The Truth About Briana DeJesus And Luis Hernandez

Things have not been easy for Teen Mom 2 stars Briana DeJesus and Luis Hernandez, but now they seem to be over for good. 

Briana was a latecomer to Teen Mom 2, joining in 2017, and she also appeared in Teen Mom 3 and Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn. She has two kids, Nova Star, who was born in 2011 with her ex-boyfriend DeVoin Austin II, and baby Stella Star, born in 2017 with Luis, which means that her relationship with Luis has been a focus on Teen Mom 2 since she arrived on the show. 

Briana and Luis have had a whirlwind romance — they met at a club, per In Touch Weekly, and Briana got pregnant very quickly afterward. She regretted her pregnancy at the time, saying, "I should have been on birth control, that's for sure. I didn't think I would end up getting pregnant again, so I didn't bother getting on birth control." Briana added that she even considered abortion, because she didn't know Luis very well. Still, he promised he would be there for her, and he was... until Briana found out he had cheated on her, and she dumped him. Since then, they've been co-parenting Stella together. And hooking up now and again. 

Briana said she got an STD from Luis

Things might be finally over between Briana DeJesus and Luis Hernandez. Before Season 10 of Teen Mom 2 premiered in September 2020, Briana told People that the season will show her dealing with being diagnosed with an STD that Luis reportedly transmitted to her during an unplanned hookup. 

Briana told the outlet, "Everything happened really fast. Did I think I would end up sleeping with Luis again? Absolutely not." She said that she was embarrassed that the MTV cameras were there to catch her at a less than desirable moment, but that ultimately she could serve as an example for other people out there who might be nervous about getting tested. 

"My mental health wasn't there and I did something that I regret, but I ended up catching an STD and I didn't think anything of it. I thought maybe letting MTV film this personal experience would be a learning experience for others, to teach others that it's okay to get tested and it's okay to talk about it. And that kind of bit me in the ass because something came up positive in my test results and they definitely filmed it all," Briana said. 

Briana didn't want this season of Teen Mom 2 to air

According to the Ashley Reality Round Up, Briana DeJesus tweeted and then deleted some sentiments about the then-upcoming Season 10 of Teen Mom 2. She reportedly wrote, "This season will be trash for me. I cannot take it. Ready for everything to be over with... I'm praying it won't even air but whatever, it's out of my hands now anyway." 

In an Instagram Story from November cited by the outlet, Briana put Luis Hernandez on blast for reportedly giving her gonorrhea, which is treatable with antibiotics. Briana reportedly wrote, "If you f**ked my bald baby daddy in the last two years– go get checked cause he got the clap!" Given that Nova's father is Devoin Austin, who has a full head of hair, fans assumed she was talking about Stella's dad, Luis. Luis has not commented on the allegations at the time of this writing. 

It's been a long road for the couple, and while an STD doesn't have to be a dealbreaker or the end of a relationship, it sounds like for now, Briana and Luis are done for good. Hopefully just not when it comes to co-parenting their daughter.