The Truth About BamBam From Got7

When it comes to famous K-pop bands, we're used to hearing about BTS, the boy band who continues to take over the world, and girl group Blackpink, who is currently relishing the success of their latest hit "Ice Cream" featuring Selena Gomez. A notable South Korean boy band who's not as recognized in the American headlines quite like other K-pop groups is Got7.

Formed in 2014, the band has made quite the splash in worldwide charts. The group's first EP Got it? reached number one on the Billboard Artist 100 chart in 2014 and their subsequent releases, which include full-length albums and EPs, have also charted globally. Most importantly, it seems Got7 and their fans have a sweet relationship. In an interview with MTV News, band member Mark Tuan showed off a bracelet he wore on his wrist. Called a "sowon paljji," it is a wish bracelet, and if it falls off, your wish supposedly comes true. Got7 said they gave the bracelets to their fans during Christmas time — how thoughtful!

In return, fans showed their dedication by flooding Twitter with messages of adoration after Got7 member BamBam posted a video of himself working out his upper back muscles on Oct. 27, 2020. However, outside of the K-pop world, BamBam's name is equated to the adopted son of cartoons Barney and Betty Rubble from The Flintstones. So, who is this K-pop star who sent fans into a frenzy? Here is the truth about BamBam from Got7.

BamBam has had a unique rise to fame

BamBam reportedly got his start through a Thai dance competition that led him to meeting South Korean songwriter Rain (per Koreaboo). South Korean record label JYP Entertainment also caught a glimpse of BamBam at the competition, and signed him on to be a trainee. Furthermore, BamBam met Blackpink's Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban through JYP Entertainment, where they participated in the same dance group (per Channel Korea). BamBam got his big break when Got7 released their super successful EP in 2014.

BamBam now has more than 11 million followers on Instagram, and while he does not post often, his star power is exemplified on his page. Sprinkled throughout his selfies and posts with his Got7 bandmates, the Thai rapper has shown off his accomplishments like landing the cover of Praew magazine, a Vogue shoot, brand deals, and awards the band has won. BamBam also takes the time to express gratitude for his dedicated fans. In one post, he wrote, "Proud to be GOT7 Proud to have a fandom name's IGOT7 We're 7 and we will be 7 forever."

BamBam simply captioned his workout video that had fans tweeting up a storm, "BACK!!!" It's unknown if he means he is simply back in the gym or if he's back with some new tunes with Got7. For now, fans seem content with his steamy post.