The Strange Thing Fans Noticed About Justin Duggar's Girlfriend

Those who watch 19 Kids and Counting know that the Duggar family's lives are far from mainstream. Following a rather conservative and religious path, parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their 19 children — many of whom now have children of their own! — to follow a traditional lifestyle. For example, their children are homeschooled, the women mostly wear long and loose clothing, like skirts or dresses, the parents hold  strict control over internet access, the women cannot have their own social media accounts, and both birth control and body piercings are looked down upon, according to The U.S. Sun

Most children follow these rules until they are married, at least, and some have chosen to skirt around these guidelines once they have left their parents' household. Perhaps out of all the family codes, which have sometimes garnered controversy, especially amid scandals, the most prominent rules remain those around courtship and marriage. You see, the Duggars don't "date" in the traditional sense of the word. Rather, they court for marriage and are chaperoned by another adult on "dates." Most of the children have married relatively young, with many starting to court during their teenage years and early twenties. Joining those ranks is Justin Duggar who, at 17, is said to be officially courting now. 

Does Justin Duggar's new girl look like his sister?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, rumors first started swirling about another Duggar "dating" in early September, when the show said it would be making an announcement on a new courtship. Fans speculated that it would be daughter Jana, who is 30 and unmarried — something that's quite unusual for a Duggar child. However, it turns out that the courtship in question is between son Justin and Claire Spivey, per the Duggar family's Facebook

While many were elated to hear the news, there are also theories swirling around the announcement related to Claire's looks. Specifically, fans have suggested that Claire looks strikingly similar to Justin's sister, Jana, with her dark hair and wide smile. In a post that has since been removed on Reddit, a user suggested that it's impossible to "spot to the difference" between the two. Other users agreed, saying they couldn't "unsee" the resemblance. Another thread popped up on the same social media site, joking that even Jana "is confused" after she posted a photo of Justin and herself instead of one of Justin and Claire. One person said "only difference is Claire has braces." 

However, there are some noticeable differences between Justin's new lady and his sister. Jana, for instance, seems slightly shorter than Claire, according to a side-by-side of their pictures with Justin. There is also a noticeable difference in the color and length of their hairstyles. Regardless, one Reddit user pointed out what we've all been thinking: "I wonder if anyone in their circle has said anything?"