Paul From 90 Day Fiance Seemingly Confirms Rumors Karine Is Pregnant Again

On any given day, it's tough to figure out if Paul and Karine Staehle are together or not, especially in 2020. They've really gone through it. As for the latest drama? In May 2020, Paul teased in an Instagram Story that Karine was pregnant by drawing a heart on her stomach and writing "baby" over the photo, as Starcasm noted. But by July 2020, everything seemingly fell apart for the family, with Paul ranting in a since-deleted Instagram post that Karine accused him of being a "bad father" and said she spent all of their money. One month later, Karine also filed a restraining order alleging Paul sexually assaulted and abused her, and, that same month, Us Weekly obtained court documents Paul filed, claiming Karine put glass in his food.

Amid all of this drama, in September 2020, Paul hinted, yet again, about another baby. In an Instagram Story obtained by In Touch Weekly, he denied "chasing Karine in Brazil." He said that he traveled to his estranged wife's home country on his own to "clean and organize" the house so it would be "sanitary and baby safe." That could have been about their son, Pierre. However, in that same IG Story, Paul said, "I will not see my sons for a very long time."

Despite this far from subtle hint about another baby on the way, Paul didn't officially confirm the rumored pregnancy news until October 2020 — here's how he shared the info.

Did Paul Staehle confirm baby No. 2 with Karine via song lyrics?

On Sept. 30, 2020, In Touch Weekly reported that Paul and Karine Staehle dropped the restraining orders they had on one another. And in October 2020, In Touch Weekly shared a screenshot from one of his Instagram Stories, which included lyrics to a song presumably about their relationship. Paul shared, "People break up and make up all the time / We got our son Pierre / And Ethan's on the way / So happy to be here with you, Karine / And sure we've had our problems / But everything takes time to heal / I don't really wanna love without you / So happy we're fixing things up."

That's a lot to unpack and dissect, but it sounds like the 90 Day Fiance couple is expecting a second baby, and it's a boy they've supposedly named Ethan. It wasn't the first time that Paul mentioned the moniker, Ethan. In October 2020, 90 Day Fiance expert John Yates shared photos from Paul's Instagram Story of a blue bouquet with a card that said, "To brighter days. Love Ethan and Pierre." In response, Twitter users asked, "Who is Ethan?"

Although Karine hasn't confirmed the baby speculation (she hasn't posted on IG since June 2020), it seems like Ethan is the next addition to the 90 Day Fiance family. All fans can hope is that Paul and Karine's drama settles down by the time Ethan arrives, for his sake and Pierre's.

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