Kim Kardashian Is 'So Over' Taylor Swift Beef

Kim Kardashian doesn't hold a grudge, and she wishes the press and Taylor Swift wouldn't either.

When asked about the feud connected to her damning June 2016 GQ cover story, Kardashian told Billboard, "Ugh, do we really have to talk about Taylor Swift?...I'm so over it." She added, with no irony, "If it were up to Kanye, it all would probably never have come out. He can handle it, he has no hard feelings. He doesn't even really care. I just wanted to protect my husband. I saw him getting a lot of s**t." She added, "It wasn't even about a look or anything, or to have this feud—it was like, 'OK, here's the truth.' Done. Let's all move on. I feel like I don't want to talk about her anymore."

Mom Kris Jenner said it's easier for Kardashian to cope with criticism directed at herself than at her husband. "She's a protective wife and mom," Jenner said. "Today's social media-filled world can be so toxic. People angry and unhappy and lashing out—my kids weren't brought up that way."

If you'll recall, the feud stemmed from West's use of the lyric "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b**ch famous" in his song "Famous." Swift furiously denied giving West permission to use her name in the song, so Kardashian took to Snapchat to "expose" Swift as an alleged liar, using a video of Swift chatting with West over the phone about the track.

Kardashian may be exhausted by the drama, but it sounds like West is certainly not over it. As Nicki Swift previously reported, West dissed Swift in a big way at a concert in Swift's hometown of Nashville, Tenn. in late September 2016, urging his audience to chant, "F**k Taylor Swift." No hard feelings?