Chanel West Coast Vs. Everyone: A Timeline

Chanel West Coast definitely knows where the beef is. Best known as a denizen of the Rob Dyrdek universe — she is a regular on the smart-aleck skateboarding provocateur's MTV programs Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness — Chanel also raps, acts, models, laughs, and designs clothing emblazoned with fetishistic weed imagery that could have just walked out of the 1990s. A true Gen Y polymath, Chanel West Coast (real name: Chelsea Chanel Dudley) is also quite adept at mouthing off and clapping back, with a laundry list of celebrity beefs to prove it.

Chanel has ticked off a silver screen icon. She's ticked off a radio personality. She's ticked off her co-stars. She's also a sure thing for TMZ film crews looking for outrageous footage. But while celebrity feuds are nothing new, and these days are often just the way business gets done, Chanel has lately diversified her gripe portfolio. From local law enforcement to her own Instagram followers, the scope of Chanel's wrath has cut a wide swath. Beef: for Ms. West Coast, it's what's for dinner, breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks, and happy hour. Here's a timeline.

After Sharon Stoned, Chanel West Coast got Sharon sued

When you write and perform a song called "Sharon Stoned," you're saying the loud part loud. Thus it wasn't a surprise when the actual Sharon Stone took legal issue with Chanel West Coast's rap single. In November 2019, Stone sued Chanel. The suit alleged that the TV personality and rapper was trying to "trade on the fame and publicity rights of Sharon Stone for [her] commercial gain," as Rolling Stone reported. Noting that Chanel's new track featured the name "Sharon Stone" 33 times and "Sharon" 99 times, the suit further claimed that it had effectively transformed the Basic Instinct star into a spokesperson for Shine rolling papers, since Chanel featured the product in her video for "Stoned."

Ms. West Coast didn't take these allegations sitting down. Instead, the rapper fired back by claiming Stone had been a collaborator. "Sharon pulled out of participating in the music video the day of the shoot after months of conversations, in-person meetings with myself and the director, two dance rehearsals and even had her own ideas which she shared with myself and my team for the collaborative on the video," Rolling Stone quoted Chanel as saying.

Whether Stone and Chanel really worked up some weed-laced choreography before drifting apart we'll never know, because in May 2020 NBC Los Angeles reported that the suit had been settled out of court "to the mutual satisfaction of the parties."

Starships and accusations fly for Chanel West Coast

The genesis of Chanel West Coast's beef with Nicki Minaj stems from the Ridiculousness co-host's misadventures as a signee to Lil Wayne's Young Money imprint.

In a September 2019 post titled "Chanel West Coast Shades Nicki Minaj Hard For Young Money Management Snafu," Hot New Hip Hop reported that Chanel didn't have anything nice to say about Minaj in an appearance on the No Jumper hip-hop podcast. "I don't know if Nicki is jealous but I don't know if she supports other women that much...I was never vocal about that until Cardi [B] went hard and I was like 'f*** it,' if Cardi's gonna go hard and blast her, why shouldn't I blast what I've been through."

(With the beefs flying faster than a college food fight, it can be hard to keep up, but suffice it to say Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have history.)

While Chanel was briefly signed to Young Money, and even appeared on the 2014 label compilation Rise of an Empire alongside Nicki, disagreements over money and management soured the relationship. Did Minaj sabotage Chanel's standing with the Young Mula crew? The truth is shrouded in beef.

Drake, Kanye West, and... Chanel West Coast?

In 2017, Chanel West Coast joined the cast of the VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood for its fourth season. The reality show is infamous for perpetually floating a boatload of drama, and Chanel was more than ready to climb aboard. As Charlamagne Tha God recounted on his syndicated radio program The Breakfast Club, Chanel took a moment on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood to say she "up there with Kanye and Drake and everyone else." The dragging commenced.

As BET lays out, the internet chatter echo chamber was very surprised to learn that the Ridiculousness co-host was also an MC on par with two titans of the genre, and told her so using the #LHHH hash tag. Never one to simply accept an accusation or an insult, Chanel fired back at her critics in a tweet. "Listen to me when I say I DID NOT SAY I WAS UP THERE W/ DRAKE AND KANYE, my words were EDITED!!!" In a postscript, Chanel doubled down. "So f*** all you haters I'm bout to drop the most fire song ever tonight," she tweeted.

As far as we know, said song of "fire" never actually dropped.

Chanel West Coast brings Love & Hip Hop & hating

Chanel West Coast didn't limit her drama on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood to delusions of rap grandeur. In episode 12 of the fourth season, while hosting a party to mark the debut of her new single "Bae," CWC cozied up to castmate Solo Lucci, who she referred to as her "sort-of new bae." And well, this was grounds for beefs.

You see, Chanel's sort-of new bae was most recently the full-time bae of another Love & Hip Hop castmember, Alexis Skyy. And when Skyy showed up to crash Chanel's party, the resulting hubbub got loud. Skyy didn't hold back in a confessional moment to the camera, calling Chanel "Little Miss Snowbunny" and accusing her of stealing Lucci. Chanel, for her part, called Alexis a "ho," and things devolved as these things usually do (at least on reality shows), when Chanel had Alexis escorted off the premises.

