The Truth About Jeffree Star And Andre Marhold's Relationship

If there's one thing makeup artist Jeffree Star can't do outside of producing content for YouTube and promoting his line of cosmetics, it's keeping his name out of controversy. Just eight months after announcing his split from longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, the 34-year-old beauty mogul is making headlines after going public with his new basketball beau Andre Marhold.

Marhold made his first appearance on Star's Instagram account on Aug. 22, 2020, holding Star in his lap while also covering his own face. It wasn't long before the internet's finest detectives were able to identify Marhold by his visible arm tattoos. One Twitter user uploaded a photo comparing the tattoos with the caption: "Andre Marhold this you." Since then, Star has continued to post photos of himself and Marhold — eventually with Marhold's face revealed.

Between constant Twitter clapbacks and negative reactions, their rumored relationship has been quite tumultuous. Here's everything that you need to know about Star and Marhold's relationship.

Who is Andre Marhold?

Jeffree Star's new man is not your Average Joe. Andre Marhold, the professional basketball player, got his start playing for Duquesne University from 2009 to 2013, and he now plays overseas for Germany's Giessen 46ers as a small forward. Barstool Sports described the Pittsburgh, Penn. native's career as "below average." According to Real GM, Marhold entered the 2013 NBA Draft, but when he was not drafted, Marhold began his international basketball career in Austria, where he played nine games with the SKN St. Pölten team. In June 2014, Marhold signed with the 46ers.

Since the news of his supposed relationship with Star, his Instagram account toggles between public and private settings. In his bio, he claims to be the CEO of Belle Agency, which appears to be an independent modeling agency. While he has not posted anything addressing the relationship claims, he's not afraid of being visible on Star's popular feed. From photos and videos posted by Star, the two clearly enjoy each other's company.

Andre Marhold's exes spoke out against his relationship with Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold have received tons of backlash for being together. Online critics claim Star is paying Marhold to be his boyfriend, including one of Marhold's exes, the Atlanta-based makeup artist Lauren a.k.a. Lo. She openly expressed her distaste for her ex's possible new relationship via Twitter: "My ex on The Shade Room for f**king Jeffree Starr is not how I planned to start my day."

In his own series of tweets, Star denied the rumors. "I know it's devastating news for some people, but I don't give money to anyone I'm dating or anyone who is f**king me," he wrote. "Work on your own insecurities sis, I'm not the problem." Lo later fired back, "Well you should tell the people you're f**king not to send me sexual videos from your home. And I'm not your sis...not sure you're the same species."

Emmanuella "Leezy" Chartol, Marhold's ex and mother to his 1-year-old son, also chimed in on his relationship. Chartol was supposedly unaware of Marhold's relationship with Star until it hit the news. In a series of now-deleted Instagram posts, Chartol described how the new relationship has "devastated" their family. In an interview with N'Style Atlanta, Chartol added that she was still in a relationship with Marhold upon hearing the news of his relationship with Star, claiming, "I did not know what he was doing. He told me he was going [to LA] for a tour."

Jeffree Star faced additional backlash for his racist comments

Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold's relationship has raised eyebrows for many of his critics due to Star's previous racist comments. Star's biggest controversies stem from his reported usage of racial slurs, as well as "joking" about throwing acid on a Black woman to lighten their skin in earlier years. In 2017, Star apologized for the "joke" and described his past comments as "disgusting, vile, and nasty."

Several of his previous beauty influencer peers, including Kat Von D and Jackie Aina, have described Star as a "racist" and a "liar." In 2018, his former hair stylist Daved Anthony Munoz leaked text messages reportedly proving that Star still uses the N-word. Munoz also exposed screenshots that suggest Star called Aina a "gorilla."

Star's detractors believe that his relationship with Marhold was born out of mutual benefit for both parties. Outside of suggesting Marhold is with Star for financial gain, critics also believe Star may be using Marhold to clean up his racist past. One Twitter user commented, "U can stop now Jeffree... we get it, you're dating a black man to boost your image. Good for you."

While it is unclear how long Star and Marhold have been romantically linked, there is no telling what their true intentions are. Was this all some sort of publicity stunt? We'll just have to hang around and watch their relationship unfold.