The Stunning Transformation Of Laci Kay Somers

Model Laci Kay Somers has more than 11 million followers on Instagram – her platform of choice to share scantily-clad photos and videos of herself. Typically, she teases fans with footage in barely-there bikinis and luxurious lingerie, and her stans positively eat up the content, with her clips garnering millions of views and the sexy images receiving hundreds of thousands of likes.

There's no denying that the 28-year-old has carved out a place for herself in the Instagram influencer space, with her account followed by celebs such as actress and fellow influencer Bella Thorne. Somers' presence on the platform has also spawned multiple fan accounts, but in addition to her modeling career — which included posing for Playboy — Somers is also hoping to launch a music career. On her YouTube channel, peppered between try-on hauls and provocative videos, Somers has released numerous music videos for original tracks such as "Role Play," "Let You Go," "Bedroom," and more. She's also shared behind-the-scenes footage of her time spent in the studio.

Of course, this is the Laci Kay Somers fans know in the year 2020, but before her virality, she was just a girl hustling for her dreams.

Laci Kay Somers' MMA career opened doors with Playboy

Prior to her Instagram fame, Laci Kay Somers began her modeling career as a "ring girl" in MMA (that would be Mixed Martial Arts) matches. She would strut her stuff in racy ensembles and hold up signs indicating the beginning of each round. 

"I started my career in MMA as a ring girl for Cesar Gracie, Nick and Nate Diaz, and Gilbert Melendez," Somers told Sarah Scoop. "It was there that I networked and made connections with Playboy."

Somers also worked as a nurse, which she said "was a thing of the past" in a 2019 interview with Hoodrich Radio. "It wasn't my passion ... It was just something that wasn't me," she said. Rather, Somers said she was mainly working that job to fund her career as a singer. More on that in a minute.

Laci Kay Somers auditioned for American Idol

Laci Kay Somers isn't just trying to make a quick buck by dabbling in the music scene as an already-successful model. She has a real talent and passion for the craft and even auditioned for American Idol. However, her tryout was never televised, and she stopped just short of performing for the "real" judges (aka, the celebs we see in their chairs, shilling Coca-Cola).

The model discussed her Idol experience with Sarah Scoop. "I had to get a unanimous 'YES' from four judges before I saw the main judges on TV," Somers said. "I got three 'YES' votes from three male judges, but the female judge I could tell didn't like me for some reason. I have no idea why but she gave me a 'NO' and that was the end of that."

Somers is still working hard to try to make her music career take off. As she told Hoodrich Radio, her track "Bad" made it onto the soundtrack of Master P's film, I Got The Hook-Up 2.

With all of that hustle and drive — not to mention her crazy successful Instagram account — Laci Kay Somers is here to stay.