The One Thing Anna Faris Is Ashamed She Did After Getting Famous

Celebrities: they're just like you ... if you're rich and beautiful. Jokes aside, celebrities are human beings, which means they still have embarrassing moments and do things they wish they hadn't. This is true of Anna Faris, the star of the CBS sitcom Mom, who rose to fame in the early 2000s, after starring in the Scary Movie franchise. Faris went on to star in romantic comedies such as The House Bunny and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and she even appeared on the last season of Friends as Erica, the birth mother to Monica and Chandler's twins.

Fame and visibility can be a hell of a drug, though, and its side effects are something Faris has learned about intimately. While her work has often been praised — even if her movies aren't — that doesn't mean Faris is always on her A-game every time she leaves the house. In fact, in her book, Unqualified, Faris recalled an incident in 2002 that made her feel "ashamed."

How Anna Faris got kicked out of a bowling alley

In Anna Faris' 2017 book Unqualified (via Showbiz Cheatsheet), she shared an incident from a bowling alley in 2002 that "haunted" her for years. The story goes that she was hanging out with friends at the bowling alley for a couple of hours when the manager at the bar cut her off. Faris was annoyed because she had only consumed two beers and uttered a "very hideous phrase: 'Don't you know who I am?'" 

Faris said her behavior led to her being escorted from the bowling alley after the manager "didn't know, or care" who she was. She said she was incredibly embarrassed about the whole incident, and the event made her question who she was becoming as her career took off. Faris is relieved social media didn't exist at the time in the way it does now. "I'm just so glad that we didn't yet live in a world where everyone had their iPhone in hand at all times," she wrote. "Instead, I kept thinking of how disappointed and mortified my parents would have been if they had heard me saying that kind of thing." 

The incident was a wake-up call for Faris. Maybe she didn't like who she was becoming at the time, but she seems right at home with herself now.