Can't we all just get along? Not when the beefing is more like "bae"-fing.

Bhad Bhabie was called out by Chanel West Coast

Being denied entry into a West Hollywood nightspot is not the sort of thing Chanel West Coast takes lightly. She proved this in November 2017, to the delight of an on-site TMZ film crew, when she proceeded to publicly and vocally melt down in full view of the paparazzi, fellow patrons, and the security staff who'd turned her away. In a subsequent interview with the gossip site (which took place in a bathtub?), Chanel waxed philosophical about the fickle nature of celebrity in the modern era, and offered a few feud-worthy examples.

"I think the only way to get attention is to act like a complete ignorant fool," she said. "You know, we've got Cash Me Outside girls and people like that who, you know, act like complete fools and they get fame for it."

Referencing Danielle Bregoli with a passing diss wasn't going to fly with Bhad Bhabie herself, and TMZ was happy to fan those flames. "BEEF IS SERVED!!!" blared the site's headline, and the Cash Me Outside girl didn't mince words. "You know what's crazy? I didn't know who that raggedy b**** was an hour ago."

Chanel West Coast has a penchant for beefery, even if her targets don't always wish to engage.

Charlamagne Tha God said Chanel is 'delusional'

"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of Chanel West Coast," Charlamagne Tha God told the listening audience of The Breakfast Club morning show in 2017. In a segment called "Donkey of the Day," the syndicated radio host referenced the fallout from Chanel's public tirade outside Hollywood nightspot Poppy, dismissed her career as an MC ("I don't know who gassed you up and told you that you are a dope rapper"), and generally brought the TV personality and infamous clapback enthusiast down a few notches. ("I've told you over and over there's a thin line between confidence and delusion. Chanel West Coast: you are delusional.")

Now, if you know anything about Ms. West Coast, this is where you'd expect her to unleash hell on Charlamagne. Instead, she displayed a rare moment of conciliation during an appearance on MTV's Total Request Live a few months later."Everybody's entitled to their opinion," Chanel offered with a wry smile. But she couldn't help but offer the caveat of a schoolyard taunt: "Just because it's your opinion does not make it a fact."

Chanel West Coast went after her followers

In February 2020, Chanel West Coast offered a few choice quotes in a Snapchat post. "I am the most friendly motherf***** ever, I just like people I like everybody," Complex quoted her as saying. "Unless you give me a reason not to like you, I f****** like you. And if I follow you, Ima like your pictures, unless it's like a really ugly bad picture maybe I won't like it." 

OK, so far so good, if a little salty. Chanel West Coast is a uniter, not a divider, unless of course your pictures are "really ugly bad." 

But then she continued. And the entire scope of social media was put on beef notice. "For the most part I f****** like everybody's s***, and nobody likes my s***. And I'm just like b**** I'm f****** famous on a million episodes of TV, and you got way less followers than me and I'm liking your s*** and you don't ever wanna like my s***? Who the f*** do you think you are? You think I'm desperate because I'm friendly and liking your s***? Ain't nobody f****** desperate. I'm just being nice."

Yowza! What a way to describe "being nice." And in answer to Chanel's protestations, the Internet came alive with dragging comments. (The Daily Dot has the highlight reel and screenshots.)

It's Chanel West Coast's party...

In September 2020, Chanel West Coast turned her voracious appetite for feuding on local law enforcement when a party she threw at her home was shut down by the LAPD. "Chanel West Coast berated the cops who dared interrupt her birthday party because it was packed to the gills in the middle of a pandemic," wrote TMZ in its report of the incident. The gossip site went on to tally the party's guest list as in the hundreds, which if you've been aware at all of COVID-19 restrictions, is likely more people than you've seen together in months.

Still, the gripes never end for Chanel, not even when a crippling virus shuts down the world. TMZ went on to report that Ms. West Coast called the responding officers "losers" and enlightened them to the still-unsolved murder of an ex-boyfriend, a case she suggested they should have been investigating instead of putting the kibosh on her overcrowded 32nd-birthday-in-COVID shindig.

Is no one safe from the wrath of Chanel West Coast? 

Chanel West Coast let 'miserable haters' have it

"LMFAO...REPOST," wrote Chanel West Coast in an August 2020 Instagram post featuring herself and three friends posing by a lake in skimpy swimwear. "Because this post was removed for 'bullying and harassment' can somebody explain what in this photo is bullying or harassment?" The outburst and re-post was in response to the image apparently having been summarily removed by the site, which as we know is exactly the sort of thing Chanel can't let lie.

As is her wont, the clapback-ready media personality came strong to the hoop with some scathing commentary on the incident. "F*** off to whoever reported this post of me and my girls enjoying life," she wrote, and further addressed her wider IG audience in a note of generalized, wholesale beefing. "There are such sad, miserable haters out there. I pray they find peace and happiness."

As The Blast noted, Chanel West Coast wasn't mad at Instagram, per se. She was mad at the unnamed, unknown people who reported her post, making the entire flap the first known instance of celebrity feuding on a global scale. After all, it's Chanel vs. everyone. Her beefs are large, and her gripes contain multitudes.