The Untold Truth Of Luke Bracey

Luke Bracey made his TV debut in 2009 with the recurring role of Trey Palmer in the Australian soap opera, Home and Away. Others might recognize him from his role as Riley in Monte Carlo, which starred Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, or Little Fires Everywhere.

In October 2020, the Australian actor received a noticeable amount of attention when Netflix's Holidate was released, in which he starred opposite Emma Roberts. In the film, he plays Jackson, a single guy who makes a deal with Roberts' character, Sloane, to be each other's dates to holiday events without any emotional attachment. 

Although he has an impressive acting resume, Bracey — who has been dubbed Joe Alwyn's look-alike (and who ironically was born in the same year as Taylor Swift — is still an up and coming actor, and there's a lot to learn about his life. Don't worry if you're one of those people who can't quite pin him down because we've come up with everything you need to know Luke Bracey.

How Luke Bracey stumbled into acting

With his skillset and energy on screen, it's arguably surprising that Luke Bracey did not always dream of becoming an actor. The Australian native originally wanted to be a professional rugby player and went to Scots College for construction as something to fall back on, as he told The Daily Telegraph (via the Daily Mail).

When attending university, he was randomly asked to audition for Home and Away. "I had no idea what I was doing; I just tried to sound like a human being. Unbelievably, I got the job and then I ended up being on the show for about six months," he told Interview magazine in 2014. "It wasn't until my third or fourth day of work that I realized, 'I'm getting paid for this!' It was awesome."

After he landed his first acting job, Bracey was sold. But as for his family? "They were a little apprehensive at first. No one in our family had ever done anything like that before, so they were worried," he admitted. In the end, though, his family said to "go for it," as long as he enjoyed the new path. Throughout the next decade, the star's career steadily continued to rise.

Luke Bracey took a leap of faith to jumpstart his career

Like many other rising actors with hopes of making it big, Luke Bracey made the journey to Los Angeles to help his career expand. "I had this moment when I felt like I needed to put on my big-boy pants and just make that leap to see what would happen," he told Interview magazine. He also gushed about how lucky he is that the move paid off. "I get to go places and do this amazing work — which doesn't feel like work to me — and people actually pay me for it." When filming Monte Carlo, for example, Bracey got to film in Budapest and Paris.

Living in Los Angeles has its perks, but it can be a huge culture shock moving to the land of the A-list celebrities and the lifestyle that comes with it. However, Bracey kept true to himself and avoided the razzle-dazzle of Tinseltown. "I like hanging out with my friends and family, and keeping it quiet, and so I was lucky that I didn't have that real need to go out and live a Hollywood, LA life," he told Australian news and lifestyle site, Buro 24/7. "All those parties and all that, it didn't appeal to me so much." He confirmed that he loves the work in Los Angeles or wherever his job may take him.

Although he lives a low-key life, that doesn't mean he goes completely undetected in Hollywood.

Luke Bracey has been called a sex symbol

In Australia, Luke Bracey got some recognition for his role in Home and Away, revealing to Interview magazine, "I'd have moments where I'd be out at a bar and a girl would come up to me and say, 'I want to punch you in the face!' But in the end they'd go away with just taking a photo."

His career has really taken off in America, and his blond locks and casually cool grin has Cupid shooting arrows through many hearts. Labeled the "hottest new hunk" by the Daily Mail, Bracey is well aware he has been labeled a sex symbol in Hollywood. So what does the Point Break star think about all of the attention? "I wake up every day and look at my own ugly mug in the mirror and don't think twice about it," he told Interview. "The fact that other people might want to look at me still feels funny. It's flattering, but funny."

Whether he thinks he's a good looking guy or not, Bracey has used his looks to move into another area of the entertainment business: modeling.

Luke Bracey landed a big modeling job

Luke Bracey took his good looks from the screen to the advertisements when he struck a deal (his first modeling deal) with Ralph Lauren for the company's Polo Red fragrances in 2017. Bracey admitted doing a fragrance campaign was a secret dream of his but didn't say it out loud in case that would jinx it. His dream came true, and he enjoyed the challenge of his new gig.

"I'm used to having a script, a character and words. The freedom that was involved in this campaign was amazing," Bracey told Interview about his first time modeling. "It's a little nerve wracking, to let yourself go that way, and try and be open, and try and really give yourself to the camera without that safety net of a character."

From athletic but reserved kid to famous actor and model, Bracey never would have predicted his career path. Although he remains pretty quiet on social media, it seems that fans are likely to keep seeing more of the talented Australian.