The Untold Truth Of Paulina Gretzky

Even if you don't know Paulina Gretzky, you probably have an idea of who she is (or could likely guess) merely based on her last name. Yes, that's right, she's the eldest child of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. While that's certainly something for this daughter to be proud of, he's not her only famous parent. Paulina's mother happens to be actor Janet Jones who is known for her roles in movies like Annie, The Beastmaster, Staying Alive, The Flamingo Kid, Chorus Line, Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach, and A League of Their Own, just to name a few. Paulina is also one of five children, according to Chatelaine, and is the sister to Emma Gretzky as well as her brothers, Tristan Gretzky, Ty Gretzky, and minor league player Trevor Gretzky. (Yep, The Great One's son plays baseball, not hockey.)

Although growing up in such a famous family might have been a little daunting for some people, it hasn't stopped Paulina from pursuing her own dreams in one way or another. Indeed, you might be familiar with some of her work — or buzz-worthy aspects of her personal life — but there's no doubt that there's more than just a few things about this (semi-)celebrity that you might not know, like the following untold and oh-so-intriguing facts.

Yes, Paulina Gretzky knew her dad was The Great One

While some children of famous figures are completely unaware of the fact that their parents are well-known and highly recognizable celebrities, Paulina Gretzky was the exact opposite. Golf Digest notes that the daughter of Wayne Gretzky was "born four months after" her dad "was traded from Edmonton to the L.A. Kings." By that time, he was already a sports icon and the spotlight around him wasn't quick to fade thanks to his stellar skills. As Bleacher Report put it, "After looking back on a 20-year career, no one can say Gretzky didn't meet such expectations in a storybook career that not only saw him obliterate records, but skate away as the greatest athlete ever." 

Golf Digest asked the former NHL star's daughter in 2014 if she was aware of the fact that her dad was "The Great One" while growing up. "Totally! I went to games with my mom all the time, especially in New York," she said.

Now that Paulina is an adult, she's able to relate: she's with one of the world's top golfers, Dustin Johnson. "One thing I get from my mom is this constant need to support the person that you're with," she said. "In this athletic world, I see how hard it is for Dustin sometimes." At least her parents can help the younger couple navigate the path that they face together.

Paulina Gretzky's partner is top golfer Dustin Johnson

In August 2013, Paulina Gretzky and pro golfer Dustin Johnson announced their engagement on social media. Funnily enough, Johnson apparently met Paulina's mom, Janet Jones, before he met his future significant other. Johnson and Janet both attended the Hero World Challenge golf tournament in 2009, which is where they were initially introduced, according to Business Insider. The Gretzky family then welcomed him over to their house for dinner, which is where he met Paulina who he had "undeniable chemistry" with, per GOLF. But there was something standing in the way of a potential romance at the time: they were both in relationships. Instead, Paulina explained that they "became good friends." And then, her "whole family became friends" with her beau-to-be. "My brothers and parents saw him a lot more than I did," she recalled.

Paulina also opened up to Golf Digest about their first meeting, saying, "So I show up looking like a complete ragamuffin, and here's this really cute guy. I didn't stay long, but he was such a gentleman, so endearing." She went on to tell the outlet, "He's always been that way to me. We exchanged numbers, and here we are."

While that makes it sound like everything went smoothly after their introduction, Paulina revealed that her first date with Johnson, which finally happened 2012, wasn't what most people would expect. She told GOLF, "I don't know if you can call it a date since my dad tagged along." OMG, Daaaaad!

Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson are close to her parents

Paulina Gretzky's first Instagram post in June 2013 was an image of herself as a child in the arms of her famous father, Wayne Gretzky, with the caption, "Every Little Girls First Love ... Their Dad." She also used social media to send out a birthday message to him in January 2018. Along with a photo of a younger version of herself sitting on her dad's lap while he had a microphone in front of him, she referred to the number her father used while playing professional hockey in the NHL, writing, "99 on the ice but number 1 in my heart." 

