Here's What We Know About Meghan Trainor's Pregnancy

In a surprise stint on Today, Meghan Trainor video-called in from her home in Los Angeles for a very special reason: to announce she's expecting her first child. 

During the Oct. 7, 2020 appearance, the "All About That Bass" singer broke the news about her pregnancy with fanfare alongside her husband, Daryl Sabara. "I'm very good as you can tell — it's all Christmas here," Trainor told Today show hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager during her appearance, referring to the couple's Christmas-heavy home décor, complete with an ornament-laden tree. "But there's other news that I'm dying to tell you and my heart's pounding out of my chest."

"Hit it, Daryl," Trainor said, and on cue, an off-screen Sabara held a baby onesie in-frame, complete with an illustrated decal of Hoda's face printed on the front. Kotb and Bush Hager boy reacted with congratulatory smiles over the news. 

Following Trainor and Sabara's on-air announcement, Trainor took to her Instagram account to post the news on social media, complete with an ultrasound photo hung from a branch on their Christmas tree, surrounded by a festoon of brightly-colored metallic ornaments. "You all know how long I've wanted this!!!!" Trainor wrote in the accompanying caption, adding that she and her husband "are so beyond happy and excited to meet this little cutie early next year!"

Meghan Trainor has had babies on the brain for a while

During her impromptu Today show appearance, singer Meghan Trainor also relayed that her pregnancy was a dream long-harbored, which she and host Hoda Kotb had also purportedly spoken about extensively in the past. "We're so excited we couldn't sleep," Trainor said, adding, "We've been waiting for so long. ... We were thinking about who do I tell first and I've told Hoda since I was 19, going to the Today show, 'I will have the most babies in the world.'" She continued, "Every time I see you, I'm like, it's going to happen — and it finally happened!"

It's true that Trainor has been somewhat outspoken about her desire to have children with her husband, Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara (pictured above), with whom the 26-year-old singer tied the knot in 2018. As the accompanying Today show's blog noted on Oct. 7, 2020 — the same day as the couple's surprise announcement – Trainor opened up about her desire to start a family with Sabara in an October 2019 interview with E!At the time, Trainor dished that her major desires were to "travel the world" with Sabara before eventually settling down and "mak[ing] a bunch of babies."

"I want triplets!," Trainor said, adding, "I want to get it all done at one time and be like, pop them in there."

While Trainor's dream of having triplets might still be on the horizon, we here at Nicki Swift send our congratulations for her first.