Here's What Happened To Calvin And Moira After Love Island USA

Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb seemed to be an unlikely Love Island USA pairing, after they tried to make it work before each of them went back and forth with other partners. Eventually, they settled back into each other and managed to come in third place, behind Johnny Middlebrooks and Cely Vazquez in second place, with Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew taking home the grand prize.

Although they were a tad boring to watch in relation to the top couples, Moira and Calvin spent some quality time with each other right after Love Island USA ended. Just after filming wrapped at the Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas, it appears the duo hung out for a little bit before going straight home. Via Bustle, Calvin shared Instagram Stories of them getting dinner together at Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen with a group of friends. Since then, though, things seem to have possibly cooled off. 

Calvin and Moira seem to be doing the long-distance thing

Although they left the "island" together, Love Island USA Season 2 third runners-up, Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb, aren't currently in the same cities. Moira is from New Jersey and Calvin is from Texas. Judging by their respective Instagram accounts, they are currently spending time with the family and friends they didn't get to see while in the quarantined villa. Moira, for example, posted a pic of herself with some of the other Islanders in Manhattan, while Calvin shared an Instagram Story just days later with friends in Salt Lake City, Utah and said he was heading to Atlanta, Ga. next.

That being said, the couple might try to make things work. Per an interview with published in early October 2020, they want to make a relationship happen, since Moira said that she sees a future together, adding, "I know that deep down we have something special and I look forward to seeing where it goes." Calvin agreed, saying, "I want to continue outside of this villa experience into the world."

So even though they might not be together in the same location in the immediate aftermath of their Love Island USA season, it's possible there's still hope for these two.