Why The Masked Singer Fans Think They Have The Serpent Figured Out

Not only are the singers on season four of The Masked Singer super talented, but the clue packages seem harder than ever. FOX has certainly gotten creative with hiding their identities! There were definitely standouts in episode one — we're looking at you, Sun — and episode two brought even more huge voices and personalities.

One contestant, the Serpent, truly stood out during episode two. The male singer took the stage and dropped a powerful vocal to "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers. The judges were completely floored by how well the Serpent sang, even jumping out of their seats in disbelief. But trying to come up with guesses, as always, was tricky.

Serpent's clue package mentioned a story about going down a wrong path as a youngster, only to be set straight by his pops. The elder Serpent also wore a hat that read "Serpent Sr." The clue package largely took place in a library, where Serpent mentioned being a troublemaker, and there were signs pointing toward Musicology and Medicine. So, who could it be? The judges and Twitter all have very compelling guesses.

Fans are torn between John Legend and Leslie Odom Jr.

Twitter was definitely split between two very famous singers: John Legend and Leslie Odom Jr. Legend, who is known for his soulful voice, is not a bad guess. He would be able to belt out the notes the Serpent was hitting. Even judge Jenny McCarthy pointed to Legend as her guess, noting that their voices sound similar, so maybe it is him. One person on Twitter said they were getting "strong John Legend vibes" after the Serpent's performance (though they followed up by saying it might be Odom Jr.), and another preemptively thanked Legend for coming on the show.

We're siding with the other large group of people on Twitter who think it's Hamilton star Odom Jr., however. We even see how the clues match up: the elder Serpent's hat, which said "Serpent Sr.," could mean the singer bears the same name — like Odom Jr. Then there's the part where the Serpent mentioned being a troublemaker when he was younger. Odom Jr. did an interview with The New York Times during the height of his Hamilton career, which noted, "School was a bit rough — academics came easy, though young Leslie had a problem with authority and was often in trouble." And, if that's not convincing enough, Odom Jr. also played a doctor in the film Murder on the Orient Express, perhaps pointing to the Medicine and Musicology signs in the clue package. We're on board, judge Nicole Scherzinger is on board, and Twitter is on board, too.