Ramona Singer's Feuds With Cast Members From Other Bravo Shows

Say what you will about Ramona Singer, but there's no denying her Real Housewives of New York City legacy. For starters, she's the only original RHONY cast member who has managed to secure a full-time spot on the show for 12 seasons. Yes, Luann de Lesseps has been in the mix the whole time, too, but she was demoted to a part-time role for Season 6. Singer, on the other hand, has never been a "Friend of Housewives." And for all 12 seasons, she's butted heads with all of her co-stars, and her willingness to mix it up is part of why she has lasted so long as a Housewife. 

Singer is not one to shy away from tossing rude remarks at her own co-stars, and she's also offended a number of stars from other Bravo shows over the years. She has gone back and forth with other members of the Bravo Cinematic Universe during talk show appearances, in interviews, at events, on social media, and so on. Most of the time, it seems like Singer doesn't realize she is rubbing people the wrong way. Not only that, but she appears to be less than concerned with remembering who some people are, even if she has "met" them many times over.

When it comes to inter-Bravo conflicts, the Queen of Turtle Time has quite the résumé. Let's buckle up and hop on the Ramonacoaster. It's time to break down some of her standout feuds with her fellow Bravolebrities.

Ramona Singer and Vicki Gunvalson battled for the crown

Original The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Vicki Gunvalson did not appreciate it when Ramona Singer claimed The Real Housewives of New York City "put Bravo on the map." During a Watch What Happens Live episode in 2018, Singer told Andy Cohen that RHONY "made Housewives popular. She also claimed that "No one knew about Orange County," even though, as Cohen noted, RHOC came first. 

When Cohen mentioned Singer's remarks to the OG of the OC the following week, Gunvalson said, "Oh no, she just didn't. I gotta adjust my crown." She continued, "I started it 14 years ago. My show."

The two addressed the matter at BravoCon 2019, and yes, there was lots of screaming. "I put you on the map!" Gunvalson yelled at Singer multiple times, to which Ramona simply said, "No." Gunvalson claimed that she's the reason The Real Housewives exists, and Singer countered with a list of outlets that covered the RHONY series premiere. "No one knew what Bravo was until New York Housewives," she said. After they argued for a good few minutes, Cohen determined their beef would not be squashed.

And their feud rages on. In May 2020, Gunvalson referred to Singer as "big eyes" on Instagram Live (via Us Weekly) before adding, "She thinks she founded the Housewives and she didn't. I did." That said, Singer is still a Housewife; Gunvalson and RHOC parted ways before Season 15 following a demotion.

Ramona Singer booted Gizelle Bryant from a photo

In July 2019, a video Ramona Singer kicking The Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant out of group photo circulated around the internet. When PeopleTV's Reality Check asked Bryant about the moment, she said Singer "saw [her] coming" and "started running" away. Bryant continued, "So I was like, 'What is wrong with this woman? She's insane.'" Bryant said Singer apologized that same day "because everybody yelled at her for doing what she did."

In a HollywoodLife interview, Bryant shared that the aforementioned video "was actually like a snippet of really everything that happened." She also noted that she "wasn't offended" when Singer kicked her out of the photo, but did not like that her daughter was there to witness the incident.  When HollywoodLife asked Robyn Dixon about the interaction, Bryant's RHOP co-star slammed Singer as a "mean sorority sister." She also said the story "wasn't surprising because I've heard of this kind of shady behavior and not so nice behavior from her before." 

At BravoCon 2019, Singer apologized for hurting Bryant's feelings, but Bryant did not accept the limp olive branch. Bryant assured Singer her feelings were not hurt, Singer insisted she was trying to say she was sorry, Bryant told Singer her actions were rude, and Singer ultimately rescinded her apology.

"She's wrong, I'm right," Singer declared. It's safe to assume that Bryant will not make the cut the next time Singer gathers her "50 closest friends" for an event.

Dolores Catania says Ramona Singer is 'rude'

As The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans know, former spouses Frank and Dolores Catania are two of the most amicable exes in Real Housewives history. And when someone messes with Frank? The RHONJ star has his back, especially when that someone is Ramona Singer. In a 2019 interview with Life & StyleDolores accused Singer of refusing to take a photo with Frank when they both appeared on a Watch What Happens Live episode. Dolores told the outlet Singer "acts like she doesn't know anyone, even if she knows them." The Jersey Housewife went on to say that taking photos with people is part of their job as reality television personalities, and "without those people, you don't have a job, Ramona. You're nobody, a nothing." And then, Dolores warned, "So next time somebody asks you to take a picture in front of the step-and-repeat at the Clubhouse, when it's Frank Catania standing there, you f**kin' better do it."

