violent fight that allegedly resulted in scratches to the woman's neck and arm and bite marks on her right leg. Police reported that the reality star was "the aggressor" and "intentionally and knowingly caused bodily injury." 

Page Six reached out to Barrios for comment via an Instagram direct message to which she replied, "All I know is that story is made up." When the publication asked for additional information, the Ink Crew star said, "I just called my lawyer. i have no comment rn." Whether true or not, as of August 2020, Barrios has not further commented on the incident. 

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