While it's pretty obvious that Paulina was fond of her dad as a child, it's also clear that she's still close to her parents as an adult. According to Sports Illustrated's Vault, even in 2015, she and her partner, Dustin Johnson, rented a townhouse just down the street from her parents and usually went to Wayne and his wife Janet Jones' house each morning for breakfast as well as "return[ing] to her parents' most nights for dinner." Apparently, that kind of family-oriented lifestyle — which involves "their dogs, Charlie, a black Labradoodle, and Daisy, a goldendoodle," "stay[ing] close to home," and spending their "evenings ... with a heavy dose of State of Affairs, Homeland or Sons of Anarchy" — is "a world away from the couple's days as social-media superstars," which is when "their Instagram accounts [were] filled with jet-setting adventures."

First comes love, then comes babies for Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson have two children together, sons Tatum Johnson and River Jones Johnson. When River was born in 2017, Paulina shared a now-deleted photo of Tatum giving his little brother a kiss on the head and added the caption, "Welcome to the world baby boy ... we all love you so much" (via People).

It sounds like she enjoys this new chapter. When Johnson talked to in January 2017 about parenting, he said Paulina loves motherhood. He explained, "Everything about being a mom is her favorite." And it seems like everything about being a grandpa is their grandpa's favorite. 

When Paulina's first little one was born, her father, Wayne Gretzky, told ET Canada, "I said [to Johnson], 'I'm going to get him in skates before you get him a golf club." The NHL star clarified that he wasn't "trying to put pressure on him," but there's a big question about which sports stick the kid will pick up. "Dustin thinks he's going to hit golf balls first, but I think he's going to skate first!" Wayne said. We're sure he'll be doing both!

Paulina Gretzky wiped her Instagram account

In September 2018, Paulina Gretzky deleted a slew of posts from her Instagram account, according to USA Today Sports' For The Win. What could prompt her to wipe her social media stream almost completely clean? Well, while she didn't confirm or deny any possible reasons, the move did come around the same time that there was speculation that her partner, Dustin Johnson, had cheated on her with a woman named Yassie Safai, according to TMZ.

Despite the infidelity buzz, TMZ reported that "a deeply connected source tells us they're NOT broken up," and "the alleged mistress is adamant she NEVER hooked up with the PGA superstar." Safai tried to clear things up, saying, "I am not in a relationship with Dustin Johnson. Nor have we had any prior relationship." She added that she met "met Dustin Johnson at Sherwood Country Club," and had "run into him at Sherwood maybe 4 times since then and yes briefly spoke with him, like I'm sure any avid golfer and member would."

As for Johnson, he took to Twitter to respond to the speculation, writing, "Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but most importantly, we love each other very much and are committed to being a family. Thank you for your love and support."

Paulina didn't talk about the situation openly and she did eventually post a shot of herself and Johnson on Instagram in October 2019, so maybe all is well?

Kid Rock is friends with Paulina Gretzky's family

If you take a look at Paulina Gretzky's Instagram account, it seems as if her social circle is primarily filled with her gal pals. You can see them hanging out in incredibly stylish outfits like "Charlie's Angels" in the snow, posing around (and on) a golf cart in matching swimsuits as you do, and giving off "Bae Watch" vibes in the sun (again in matching swimsuits). However, while she clearly likes to spend time with her girls, it turns out that she's also buddies with Kid Rock. In fact, he happens to be a family friend. She told Golf Digest in April 2014, "My mom and dad [Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones] have been friends with Kid for a long time." Talk about unexpected celebrity companions!

And it's not like they're just amicable acquaintances. It turns out that Paulina's dad helped the "Only God Knows Why" singer-songwriter and "Bawitdaba" rapper make friends with her partner, Dustin Johnson. "My dad finally introduced Dustin to Kid because Kid said he didn't have anyone to hang out with in Jupiter. Finally he and Dustin got to play golf together, and now Kid's totally on this golf train." That's right, if you're ever in Florida, you might see Paulina and Wayne Gretzky as well as Janet Jones, Dustin Johnson, and Kid Rock teeing off on the 18th hole together.

