Are Lakeyn And Bennett From Love Island USA Still Together?

Love Island USA contestants Bennett Sipes and Lakeyn Call may not have had a love story like couples Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew or Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks, but they quickly developed a connection that was worth exploring outside the villa. In fact, some fans believe the pair were "robbed" after they were voted "least compatible." 

Of course, all that matters is what happened to their romance after Love Island USA, right? Did they stay together or go their separate ways? After they were eliminated, Lakeyn posted an Instagram Story in which she thanked fans for their support. "Hey guys, we're at the airport," Lakeyn said in the post, which featured Bennett with his arms around her (via StyleCaster)."We're about to leave each other." 

She continued, "It's been so fun. I'm about to see Bennett in two weeks." Then, in her first Instagram post after getting the boot, Lakeyn gave Bennett a little shout-out in the caption: "[I] wouldn't have wanted to leave the villa with anyone else," she wrote, according to Digital Spy, adding, "This is definitely not the end..."

During a post-Love Island USA interview with Entertainment TonightBennett confirmed that he and Lakeyn will "definitely" pursue their relationship. "We grew very quickly over a very short period of time," he said. Keep scrolling to find out if the two have kept in touch in the outside world.

Lakeyn and Bennett are very flirty on social media

Though it's a bit unclear where Bennett Sipes and Lakeyn Call's relationship stands following their time on Love Island USA, the pair are still very much on good terms — at least, according to social media. After leaving the villa, they went back to their respective hometowns, but it doesn't appear as though they've met up ... yet. However, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, that's not super surprising.

That being said, they're definitely keeping tabs on each other's Instagram photos and leaving tons of flirty comments. Bennett left a fire emoji on one post and wrote "jealous of that unicorn lol" on a bikini-clad photo of Lakeyn, while she asked him to "come see [her]" in the comments of an October 2020 post and invited herself on his next adventure. "Bring me next time," she wrote, to which he replied, "deal."

We'll just have to wait to see if this Love Island USA couple can make it outside the show, but for now, fans can enjoy their flirt fest on Instagram.