Bachelorette Fans React To Clare Crawley Calling Dale Moss Her Fiance

It's inevitable that someone will be offended if there's a roast, which is what happened on The Bachelorette. It didn't seem like any of the suitors took digs at Clare Crawley, but they might as well have. The men had plenty of barbs aimed at Dale Moss, the clear front runner for Clare's heart. But, let's be honest: she doesn't seem to be remotely into any other man in the cast. He's basically the only contestant, which is exactly what pretty much every guy pointed out. Dale didn't seem too upset by the roast. He even laughed in response to the jokes at his expense. However, Clare was very vocal about how upset she was during her confessional interviews... and during her one-on-one conversations with the guys who were actually on the date. Yes, Dale wasn't even one of the guys on the roast group date, yet, somehow he managed to dominate every single conversation.

Clare didn't even give out a group date rose because she was so upset. Then, she told production staff that she wasn't going to just let people diss her "fiancé." Wait. What? When did they get engaged? It's clear that she's just thinking ahead and she doesn't want to have an issue with Dale down the road if he finds out she didn't defend him. However, Twitter couldn't help reacting to Clare using that "f" word so soon. 

Clare Crawley only has eyes for Dale Moss

After Clare Crawley ranted to the production staff about the guys dissing her "fiancé," Twitter users had a lot to say. "But did y'all hear Clare call Dale her fiancé or are we gonna ignore that part?!" a fan tweeted. And, no, it did not go ignored — not by a long shot. 

One viewer asked, "Did she just say fiancé?!?!?!" Another person held down the caps lock key, tweeting, "DID SHE JUST SAY DALE IS HER FIANCÉ OMG SHE IS DELUSIONAL." One fan even posted a meme about someone's ears bleeding in response to Clare calling Dale her "fiancé" this early in the season.

A different Bachelorette fan slammed Clare, writing, "FIANCÉ ????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? this is so disrespectful." Someone else explained why she feels bad for the contestants, tweeting, "And she just called Dale her fiancé? Did she forget she's the bachelorette? I've never felt bad for the contestants on this show before. But legit my heart hurts for every single one of these guys who're getting straight played by Clare right now." 

Well, she's not even hiding her feelings for Dale at this point, so is she really playing the men? Sure, she might be wasting their time, but at least they got to stay at a nice resort and gain some Instagram followers in the process. Life could be much worse, after all.