How Connor And Mackenzie Got Back Together After Love Island USA

No one had a rougher go at finding love on Love Island USA Season 2 than Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott. While both reality stars left the Las Vegas-based quarantine villa alone at the end of the season, Connor and Mackenzie have since gotten back together. Mackenzie originally left the villa with her teddy bear son Gus, and Connor desperately tried to make it work with some of the other women. Alas, it just didn't happen for him, and when he packed his bags to go, he immediately FaceTimed Mackenzie to tell her that he wanted to come see her and make it work. 

Per Entertainment Tonight, it almost didn't happen. "I almost didn't do it, honestly. I was super nervous, and the ending of it —it was a sad ending to see her go, but I think we had a very good last conversation the last night before she left," Connor told the outlet in September 2020. "And I knew we were heading in a right direction but I was still super nervous to make that phone call and I didn't know if she was gonna pick up. But no, she did seem super happy and excited to see that it was from me. And it made me super happy and it kind of validated how I felt." He added that his plan had been to go see her in Arizona, where she was staying at the time. 

Connor and Mackenzie are now expanding their family

Judging from both of their Instagram accounts, Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman are together and going strong. Fans will remember that Mackenzie brought along her teddy bear, Gus, to the Love Island USA villa and Connor quickly fell in love with him, too. After they both left Love Island, Mackenzie posted a pic of a white teddy bear in an Instagram Story with the caption (via Bustle), "Our family is growing! Meet July! We call her Jules." Connor also jumped in, captioning a snap of the two bears in bed with him and Mackenzie, "family portrait." Adorable, huh? 

It's not all jokes about their bear-children, though. These two are serious! Mackenzie wrote in another Instagram Story that she loved Connor "more than pizza," which is really saying a lot. Connor also shared his feelings on Instagram, writing in a caption in September 2020, "I could not be happier and more thankful to have the opportunity to continue writing this story together wherever it may lead. Thank you for defining my purpose in this experience and helping me grow each and every day since the moment I laid eyes on you Mackenzie! I wouldn't want it any other way and I can't wait to see what life has in store for the both of us! Here's to bright days ahead my love!"

While it wasn't always easy, these two seem to be trying to make it work. Could they be the next Siannise and Luke? Only time will tell.