The Real Reason Behind Dorinda Medley And Tinsley Mortimer's Feud

If you heard some rumblings outside your window in early September 2020, it might have been millions of Bravo fans collectively gasping and texting their BFFs about The Real Housewives of New York City reunion, in which the real reason behind Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer's bizarre feud was revealed. Turns out — it wasn't so bizarre or out of nowhere after all, but one thing is for sure: Dorinda really has some explaining to do about her behavior throughout Season 12 and the rest of the reunion. Everything, including Dorinda's departure from the show for the upcoming season, and Dorinda's split with her longtime boyfriend, John Mahdessian, makes a lot more sense now. 

It's not like anyone was actually hurting each other during Season 12, but Dorinda was all up on Tinsley from the very beginning, which seemed off, since they had always appeared to get along. Something between these two had shifted, because instead of trading niceties, Dorinda mocked Tinsley for not being open about her renewed relationship with Scott Kluth and for wanting so badly to be pregnant. Why the bad blood?

Here's the real reason behind Dorinda and Tinsley's tense dynamic.

Tinsley Mortimer and Dorinda Medley fought all season

Tinsley Mortimer left in the middle of filming The Real Housewives of New York City in November 2019, because she and Scott Kluth finally got engaged and she moved to Chicago. Apparently that didn't go over well with co-star Dorinda Medley because in the Season 12 finale, it seemed even the mere mention of Tinsley leaving the show irked Dorinda. Was Dorinda just bitter about Tinsley chasing her happily ever after? 

Turns out, the real reason for Dorinda's anger is much more complicated. During The Real Housewives of New York City reunion, Tinsley blamed the bad blood on a tense moment that transpired off-camera during Season 11. Tinsley apparently told Dorinda that Scott had given money to Dorinda's ex, John Mahdessian, and that information prompted a "horrific fight that was not on camera." 

"The producers did not want me to stay in the house that night because you were going so crazy," Tinsley claimed. "They were worried for my safety. You turned on me that moment when you found out John had that money." 

Bravo producers also shared some previously unaired footage of Dorinda chewing out John. "You don't run game behind my back, ever," she said (via People). "...When I say to you don't do something, you better f***ing well listen." 

This is some very Upper East Side drama, right? We probably haven't heard the last of it, but at least we finally understand what transpired between the wifies. As Tinsley told Dorinda at the reunion: "The betrayal that you felt for John manifested to anger towards me."