Dolores and Singer attempted to hash things out in front of a crowd at BravoCon later that year. Singer shrugged, "I don't like taking photos. Sorry." Dolores pointed out the obvious: "Then you shouldn't be in the business! What are you doing here? These people are here for you!" 

Singer finally admitted, "I've now learned when I'm doing a public event, I need to take the photos and I'm wrong for not taking them." Dolores clapped and laughed. And then, the two hugged.

Ramona Singer took some swings at Lisa Vanderpump

No one does a one-sided feud quite like Ramona Singer. When chatting with Jerry O'Connell in January 2019, Singer dissed Lisa Vanderpump for missing Andy Cohen's baby shower, calling her "Lisa Vanderbilt." When he pointed out that Lisa's last name is actually Vanderpump, Singer remarked, "Whatever, Vander-something, who cares? Lisa didn't show up." 

Cohen's baby shower guest list included almost every Real Housewife, as well as his BFF John Mayer. However, Vanderpump was in Las Vegas that day, hard at work putting together her newest establishment, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, which she documented on her Instagram

That same year, Singer took another swipe at Vanderpump. When Singer revealed on Instagram that she was getting "a new and improved smile," a fan, as All About the Real Housewives reported, commented, "Uh oh get ready for LVP chompers." Rather than leave the snarky comment be, Singer replied, "No, they will be nothing like hers. They will be natural." Ouch.

When Vanderpump's exit from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came up in a July 2019 interview with PeopleTV, Singer called her "a great personality." She continued, "I have a thick skin and I think that's why [I've been] on for so long." Singer added that she's able to "get over [it] when somebody gets upset with" her, and then suggested she wouldn't say the same about Vanderpump. "I think Lisa, there's so many things [that] happened this season, she just couldn't get over [them]," she said.

Margaret Josephs says Ramona Singer's bad with fans

Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Margaret Josephs praised Ramona Singer during an August 2018 interview with The Daily Dish, gushing, "I was super excited to meet her and she was everything I wanted her to be: funny, adorable, beautiful." Unfortunately, that favorable impression was short-lived. Josephs opened up about the Real Housewives of New York City veteran on the Out in the Wild podcast (via Hollywood Life) in March 2020. Josephs remarked, "I feel she's not good to the fans. She says she doesn't like to take pictures. I think you have to have a certain humility being on a TV show. I think we would not be on TV if it wasn't for fans." Josephs also said that while "it's not that she's not nice" to her, Singer "goes hot and cold." 

Josephs also backed up her co-star's beef with the Ramonster. Referring to Dolores Catania's comments about Frank Catania's interaction with Singer, Josephs shared, "I love what Dolores [Catania] said to her, 'don't be on a show if you're not gonna take pictures.'" Joesphs described Singer's antics at "unacceptable" and warned her to "be good to people." 

Josephs even gave Singer's friendship with RHONJ's Melissa Gorga a healthy side-eye, claiming that "Ramona loves her because she's gorgeous" and "Ramona loves probably Melissa more than Melissa loves Ramona." Apparently, Gorga means something to Singer since she is one of the few people Singer actually agrees to take photos with. 

Ramona Singer mentioned Brandi Glanville's 'injectables'

When HollywoodLife asked Ramona Singer about former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville's revelation that she "bought herself a new vagina" in 2013, she replied, "Well, I'm known to give TMI, but I think that's a little too much too. I mean, Brandi, I know you're beautiful, but hello. Zip it a little bit." A year later, Tamara Tattles reported Glanville described Singer as "bat sh*t crazy" during a Steve Harvey interview.

Naturally, Singer was asked about Glanville's diss on Watch What Happens Live in 2015 (via Reality Tea). The RHONY veteran seemed thrown off by it, sharing that when she and Glanville had dinner in Los Angeles a year prior, she thought Glanville was a "a very calm, lovely lady." She went on to say Glanville seemed "very nice," adding, "I'm really shocked she said that because actually I'm an extremely intelligent woman. I put myself through college, I'm very entrepreneurial."

