The One Thing About Andy You Never Noticed In Parks And Recreation

Oh, Andy Dwyer. The lovable yet dimwitted character on Parks and Recreation was lovingly played by Chris Pratt long before he was Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Pratt brought a lot of heart and a lot of humor to Pawnee, Ind., the home of Leslie Knope's Parks Department. Actually, Pratt fit right in among this hilarious cast, led by Amy Poehler as Leslie and joined by Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Rashida Jones, and more.

Pratt's character Andy made his debut in the pilot of the show as Jones's character Ann's goofy boyfriend. He was a bit of a loser (we mean that in a nice way), but strangely likable (if not annoying). Alas, his relationship with Ann wasn't meant to be, but his love story with April (played by Plaza) was meant to be. The unlikely pair fell madly in love and lasted the entirety of the show. Andy's antics balanced out April's negativity, and the two were ridiculously adorable together.

Throughout the show, we see Andy grow into a slightly more mature adult, but we're willing to bet there's one key detail about this character that you missed. Thankfully, fans on Reddit have a much more keen eye than we do!

Andy's New Balance sneakers stayed with him the whole series

As it turns out, Chris Pratt wore New Balance sneakers throughout the entirety of his career on Parks and Recreation. Yes, the entirety! A viewer spotted the trend and shared on Reddit in early 2020, along with a handful of screenshots from various scenes. In each one, Andy is wearing the same New Balance shoes.

We're willing to bet (and hope) that NBC had a few pairs of matching New Balance sneakers for Pratt to wear, rather than the same exact pair for every episode, but New Balance sneakers are built to last, so it very well could have been just one pair! Think about all the scenes Andy has, though, and all the times he would have worn these sneakers — Halloween parties, his wedding to April, when he sang about Li'l Sebastian.

One Redditor summed it up perfectly with a comment that reads: "Andy does strike me as the type to only own a single pair of shoes." It's true. Andy is a simple and carefree man who didn't need anything flashy. Give him a solid pair of reliable shoes, and he's set for life.