We Now Understand Why Tobey Maguire Got Divorced

"Spider-Man" star Tobey Maguire and his wife, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, married in September 2007 in Hawaii after having dated since 2003, per People. The couple went on to have two children, daughter Ruby and son Otis. But sadly, like an abundance of Hollywood marriages, they split up in 2016. 

In a press release given to People announcing their initial breakup, Maguire and Meyer stated: "After a lot of soul looking and consideration we now have made the choice to separate as a pair. As devoted mother and father, our first precedence stays elevating our youngsters along with enduring love, respect and friendship." At the time, an insider cited by the outlet claimed that Maguire, aka Leonardo DiCaprio's bestie, and Meyer had been "living separate lives for a while." Meanwhile, another source told Us Weekly, "The choice to end the marriage was not sudden. They are committed to remaining friends for their children and wanted to make sure of that. They went back and forth on this decision but realized this is where the relationship is, and they simply grew apart." 

Several years have passed since the couple's separation and subsequent divorce, as TMZ reported that the jewelry designer Meyer officially filed on October 30, 2020. So, why did Maguire's wife finally decide to call it quits?

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer's personalities weren't compatible

At the time of their initial split, an insider revealed to People that actor Tobey Maguire is "extremely private and prefers to stay home," while his Jennifer Meyer is a "very social" person. The source went on to suggest, "They haven't been happy together for a long time," before adding, "but they are great parents and they love their children."

Despite their apparent differences, Meyer honored Maguire in an Instagram post on Father's Day in 2020, giving props to the actor for being an amazing father. "To the best baby daddy," she captioned a sweet family photo. "All I can say is no matter what happens in life, to relationships etc ... choose a dad for your kids that you can count on forever. This one right here is my best friend and the greatest dad to our babies," she wrote. The jewelry designer added, "I'm sorry Tobey, I know you hate Instagram, but every once in a while I like to brag to everyone about how special you are. Happy Father's Day." 

Divorce can be tough, but it seems that Maguire and Meyer have the co-parenting part down at least.

It was time for Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer to move on

Since announcing their separation in 2016, "Spider-Man 2" star Tobey Maguire and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer have not been strangers among the Hollywood dating pool. Back in 2018, the "Babylon" star made headlines when he was seen with model Tatiana Dieteman at one of Leonardo DiCaprio's lavish parties, per Page Six. While the pair kept their relationship out of the public eye, a source revealed to Us Weekly in 2020 that they were absolutely smitten with each other.

"Tobey and Tatiana live together, and they're really happy," they said. "Tobey's kids love her. She's great with them." However, after three years together, the couple called it quits at the start of 2022, per Just Jared. Despite his breakup with Dieteman, Maguire wasted no time rebounding and has since been connected to an array of "mysterious" women.

Like the "Brothers" star, Meyer also found a couple of new partners since their breakup. In 2019, reports revealed that the renowned designer was attached to high-profile sports agent Paul Rich. While the Klutch Sports Group founder is currently linked to Adele, a source told People in 2021 that their past relationship was once "serious."

Jennifer Meyer says her divorce from Tobey Maguire was a 'beautiful experience'

While some may consider divorce a negative life adjustment, Jennifer Meyer has expressed the opposite opinion regarding her own split from Tobey Maguire. During a June episode of Sara Foster and Gabby Bernstein's "World's First Podcast," the jewelry designer revealed that her decision to file for divorce was a "beautiful experience." "In that moment, I was able to make a conscious decision about how this breakup was going to go and trust that the universe had my back, had our back as a couple for our children," she explained. "It's been the most beautiful experience of my life having this beautiful breakup. I mean, I can't even explain. I would literally do anything in the world for Tobey."

Meyer added that she now refers to "The Great Gatsby" star as her "brother" before reiterating that they have "the most beautiful family" after their divorce. The feelings seem to be mutual for Maguire, who has been seen with Meyer on numerous occasions. In May, the former couple celebrated Mother's Day together with their two children at Nobu in Malibu. In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, the two could be seen sharing a few laughs and smiles. It's safe to say that Maguire and Meyer are the perfect example of amicable exes.