And then, she threw in a Singer Stinger: "She has a lot of injectables, oh my God!" Hey, in Glanville's defense, which Real Housewives cast member has not had a lot of injectables

The ex Beverly Hills Housewife watched that interview and tweeted a screenshot of text messages Singer apparently sent her, writing, "@ramonasinger hypocrite much? @Andy please tell crack head to stop texting me!!" And that was that. Maybe they resolved their differences? Or they just moved on to feuding with other Housewives instead.

Mercedes Javid says Ramona Singer is 'awful'

It's not just Real Housewives cast members who've felt slighted by Ramona Singer. Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes "MJ" Javid has had some choice words for Singer as well. On a 2018 episode of The Tomorrow Show, Javid said most of the Housewives are "really down to earth." The key word being "most."

The Shahs of Sunset star straight up said, "Ramona's awful." Echoing her fellow Bravolebrities' statements, she claimed Singer is "really rude to people." Javid's interacted with the RHONY cast member several times in person, including when the Bravo Network shot promotional commercials for "Summer by Bravo." Recalling their time on the set, Javid explained, "It's become kind of a comedic thing now where she doesn't acknowledge people. She sees everyone as beneath her."

"She doesn't remember anyone's name who she's met a million times," Javid continued. "I mean, I think that sucks, you know?" Javid wasn't kidding about Singer being bad with names. On a July 2020 Watch What Happens Live episode, Andy Cohen quizzed Singer on the names of famous people she's met. It didn't go well.

On the aforementioned Tomorrow Show episode, Javid rhetorically asked, "When do you ever want to make someone feel like sh*t who ranks in some sort of professional lower tier? Like, you want to lift those people up." Ironically, one of Singer's most-quoted RHONY scenes was when she accused Bethenny Frankel of not "supporting other women."

Ramona Singer says Patti Stanger 'likes to be relevant'

Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger loves spilling tea about other people's relationships. During a 2015 Watch What Happens Live appearance, a fan asked if she picked up on "any warning signs [in] Mario [Singer] and Ramona [Singer]'s relationship," and wow, did she have a story. The Bravo alum claimed she was "there the night that [Mario] cheated" on Ramona. She divulged, "Yeah, me and Jill [Zarin], in the Hamptons, I saw the whole thing go down." Stanger went on to say that she assumed "they swung a little."

She told Andy Cohen, "I saw him pick the girl, at a certain person's house, you probably know, and it was a big dinner party. And we just came for dessert and I watched this and I was like sober and everybody else wasn't." She theorized that Mario "had like [a] mid-life crisis going on."

When Ramona was on WWHL weeks later, a viewer asked about Stanger's comments. The New York Housewife wouldn't even let the fan finish asking the question before she admitted, "I know what she said." Then, she insisted, "You know what, and none of it's true. And you know what, I just almost wanted to call her and say, like, 'What the heck are you saying?' But I said, 'You know what, I'm not doing that.' I think she's like a little bit like Jill. She likes to be relevant in the press by using other people."

Kim DePaola called Ramona Singer 'disrespectful'

Ramona Singer also has rubbed some supporting cast members the wrong way. Kim DePaola, who is known as "Kim D" to The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans, came on the show as Teresa Giudice's right-hand woman. (Their friendship eventually soured.) She also happened to have it out for Giudice's frenemy/sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. And what do you know, the woman behind the Posche Fashion Show is also not a fan of Gorga's pal Singer. In fact, DePaola was quick to name The Real Housewives of New York City star as her "least favorite" Real Housewives cast member during an interview with Domenick Nati in March 2019.

Nati barely got the question out before DePaola said, "Oh, god, yeah, very easy: Ramona Singer." She said they've met and called her "so rude." The Friend of Housewives said, "Who has money, who doesn't have money, it doesn't matter. We're all the same, but she really looks down on people and is really disrespectful and sticks her nose up to everyone and, uh, yeah, she's definitely one hundred percent... she might even be even with Teresa. She's not very nice and she's not very friendly."

There's a decent chance Singer doesn't know who DePaola is, considering her track record with names. Regardless, DePaola's account lines up with many Bravo stars' experiences with Singer. Love her or loathe her, Singer always keeps things interesting and that's why she's the Real Housewives OG who's stuck around the longest.