The Creepy Inspiration Behind Justina Machado's DWTS Routine

Watch out, Dancing With the Stars fans! It's about to get creepy! One Day at a Time actress Justina Machado and her dance partner Sasha Farber had big plans for their Villains Night dance routine and it was bloody good.

Machado and Farber allowed Entertainment Tonight to get a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of their dance rehearsal and even gave them some inside information ahead of their performance. Machado also spoke candidly about what the duo planned to wear. Machado told viewers to expect to "see some blood" and "a spooky element" to their wardrobe. (Of course, we hope that's due to a masterfully executed hair, makeup, and wardrobe moment and not due to an impromptu injury on the dance floor!)

But what was the inspiration behind their Halloween-esque routine? And were they confident that they would be able to execute the concept to its fullest potential? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Justina Machado and Sasha Farber's Villain Nights routine was 'Carrie' inspired

Dancing With the Stars' contestant Justina Machado and professional dancer Sasha Farber have taken a page straight out of the supernatural horror film Carrie when it comes to their Villains Night performance, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

During the interview with ET, Machado explained that they were set to perform their very own rendition of "Take Me to Church" by MILCK. The costumes and choreography, however, were strictly inspired by the legendary horror movie. "Carrie could move things with her eyes, with her hands, so we're definitely going to have a lot of cool little tricks in there, where people at home will be like, 'Ooh, how was that done?'" Farber revealed. "I'm just excited for this one because it is a hard dance. We are in frame, but it is Halloween, so it's going to be a very, very different style Tango."

Machado added, "I'm nervous and I'm excited. Every dance gets a little harder. It gets frustrating sometimes but then when it all comes together, it's so worth it. That's the exciting part." We thinks it's safe to say that Machado and Farber officially killed it on the dance floor tonight!