Here's What The Cast Of Mean Girls Looks Like Today

Mean Girls fans received a treat on Oct. 3, 2020, best known as the day Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) asked Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) what day it was in math class. This year, that meme-worthy date also happened to be exactly one month prior to Election Day, and the cast of Mean Girls used it as an opportunity to encourage followers to register to vote.

Released on Instagram and lead by veteran journalist Katie Couric dressed as Regina George's "cool mom" — she filled in for Amy Poehler who could not make the remote meeting — the cast reminisced about their days filming together. Before signing off, comedian Tina Fey, who penned the movie and helped transform the classic into a Broadway musical, surprised fans with news about how they can get involved as she works to adapt the musical for the big-screen. Fey shared that fans can suggest who they want cast on the project's website and can also put their name in Regina George's legendary Burn Book. The cast wrapped up the event by urging fans to exercise their right to vote. The video highlighted that a lot has changed for the cast since the release of Mean Girls, which celebrated its sweet sixteen in 2020. In fact, Lohan said she doesn't think she has been with the full cast since its premiere. So what does the cast of Mean Girls look like today? Let's see!

Lindsay Lohan took a break from acting

Lindsay Lohan was a household name when she starred in Mean Girls as new-girl-turned-mean-girl Cady Heron. Surprisingly, during the reunion, Lohan revealed that she was originally drawn to Regina George, but quickly saw she was just like Cady when studying the script. "I mean, during the process of filming for me, in between the movie I had done before and Mean Girls, I had gone back to regular school, and it was a really weird transition for me then and I was kind of an outcast, so I really related to it when I went into playing Cady," she detailed.

Unfortunately, her name became synonymous with "childhood star gone wrong" shortly thereafter, often appearing in tabloids for arrests linked to drug and alcohol issues. However, she was able to turn her life around in her 30s, and even landed her own reality show, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, in 2019. During the aftershow, hosted by Mean Girls co-star Jonathan Benett, Lohan admitted Oprah inspired her to get her life on the right track (per People). Now, she looks like the healthy, fair-skinned, freckled girl with long, red hair we all remember.

Amanda Seyfried starred in multiple movies and started a family

Amanda Seyfried, who played the stereotypical dumb blonde Karen Smith, has had an impressive acting career. While her looks haven't changed much, her increasingly long list of roles now spans multiple genres, including Les Miserables, Dear John, You Should Have Left, and SCOOB! to name a few. In talking about playing Smith, Seyfried knew she could "nail" the act. "I've played this character all throughout high school to stay out of the drama," she admitted. It seems that she was born to play the role.

Seyfried also added the role of "mom" to her list of talents when she welcomed a daughter in 2017 (she has never publicly released her name, according to PopSugar) and a boy in September 2020. Seyfried and husband Thomas Sadoski have chosen to keep their kids far away from the spotlight, and Seyfried says having kids also inspired her to tone down her career and roles. "I'll say no, I can't do that press trip, I'm spending time with my daughter," the Mamma Mia! actress told People. "Oh, you want my top off for that part? How about we scrap that sex scene altogether? And no, I'm not wearing those thongs!"

Rachel McAdams landed major star-studded roles

While Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfriend could easily relate to their Mean Girls roles, it was quite the opposite experience for Rachel McAdams (Regina George), who says she wasn't exactly "Queen Bee" when she was in high school. "It was cathartic," McAdams recalled. "To then like later in life kind of go back to those memories and try to channel them through this character was, you know, therapeutic," she laughed.

McAdams has kept busy since her Burn Book days, starring alongside notable actors such as Channing Tatum (The Vow), Bradley Cooper (Aloha), and Will Ferrell (Eurovision). However, despite her impressive list of roles, she is always game for a Mean Girls reunion. "We got to have a reunion at a photo shoot a couple of years ago and it was over like that," she told E! News. "And it wasn't enough." Maybe she can get another reunion by snagging a cameo with a couple of co-stars in the musical movie adaptation. She still has the blonde hair; just lighten it, straighten it, put her in a matching tracksuit and voila: Regina George is back — "hot bod," and all.

Lacey Chabert can be found on the Hallmark Channel or off-camera

Although Gretchen Weiners couldn't make "fetch" happen, the person who played her, Lacey Chabert, will always be associated with the phrase's creation. While Chabert was originally nervous to play the role because the character's physical description was so different from her in reality (per Entertainment Weekly), she was won over by how relatable Weiners seemed. "I just thought she was so intensely insecure and so desperate to have anyone's approval. I thought that's what made her vulnerable," Chabert explained.

Chabert still has the same short, brown locks and sparkling eyes that she did in Mean Girls, but you won't be seeing her in front of the camera much. She now mainly does voiceover work, although she has picked up a number of holiday romance flicks over the years, as she's become a Hallmark Channel mainstay, starring in her own mystery series, Crossword Mysteries. She is also a mother of two and wife to businessman David Nehdar.

Jonathan Bennet is still a stud

While Jonathan Bennett picked up many parts after playing heartthrob Aaron Samuels, it is safe to say his most memorable role for many kids and teens during the early 2000s was his time as Mean Girls' heartthrob. While it is hard to imagine anyone else playing the part, he opened up about being flown out to play the role last-minute because, as Tina Fey revealed, "Someone got fired." Bennett still looks almost exactly like he did 16 years ago, but with some more facial scruff and hair that is regularly pushed back. (Yes, he knows it looks sexy).

Bennet has also touched the competition show world, having joined the season 19 cast of Dancing With the Stars in 2014 and Celebrity Big Brother in 2019, where he only lasted one week. And, to add on more losses for Bennett, it doesn't seem like he was able to win Cady Heron's heart after all. Fey revealed that she thinks Cady and Aaron are just "Facebook friends" and that she would not want two characters who met in high school to end up together. "I hope they lived a little more than that," she quipped. Grool!