The One Player Tyler Crispen Blames For His Big Brother Eviction

As Big Brother's 22nd season continues to deliver the drama, the tension has grown more intense than ever. On Oct. 8, the Big Brother house had another Eviction Night before the remaining contestants move to the all-star jury house. The latest person to be evicted from the house was Season 20 All-Star Tyler Crispen, who had a lot to say following his elimination. In an exclusive interview with Parade, Crispen spoke openly about his bond with fellow contestants Bayleigh Dayton and Da'Vonne Rogers. 

"That was a crazy time for me. I really felt like I wasn't fully invested in the game. My game mind was not there yet. My heart was talking," the reality star explained. "I wanted to see them both do well, and I wanted my friendship with Bayleigh to be repaired from Big Brother 20. We didn't exactly end on the best note. I felt I was prioritizing that over the game. And for that, I don't have any regrets."

He also added, "[W]hen I realized it made no sense game-wise for Christmas [Abbott] to backdoor me, and I didn't think she would do it. It made my mind click and say, 'You're in Big Brother; you need to play Big Brother.'" However, there's one hot-button question that everyone's dying to know: Who does Tyler blame for his Big Brother eviction? Keep scrolling after the jump for Tyler's scandalous answers from the exit interviews. 

Here's what Tyler Crispen had to say about Enzo Palumbo

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Oct. 9, 2020, reality star Tyler Crispen spoke bluntly about his feelings toward fellow contestant Enzo Palumbo and his decision to vote out Nicole Franzel. "Enzo definitely left me hanging out to dry, but he had other intentions. He wanted to do what Memphis wanted and what Cody wanted, which I get, but that was the chance to make a huge move right there," Tyler said. "Maybe that'll come back to get him later. It definitely came back to get me a little bit. But I'm not mad at him. I get it." 

The Big Brother alum also said this season was "harder" in every way in comparison to his Season 20 run because he was away from his girlfriend, fellow former Big Brother contestant Angela Rummans. "[L]eaving Angela and being away from her for the first time that we've ever been apart and being in that house where we met and just feeling guilty and not wanting to get wrapped up too much in the game," he said. "Everything was harder. I didn't want to burn people that I really liked. It took me a while to get kicked into the game this time. And that might've been the reason why I went out in sixth place." All in all, the reality star concluded, "I'm happy it's over."