Paulina Gretzky might've used Donald Trump's chopper

Politics is certainly a touchy topic these days (but really, isn't it always?), which is perhaps why Paulina Gretzky isn't noticeably vocal about how she votes — that is, assuming she votes. However, she may have hinted at her political leanings on June 11, 2018, when she shared a photo of herself on Instagram that showed her on a landing area, holding her sunglasses on with one hand with a drink in the other. What does that have to do with politics? Well, what caught people's attention was the fact that there was a helicopter in the background that had "Trump" prominently displayed on the aircraft. She captioned her photo with: "HELL🚁 HAMPTONS @kmelnichenko."

While Paulina didn't give her social media followers any further info about the pic or any other details about her trip which apparently included a ride on Donald Trump's helicopter (or, at least, one owned by his family or one of his businesses), it turns out that she took the "$7 million Sikorsky S-76 MAGAcopter" to attend "the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills, along with her BFF Kristina," according to Inquisitr

While some comments on the post were seemingly supportive — for instance, messages like "Nice ride" and "Love this!" — other people were not impressed at all. Another person felt like it was "not a good pic," while someone else wrote, "Shame on you."

Sports aren't really Paulina Gretzky's thing

Paulina Gretzky may be the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, one of the most notable athletes of all time, however, it doesn't seem like she's interested in hockey ... at all. And if you were thinking that Paulina is perhaps more interested in teeing off since she's in a relationship with professional golfer Dustin Johnson, think again. Even Golf Digest noted that it would "be a stretch to call Paulina Gretzky an avid golfer or fitness fanatic" — that is, despite the fact that they were doing a fitness profile on her. Paulina herself told the outlet, "I didn't appreciate golf as much when I was little, probably because my mom put us in tennis camps and golf camps." More recently, she "walked all 18 holes in [her] dad's tournament." However, she admitted, "Felt like the longest day of my life, but I stuck through it."

However, Paulina does have some sports-related skills, she just may not be interested in honing them. She told Golf Digest, "The truth is, I was a total tomboy and loved sports. Dad always says I was his best athlete." On top of that, Johnson revealed to that Paulina actually has "a really good golf swing." However, shre only plays a couple of times a year and doesn't like to practice, so she isn't as good as she could be. We have to wonder if she'd end up on the LGPA if she put in the work.

Paulina Gretzky couldn't resist the siren song of showbiz

Paulina Gretzky may be a model — although, to be honest, Sports Illustrated's Vault noted in 2015 that she was "mostly known for racy pictures on Twitter and Instagram that often made their way to click-bait websites" — but she's also an actor and pop singer. In fact, "she turned down the opportunity to go to college at a young age to pursue a career in the entertainment industry," according to The Sun. Was that choice worth it? Perhaps only she can decide that, however, you may want to consider a few facts about her professional life if you want to judge for yourself.

While Paulina has appeared on the covers of magazines like Flare and Golf Digest, The Sun notes that "her singing career hasn't been quite so successful." Granted, her song "Collecting Dust" was used on MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, so there's that.

As for acting, Paulina's industry résumé isn't the most prestigious and definitely isn't lengthy, however, she has popped up in 2009's Fame as the "Gorgeous Blonde Senior" and played "Bikini Girl Daisy" in 2013's Grown Ups 2. Paulina seems to have put her onscreen pursuits on pause in recent years, but who knows what kind of roles she might land in the future.

No shortage of dough for the Gretzky family

Paulina Gretzky may not be a top athlete like her father, Wayne Gretzky, or her partner, Dustin Johnson, and she may not be an A-list actor, model, or singer, but that doesn't mean that she's not rich. And she certainly enjoys her jet-set lifestyle. If there's any doubt about that, take a look at the fact that she posts pics of herself traveling on a private jet and her friend literally wears a swimsuit that says "jet setter" on Instagram. She also pairs her pics with captions that put a silly spin on her adventures, such as one image of herself climbing the stairs of a jet with: "Taking off to a place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talkin' about a little place called Aspen!" If that sounds familiar to you, then you've surely seen Dumb and Dumber once or twice.

So how can Paulina afford such a lavish lifestyle? It helps that she has around $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That's pretty impressive, however, it's not nearly as much as her partner who has $50 million, not to mention what her mom, Janet Jones, is banking with a stunning $100 million, and her dad's funds which are in the range of $250 million. You know, chump change.

Apparently, Paulina will have to start negotiating bigger paychecks if she wants to rise to the money-making level of her family members.