Why The Mushroom On The Masked Singer Has Fans Talking

The beauty of The Masked Singer is that it's so unexpected. You truly never know who is going to pop up on the show, and every season, there are some real stumpers under those masks. Who would have thought we'd see Chaka Kahn on this show? But we did! The fourth season of the show has brought about even more question marks, including Mushroom, who first performed on the Oct. 28, 2020 episode. 

When they first walked out onto the stage, the judges assumed that, because of their slight figure, Mushroom had to be a woman. During the clue package, the voice was disguised, as always, but Mushroom mentioned turning a hobby into a career and being in the "shroom" where it happens, leading the show's judges to guess it was someone related to Hamilton before they started to sing. Mushroom opened their mouth and out came a stunning rendition of "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush, but wait ... was that a man singing? 

The judges took the beautiful falsetto to be a man's voice, locking in their guesses that were all male, but Twitter is on the fence about who this singer might be.

Fans aren't sure if Mushroom is a man or woman

The judges — whose guesses are always wildly off or spot on — went for the A-list with their guesses, including Usher, Frank Ocean, and Donald Glover. Alas, Twitter thinks Mushroom still might be a woman. One person tweeted that his wife wanted him to share her guess of Laverne Cox. First of all, good on you for sharing on her behalf, second of all, not a bad guess. Another person tweeted that they don't understand why everyone thinks the Mushroom is a guy!

Plenty are on board the guy-singing-falsetto train, though. The overwhelmingly popular guesses are Pharrell, Billy Porter, and Anthony Ramos. There was a large hat in the clue package, which many are attributing to Pharrell, who is known for his hats. Those leaning toward Porter think it's definitely his voice. As for Ramos, he might make the most sense, as he starred in Hamilton and has an incredible voice. Interestingly, fellow Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. is still a favorite for being under the Serpent mask, so is it possible we have a Hamilton reunion happening on The Masked Singer right now? We can't wait to find out!