Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Welcome New Family Member

Read any interview with Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban, and it's obvious that the two are completely smitten with each other, even after 14 years of marriage. The Oscar winner and country star have spent more than a decade gushing over one another, and not just for show. Kidman and Urban have built a happy life together, one that includes two young daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith, as well as Kidman's adult children from her marriage to Tom Cruise, Bella and Connor. But their family unit doesn't end there.

Like anyone who has ever had a pet in their lives, Kidman and Urban also consider their numerous furry friends to be part of the family. In fact, as of late September 2020, the celebs just welcomed the newest member to their nuclear family: a black-and-white cat named Louis (pronounced Louie).

Get all the details — and see pics! — of little Louis below. He certainly is in good company with Kidman and Urban's many other animals.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's new cat is settling right in

Nicole Kidman introduced Louis to the world via her Instagram account, sharing a photo and video of the sweet feline, whom they rescued. In the first picture, which you can check out below, the cat sticks his head out of a playhouse and sniffs the Big Little Lies actor's nose. Their faces are practically touching, with Kidman closing her eyes, welcoming Louis' curiosity.

The video clip is even cuter than the first slide, if you can believe that. The footage features the kitty lying on his back, with his paws kneading the air and his furry white tummy just begging to be petted. 

"Meet the newest member of our fur-family, Louis," Kidman captioned the slideshow, along with a red heart and paw print emoji. 

Louis joins a bunch of other animals in the Kidman-Urban household, including two other cat brothers and a dog.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a big furry brood

While Louis adjusts to life with a brand-new (human) family, he also has to get used to co-habitating with other animals. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are the proud owners of two additional cats, named Ginger and Snow. While Snow is an undeniable Snow Queen (her fur is pure white with a spot of red), Ginger is a rather voluptuous lady who also lives up to her name in color.

In a 2019 interview with You magazine, Kidman revealed that she goes hiking with her cats, keeping them in a carrier backpack.

"It has a window that they can peek out of and it's got air and everything and they love it," she said. " ... It is really cute. They hop in. They can't wait to get in."

The couple also has a caramel-hued toy poodle. In July 2019, Kidman shared the exciting news on Instagram. "My first puppy," she gushed, posting a photo of the dog sniffing her forehead. "Actually, my first dog. Been waiting my whole life for this!"

Urban, however, wasn't entirely convinced at first, preferring larger dogs. "Nic called me and said, 'I found our dog... he's a toy poodle!' And, I was like 'NOOOOOOOO!'" the "Blue Ain't Your Color" singer joked in an interview with iHeartRadio.

And just because there's no such thing as too many pets, the family also has ten fish, per You.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban own alpacas, chickens, and more

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may have their hands full with three cats and a dog, but they also have a host of outdoor animals to tend to as well. Alpacas, a herd of Black Angus cows, and chickens all live at Kidman and Urban's farm in Australia. That's... quite the brood.

Calling her six alpacas "the coolest thing" about the home in Vogue's 73 Questions segment, Kidman also revealed that she loves collecting eggs from her chickens. She even showed some off to the camera and placed them in a wicker basket. Ahh, country life.

As for the alpacas, Kidman got real in an interview with You magazine, detailing their ornery side that many may not know about.

"'[The alpacas are] a little fierce," she told the outlet. "They make noises, they spit and they can bite." Still, how bad can they be if she considers them to be so cool?

With all of the animals that have been under the care of Kidman, Urban, and their kids, we know that their cat Louis will have the most loving of homes.