An Expert's Breakdown Of Tiffany Trump's Body Language At The RNC

While it's rare to see President Donald Trump's youngest daughter in the political spotlight, Tiffany Trump took to the podium on the second night of the 2020 Republican National Convention to show support for her dad's election campaign, just as she did in 2016. "Since speaking at the Republican Convention four years ago, so much has changed for the world, for our country, and for my family," Tiffany said, per C-SPAN. She then urged viewers to "transcend political boundaries" and "make judgment based on results and not rhetoric."

"Our nation suffers by inhibiting our diversity of thought and inclusion of ideas. Working together outside of our political comfort zones will accomplish so much more," she said. "Think what you want, seek out the truth, learn from those with different opinions, and then freely make your voice heard to the world."

Tiffany also implored listeners to "see beyond the facade that so many other politicians employ" as they "mask themselves in disguises of decency as they try to pressure us to mask our own identities and beliefs." Yet, Tiffany's behavior might act as its own sort of mask, according to body language expert Dr. Renée Carr, a psychologist as well as a political and corporate advisor. Carr told The List that Tiffany's actions indicate that she doesn't fully believe in or support all the claims she made on-stage.

Despite her lack of total authenticity, however, it's safe to say that Tiffany's definitely a "daddy's girl" who will stand by her father and family as they face continued public scrutiny.

Tiffany Trump views her dad as her 'protector and provider'

During her RNC speech, Tiffany Trump drew upon her own experiences to connect with fellow students who graduated during the coronavirus pandemic — she graduated from Georgetown Law School in 2020, per Vanity Fair. Body language expert Dr. Renée Carr told The List that the only child of Donald Trump and Marla Maples demonstrated "true sentiment for her family and that they have indeed experienced several changes during her father's presidency — all of which were not pleasant." There's no denying how Tiffany feels about the press.

For example, Tiffany "cringes her nose and forehead in exasperation when telling of 'only one viewpoint is acceptable,'" Carr explained, and "she sighs at the end of this statement as further communication of her frustration with the media." In essence, she "truly does not think her father or family has been treated fairly in the media." But as Carr noted, whenever Tiffany wished to evoke empathy from the crowd, she'd widen her eyes, like a "puppy or child suddenly having wide eyes when asking for a treat."

"The use of widening eyes when talking to another person from which you want something is often a technique used to evoke the sympathy from whom the request is being made," Carr added, which might also indicate that Tiffany's "likely ... a 'daddy's girl' and very much catered to by her father. ... She likely views him as her greatest protector and provider."

However, while the emotions Tiffany conveyed were seemingly genuine, her speech wasn't entirely sincere.

Tiffany Trump's 'condescending' behavior conveys 'dishonesty'

Although Tiffany Trump's RNC speech was intended to motivate voters and connect with her dad's base, President Donald Trump's youngest daughter's body language hinted that she wasn't being entirely honest with her audience. As Dr. Renée Carr told The List, when Tiffany mentioned "our generation is unified" and "what type of country we want to live in," the socialite looked "up and to the right which indicates she does not truly believe she is part of the cohort," Carr explained. "Instead, she may perceive herself as similar in age and career development, but not as 'same' in qualifications or opportunities; nor does she attribute sameness to herself when saying 'country WE want.'"

Carr also highlighted that Tiffany "repeatedly looks to the side or down when talking," which can signal "dishonesty or less than 100 percent authenticity." According to Carr, Tiffany purposely avoids eye contact so no one will detect that she's not being completely honest. "She first does this when saying 'I can relate to so many of you who might be looking for a job,'" Carr added. "She also does this when saying: 'based on results,' 'keeps people mentally enslaved,' 'why are we prevented from seeing certain information,' 'diversity of ideas,' [and] 'we believe in freedom of expression.'"

Carr also emphasized that "she exhibits condescending body language," and "her hands push out when stating 'all faiths,'" which might indicate that "she may not truly believe in the support of 'all' faiths."